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10 Black Friday Email Examples To Double Your eCommerce Sales

Competing in the eCommerce industry is already a tough challenge, and in major events like Black Friday, if you don’t go above and beyond, starting from your emails, you will be lost in the competition.

Black Friday represents the biggest sales event of the year, and every local and international eCommerce business offers numerous exclusive deals. So just having an offer or some discounts is not enough on Black Friday. You need to create a detailed plan starting from the email campaign. To help your business stand out this year, we collected some of the best eCommerce Black Friday email examples that convert! 

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Why Should You Focus On Black Friday Marketing Strategies?

Black Friday Email Examples

Before we go into the main event and talk about Black Friday email campaigns, it's important to know why you should spend all that time, money, and effort. As previously mentioned, Black Friday is the largest sales event of the year, and people all over the world potentially wait to shop on that particular day. Accordingly, almost every business in the world offers some kind of discount, bundle, or deal on Black Friday.

But back to the main question, is it worth it? Maybe the following facts and numbers can help you reach that answer on your own. On Black Friday 2021:

  • 88 million American consumers spent around $8.9 billion on online purchases.
  • Shopify store owners collectively sold items with $5.1 billion.
  • On average, adults spent $430, keeping in mind that this number presents a 5% increase compared to the previous year. 
  • Welcome emails on Black Friday had an average conversion rate of 3.6%, whereas abandoned cart emails had an average of 2.8% conversion rate.
  • The fashion sector witnessed a 35.28% increase in online traffic overnight. 
  • Despite what many marketers and industry leaders have been saying about Cyber Monday taking over as the most important sales event of the year. Black Friday sales were 23% higher than Cyber Monday’s sales. 
  • Average order value witnessed a 9% YoY increase.

Are you convinced about the importance of Black Friday yet? Now let’s take a look at some of the best eCommerce Black Friday email examples to inspire your campaign on Black Friday 2022! 

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Top 10 Ecommerce Black Friday Email Examples

With Black Friday just around the corner, it's time to get serious about your email marketing campaign. We gathered some of the best eCommerce Black Friday email examples. To help enrich your Black Friday marketing strategies and prepare your eCommerce business for Black Friday 2022! 

1- Article 

1In this example, the famous eCommerce furniture business, Article, sent out a straightforward email that highlights the deal they are offering. The focal points of the email are the intriguing design, the strong CTA, and the offer; this helps showcase the elegant branding of the business while simultaneously making the customer focus on their Black Friday deal. 

2- Greats Black Friday Email Example


On the other hand, the click-and-mortar retail business, Greats, sent a vibrant email with three phrases standing out “Moving fast,” “Almost sold out”, and “Shipping is free”. This email is a great example of using FOMO marketing to motivate customers to take the desired action. 

FOMO is one of the most popular Black Friday marketing strategies. As the deals are only offered for a limited time, you can create a sense of urgency in your email marketing, so you get higher conversion rates! 

3- Skyscanner Ltd

BLACK FRIDAY EMAIL 3Skyscanner Ltd sent out another great Black Friday email example that utilizes FOMO marketing. In this email, the main focus is on the countdown, which builds anticipation and excitement for the company’s Black Friday deals. The email also includes a clear call to action that stands out with a large button. 

4-High Beauty Black Friday Email Example

black fridat email examples 4

It is widely known that the early bird gets the worm; that's why High Beauty sent an email weeks before Black Friday, urging customers to opt-in for a Black Friday alert. This builds high anticipation, keeps customers engaged, and allows the company to collect data on customers interested in their upcoming deals. 

5- Cards Against Humanity

Black Friday Email Examples 5

Cards Against Humanity sent out what could be considered one of the best Ecommerce Black Friday email examples. In the email, the company stayed 100% true to its brand personality, which is exactly what its customers would expect from them.

Besides meeting customers' expectations, this email is also a great example of standing out. Especially since customers receive hundreds of emails for Black Friday deals, so it is not only beneficial, but it's a necessity to send a unique message. 

6- Harper the Label

Black Friday Email Examples 6

Another great example of staying true to your brand is Harper the Label created a state-of-the-art email highlighting their eco-friendly and sustainability efforts by substituting “Black Friday” with “Green Friday”. Additionally, the email stands out thanks to its elegant and refined design that clearly guides the customer to the CTA. 

7- Carbonmade Black Friday Email Example

Black Friday Email Examples 7

Carbonmade truly went above and beyond on Black Friday by sending out emails to existing and potential customers with a gift instead of just offering a deal. It is also worth noting that the email is personalized and super friendly with a simple design. To make the whole focus on the gift and how gracious the company is. 

8- Baggu

Black Friday Email Examples 8

In the following example, Baggu has only two elements in its email; the Black Friday offers and the CTA. This type of email can be a double-edged sword. If you already have a loyal customer base like Baggu it is a great way of announcing your limited-time deals in a straightforward and informative way. However, if your email list includes potential customers who are not already in love with your brand, this simple email can be just another email they take a quick glance at without taking action. 

9- meowbox

Black Friday Email Examples 9With 42% of shoppers on Black Friday making impulse buys, meowbox’s reminder email, which was sent only hours before the end of the deal, is an outstanding email marketing technique. Needless to say, this can’t be the only email in your Black Friday email campaign. It is just a good way to give a final push to customers who are yet to make a purchase. 

10- MVMT Black Friday Email Example


Black friday example


Tips On How To Write The Best Email Marketing Campaign For Black Friday 

By now, you must have some ideas on how you can stand out in your customers’ inboxes this Black Friday. But to prepare your ecommerce business for this mega event, you should look into the following tips and learn how to create the best email marketing campaign.

  • Start your campaign early and allow customers to opt-in for alerts about your Black Friday deals.
  • Like every other email marketing campaign, you have to personalize all emails according to the customer’s name and preferences. 
  • Run a giveaway or a competition to keep customers engaged for the longest period possible. 
  • Send from 3-5 emails. This is the perfect amount to ensure your customers remember your deals without spamming them. 
  • Your Black Friday email campaign has to include a teaser email, a launching email, and a reminder email. 
  • Make your offer and CTA clear, so customers know exactly what to expect and what to do. 

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How Can Email Automation Help You In Your Black Friday Marketing Strategies?

Personalizing and sending out emails manually is a thing of the past, now you can take advantage of marketing automation systems like ConvertedIn to:

  • Automate your email campaigns and create special workflows 
  • Send personalized emails
  • Recommend the right products based on each customer’s personal preferences 
  • Integrate emails with SMS 

All of this will help you create the best email marketing campaign that sticks out in customers’ flooded inboxes! 

We hope that these eCommerce Black Friday email examples and tips helped you get a clear vision of what your email marketing campaign should look like. Book a demo now, and one of our experts will help you out! 

Time to dominate Black Friday with the best email marketing campaign!