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10 Elegant E-commerce Landing Pages That Convert

Shoppers are lined up daily to buy more online, but the marketplace is stiffer than ever, costing everyone. To this effect, increasing the success of your eCommerce campaigns should be every retailer's priority right now than ever. But guess what? Unique e-commerce landing pages might be exactly what your store needs to boost sales and profitability. By integrating landing pages designed specifically to convert more web visitors into paying clients, your online store will experience significant revenues.

Undoubtedly, the only surefire approach to cut advertising costs, minimize cost per acquisition, outperform rivals, or increase sales, is to tap more effectiveness out of the eCommerce landing pages. The cheering news? We will expose some proven examples of e-commerce landing pages that will skyrocket your sales.

What are E-commerce Landing Pages

What are E-commerce Landing Pages

An E-commerce Landing Page is a website designed to persuade visitors to accept an offer. Main features are highlighted, and call-to-action buttons are used on eCommerce landing pages to drive sales of products and services. 

Although eCommerce landing pages can fall into one of these categories;

  1. A product page or collections page

It is the actual product page for an online store where customers can explore a category of goods or add things to the shopping cart. 

Since an eCommerce landing page is created with a single conversion objective, collections and product pages will be appropriate if they are intended to compel visitors to perform that action.

  1. A specific sales page developed with a single conversion objective

It's the traditional sales page for an online store, and many instances in this post fit into this group. When users click on an advertisement, SERP result, email, or social media post, they are taken to a website designed to collect those clicks. As an illustration, you could design a retail landing page to:

  • Get visitors to sign up for your sales event or email list to drive sales.
  • Drive people to collections or product page that already exists.
  • Promote a short-term deal or introduce new products.

What makes a great e-commerce landing page?

Never forget that a landing page aims to turn visitors into paying clients. Well-designed landing pages are concise and straightforward. Always clear and easy to understand. Also, placing many advertisements and links on a landing page must be avoided.

The following are the four important components that your landing page must have:

Top 10 Examples of E-commerce Landing Pages that will Increase your sales

  1. Helix 


Helix lets customers know about their ongoing sales and promotions through their special offers section. Here are what makes the eCommerce landing page stand out;

  • The monetary amount of savings presented as headlines for each area of the page emphasizes value.
  • The lead generation form at the base of the page requires only a field that makes it simple for users to sign up and expands Helix's email database easily.
  • The CTA buttons are distinctive 
  1. SoloStove


A powerful visual tone can be seen on the e-commerce landing page for SoloStove. They advertise the sale of outdoor cooking supplies using the vivid and energizing color scheme of orange and black.

The web visitor is directed to an inner page presenting various products with their prices and descriptions by a CTA that appears immediately away. The landing page features numerous product categories, current offers, top sellers, and a subscription area where users may sign up for offers and giveaways.

For fans who want to visit the company's online store, the website contains a section to locate an approved dealer.

  1. Doodly


Doodly is a whiteboard animation application. Despite not retailing physical goods, the store landing page is an excellent illustration of how to grab users' attention. The hero banner on the landing page features a video showing the software in operation. Due to this, the concept can immediately address any queries users may have about the app's functionality.

Additionally, the CTA is forceful but not hostile. "Try Doodle" makes a risk-free recommendation rather than a strong push.

  1. Hello Fresh

Hello-Fresh is a food delivery service that provides fresh ingredients and recipes to customers' doors. They emphasize quick-cooking dishes and wholesome, delicious cuisine. Have a look at their spicy landing page below;

Hello Fresh

From the caption above, you get a strong sensation of freshness and wholesome cuisine right away. In addition, 14 free meals are supplied to you immediately, along with free shipping. If I may ask, what type of health-conscious foodie wouldn't look at the "Personalize My Meal Plan" option to explore the offerings they have?

Hello Fresh

Hello-Fresh did a fantastic job convincing visitors to hit the CTA and possibly buy a monthly subscription on this justification only.

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  1. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is an online retail store that provides customers with razors and some other trimming items. They provide stand-alone items and a subscription membership program in which consumers are periodically billed and supplied products every 4, 3, or 2 months. Below is the landing page of the firm;

Dollar Shave Club

The simplicity of the landing page is unmatched. They describe how customers can take a simple quiz to determine what they need in a succinct three-word headline.

Also, the image is a great photograph of the razor in use. For those who don't want to take the quiz or opt into the club, they provide a low-cost bundle if you scroll farther along the page.

Dollar Shave Club

Why does it work?

This landing page works well because it immediately engages the customer. Always remember that a landing page's objective is to encourage many visitors to respond to a call-to-action (CTA). The company provided a customized and distinctive experience via their questionnaire.

  1. Troubadour 


Troubadour's online store landing page is very fantastic. The concept perfectly blends with travel and sporty bags that look great in casual and corporate attire. Here, the call to action directs website visitors to an online store that displays products based on parameters.

Ultimately, the design is simple, and the user can easily explore and discover what they are searching for, thanks to the cascading effect.

  1. Away-Kit


Away-Kit is a business that supplies cleaning kits for Airpods. The landing page is attractive, uncluttered, and easy to use. When you examine the homepage, the futuristic Apple-style aesthetic is immediately apparent. The title "Finally, have your dusty AirPods scrubbed" is lighthearted and welcoming while emphasizing the product's advantages.

Similarly, a button to buy now is immediately visible as a call to action. Through this means, customers now have the option to buy the kit right away without visiting any other product pages. If customers are still undecided, they can scroll further down to view further advantages the product provides.


  1. Love Wellness

Love Wellness is a business that prioritizes the health of women. They sell numerous kits, vitamins, and cleansers. We will examine their eCommerce landing page as they have a very special offering.

Love Wellness

As you've seen, they give away two items for free with every purchase. Giving away something is a good strategy to encourage customers to make a buy. Additionally, as there is no requirement for a cart, even the cheapest item can be purchased to qualify for the free presents.

The innovative style of their landing page is mostly contributing to the business' success.

  1. Netflix Bonus


Netflix's main page is impressive, even though it isn't an e-commerce site. The basic message is strong and provides consolation in just 22 words. The phrases "Watch anywhere" & "Cancel anytime" help individuals understand that they have nothing to lose by subscribing.

  1. 6KU


6KU has an online sales page that gives you an upbeat preview of their latest collection, the Urban Track, which later directs visitors to the standard product page after they click "shop"

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What's Next?

That's all there is to it.  Try to implement the top 10 E-commerce Landing Pages ideas shared in this post and adhere to best practices to witness sales growth. Ride on!