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Best Product Launch Email Examples & Tips To Send Emails That Convert

You can spend hours and hours planning the perfect product, then launch it to the world and get no orders. Does that mean the product itself is the problem? Of course not; you just didn’t send it off the right way! 

If you have a child going to college, you will throw a big party to send them off. Treat your new product like your own child and pour your blood, sweat, and tears into the product launch email to introduce it to the world in a way that translates into sales and dollars. 

In this blog, we will present you with the top 9 product launch email examples to inspire you! And as a bonus, we will give you some tips and tricks to help you send that perfect product launch email that converts. 

Table of Contents 

Top 9 product launch email examples:
  2. Massdrop 
  3. Moment
  4. Meow Meow Tweet 
  5. Birchbox
  6. Chubbies 
  7. Casper
  8. Everlane
  9. Tom Raffield 

Top 9 Product Launch Email Examples

All eCommerce businesses send product launch emails but that doesn’t necessarily mean the campaigns or even the products themselves succeed. So, before you create your launch email, let’s take a look at the top 9 successful product launch email examples to inspire your own.


 Product Launch Email Examples MADEIN

In this example, is coming out with more than one new product. So it sent a creative email that has sections for every part of the launch. This highlights every new product on its own without too many words saying that there is a whole new collection. 

  • Massdrop 


Product launch emails can be a whole series, where you start by asking your customers what they want and then delivering it. Massdrop sent what could be considered one of that type’s best product launch email examples. 

In this campaign, Massdrop sent a survey and then launched a product according to its customers' needs. But what truly makes that email stand out is the first line hooks the receivers to go on reading it and learning about the product - which is the main goal of any product launch email.

  • Moment

Moment Product Launch Email Example

In this product launch email, Moment capitalized on the hype of the new iPhone to promote its new cases for the mobile phone. Also, the email has a very simple design that focuses on the product’s features and unique selling propositions. Moment finished it off with a strong and specific CTA. 

  • Meow Meow Tweet 


This email made our list of top product launch email examples as it focuses on its values and shows how the new product perfectly aligns with them. That’s extremely smart because most customers are probably choosing Meow Meow Tweet exactly for those reasons. Countless companies sell lotion, but how many sell them in environmentally-friendly packaging? 

  • BirchBox


In the BirchBox email, the company doesn’t reveal any information about its new product. This is one of the product launch email examples that focus on building anticipation instead of the product itself. 

Keep in mind that these types of emails are better sent as a part of a series, not as a standalone product launch email. For instance, if you send a teaser email like BirchBox with the date of release and promise of giveaways, you can follow up after that date with an email that focuses on the new product and its features. 

  • Chubbies 


If you are looking to send a fun product launch email, then Chubbies' email should be a great reference! The company stayed true to its brand and sent an email that tells you everything you need to know about the products in a fun comical way. 

Needless to say, the fun type of product launch emails only work for products that target specific segments and eCommerce businesses with that same tone of voice. In other terms, it's important to stick to your original brand image in every email you send! 

  • Casper 

casper Product launch email

In this email, Casper highlighted the process of how its product came to life. This brings a level of trust and authenticity to the product that can’t be matched by just saying “we worked hard to develop this product”. 

Painting a whole picture and giving your customers a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes is always a winning choice!  

  • Everlane


The online clothing retailer, Everlane, sent one of the most straightforward yet great product launch email examples. The whole email focuses on the functionality of the product. Instead of just saying the sneakers are great and can work for every style, the email shows you how convenient the product is with visuals. 

  • Tom Raffield 

Tom Raffield

Last but surely not least, Tom Raffield brought us one of the best product launch email examples ever sent! The email starts with teasing readers about the new product and then goes on to an interactive part, where readers have to click on different icons to get additional information. 

Then the email is finalized with an enticing “wait for the big reveal” which works on further building anticipation and creating hype over the new products. 

By now, you should already have a clearer image of what your product launch email is supposed to look like. But let’s take a quick look at some tips from experts that will help you truly send the best product launch email campaigns and become the number one online store! 

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Tips on sending the best product launch emails 

Tips on sending the best product launch emails

There are many practices and methods for sending product launch email campaigns. But in general, to send the best product launch emails, you should work on:

  • Having a self-explanatory yet attractive subject line that triggers receivers to open the email. 
  • Starting with a greeting that offers a sense of familiarity between your eCommerce business and your customer.
  • Building anticipation by tapping into FOMO marketing techniques. 
  • Explaining the features and highlighting the value of the product.
  • Creating a full story of how the product can affect the customer’s life.  
  • Sticking to your eCommerce brand’s tone of voice and image.
  • Providing a way for your customers to contact you and ask questions.
  • Adding high-quality visuals (images or videos) to grab customers’ attention.
  • Personalizing the email to each segment or each individual customer.
  • Having a clear flow of sections that makes the email easily readable (you would be surprised how many customers you might be losing to complicated emails).
  • Finishing off with a strong, clear, and relevant CTA.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, product launch emails are a great way to boost sales and become the number one online store, just stay true to your brand. Also, don’t forget to introduce your new products to the world in the right way and send one of the best product launch email examples ever sent, you have to first create the best product! 

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