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11 Practices To Send The Best Order Confirmation Email (With Examples)

It’s every marketer’s dream to have customers wait for an email and open it as soon as it arrives, but this email actually exists! Order confirmation emails may be the only type of emails customers are actively excited to receive. So if you take advantage of this lucrative opportunity, an order confirmation email can open many doors for your eCommerce company and help you establish a deep connection with your customers. 

Did you know that 64% of consumers consider order confirmation emails to be the most important type of marketing email? But the real question is, how can this help you grow your eCommerce business? Keep reading this article to learn how to send perfect order confirmation emails and increase sales! 

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What Is An Order Confirmation Email?

Order Confirmation Email

An order confirmation email is a transactional email sent by businesses to customers after they make a purchase. Although these emails started as simple digital receipts, over the years, they became much more than that. Successful eCommerce businesses started to use order confirmation emails to drive more sales, retain customers, and grow their business in general. 

Needless to say, this doesn’t eliminate the receipt part of the email. Your email still has to include all the important information, such as the items purchased, delivery date, payment method, the amount paid (or will be collected), and delivery address. 

Why Should You Focus On Sending The Best Order Confirmation Emails?

Email campaigns are no piece of cake, so we know that it crossed your mind just to send a simple order confirmation email that includes the basic information and leaves all this hassle behind. But before you make that decision, let’s take a look at some facts! Order confirmation emails; 

  • The minute someone purchases something from your eCommerce store, they expect to have that confirmation email in their inbox.
  • Increase customer retention rates and decrease customer churn rate, which results in higher sales and revenues. 
  • Aid in building a strong relationship with your customers as they start to trust your process.
  • Have an open rate of 58.32% and a 16.69% click rate, which are the highest open and click-through rates. This is usually because customers check their confirmation email multiple times, not just once like other marketing emails.
  • Creates opportunities for your business to grow, thanks to the attention customers give to these emails. 

Now that you know how important it is to send an outstanding order confirmation email, it’s time to know how to send it! 

Top 11 Practices To Write The Best Order Confirmation Emails

There’s no one good way of sending an order confirmation email; it depends on each market and segment. However, there are some practices and tactics proven to be successful with all eCommerce businesses. Here are 11 practices to get the best Email Marketing ROI;

1- Show gratitude 

Thank you Order Confirmation Email

The first thing your email should include is a thank you. By showing your customers gratitude, you humanize your brand and establish a more intimate relationship with your consumers. Imagine if you go into a brick-and-mortar store and no one thanks you for your purchase and wishes you a good day, are you likely to return to that store? eCommerce businesses should also have these simple manners to have high retention rates. 

2- Set the right expectations 

Order confirmation email example

Always be honest with your customers by informing them of all the right details about their orders. For instance, you shouldn’t be promising next-day delivery if you are not 100% sure it will happen. 

3- Try to cross-sell 

Order confirmation email example  amazon

Your email can contain personalized product recommendations that give the customers a slight nudge to order more items that complement what they already ordered from your store. This will help you increase the average order value and basket size. All resulting in the ultimate goal of increasing sales and revenues. 

4- Send it at the right time

An order confirmation email should be sent within minutes or even seconds from someone making a purchase. This way, customers will know that everything is on the right track and will have an overall better shopping experience with your brand. The right timing also aids in cross-selling because no one will add something to their basket a couple of days after they have ordered and are already waiting for the shipment. 

Surely, you won’t hire someone to manually send an order confirmation email the minute someone makes a purchase. But no worries, this is easily done by having an automated workflow. 

5- Add a clear timeline 

Order confirmation email example right

Having a clear timeline in your order confirmation email allows your customers to know what’s going to happen next. Even if you are delivering overseas and the shipment will take a long time to be delivered, be upfront and transparent about it. Customers always appreciate an eCommerce brand that doesn’t keep them in the dark.

6- Generate excitement 

Order confirmation email example  refreshment

An order confirmation email should be upbeat and vibrant to generate excitement for the ordered products and your brand in general. 

7- Be creative 

example of Order confirmation email

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and send unique emails. With a guarantee of high open and click rates, that’s the perfect time to test some fun or innovative ideas. Needless to say, the email should still reflect your brand image and values. 

8- Personalize your order confirmation email 

Monki Order confirmation email exampleLike any other email you send, an order confirmation email should be personalized to establish strong relationships with your customers. You can personalize the subject line, the thank you part, and most importantly the product recommendations. 

9- Give your customers clear instructions on how to contact you 

Order confirmation email example  contact

Many customers face difficulties with their orders, and they shouldn’t jump through hoops to get your attention. Your order confirmation email should have clear instructions on how a customer can reach you. The channels of communication could include emails, SMS, your website, or a customer support line. 

10- Highlight your loyalty programs 

These emails are the perfect opportunity to highlight your loyalty programs and show customers what they need to do to be eligible. For example, if your loyalty program is based on a certain number of orders, you can include how many orders the customer has left to get their reward. 

11- Improve your social media presence 


While you have your customer’s attention try to build a community and increase your social media followers by pushing them to follow all your social media pages. With more followers on different platforms, your brand awareness increases, and subsequently, more sales and new customers will start to pool in! 

Automate Your Order Confirmation Email Workflow To Get The Highest ROI 

Why waste effort and resources trying to send the best order confirmation email when marketing operating systems like CovertedIn can do that and get you a higher ROI? Using CovertedIn will not only help you automate your order confirmation emails and get them instantly in your customers’ inboxes, but it will also help you in:

  • Personalizing your emails
  • Auto-segmenting your customer base and sending each segment the right emails
  • Integrating emails with SMS 
  • Include personalized product recommendations in your emails 

Are you ready to send the best order confirmation emails and increase your revenues? Book a demo now, and we will help you grow your eCommerce business!