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Collection Ads Vs. Carousel Ads: What You Need To know

Although Facebook has several ad types that could help online retailers target the appropriate customer at the right moment with their products. But to witness an appreciable conversion, it's imperative to run the proper ad format. To this effect, it becomes necessary for companies to grab attention and stand out by utilizing effective ad promotions to showcase their goods and services. When improving your ads campaign performance, do you prefer collection ads to carousel ads or otherwise?  Knowing the appropriate one to use for different campaigns will save you in ad spending while boosting your overall sales.

A recent study by consumer acquisition showed that pictures account for between 74 and 90 percent of an advertisement's effectiveness. While ad visuals are usually vital, Facebook/Instagram users are extremely sensitive to imagery since each user is presented with many advertisements as they scroll. It is a usual occurrence for online sellers to utilize carousel /collection ads to showcase their product in every ad promotion by ensuring that first-time prospects (viewers) see the uniqueness of their product offers. 

Are you eager to boost sales and revenue for your online store? In this article, you will discover more about one of the most distinctive ad formats available. Read on -as we examine the differences between Collection Ads Vs. Carousel Ads and decide later on the most effective for your product campaign.

What Are Collection Ads?

Collections ads

Collection Ad is a social media advertisement format that typically consists of a cover video or image, always accompanied by four product photos (images). The images are part of the product gallery that a business advertises on Instagram or Facebook, where they show up in consumers' newsfeeds.

When visitors click on a collection-ad format, they will see a huge product stream that displays all of the items in a related collection, which they can browse through. When they engage on one, Facebook will direct the prospect to the site or product page of their choice. These quick and effective sales-oriented advertisements present products to users.

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What Are Carousel Ads?


A carousel ad is a specific ad format that integrates several images or videos into one ad format. The advertiser will put everything they want customers to view in one spot. This type of ad format is most popular on Instagram and Facebook, where online retailers can display various product images to boost higher chances of a sale or conversion.

What Is The Difference Between Collection Ads and Carousel Ads?

  • Collection Ads imitate enhanced Carousel Ads in aspects of style. The objective is to highlight numerous products but to do so in an efficient mobile manner that highlights several items as useful at once. Collection Ads make it simpler for individuals to seek and purchase goods and services on a company's app or website via Facebook, enabling enterprises to engage consumers with an immersive shopping experience. Whereas;

  • Carousel Ads format showcases two or more calls to action, links and headlines, or images in one product advertisement. Viewers watch the ad and browse the displayed carousel cards via their computers, tablets, or phones. Its layouts do not overwhelm adverts or perplex customers in addition to having a user-friendly style. Instead, it supports the advertisement with illustrative videos or images.

  • Collection Ads use a post-click feature while Carousel Ads do not. Also, Collection advertising opens a store immediately in the Facebook app, making it simpler for users to find the things they require rather than sending them back to your sales page, in contrast to the Carousel Ads.

  • Collection Ads has a text (before truncated) copy and headline characters of 90 and 25 characters. In contrast, Carousel Ads has a text (before trimmed) copy and headline of 125 and 25 characters with a link description of 20 characters.

  • On Facebook, Collection Ads feature a complete cover video or image, followed by 4 product images and via Instagram, this ad format only displays 3 product images. In contrast, Carousel Ads feature between 2 and 10 cards per ad.

Between Carousel Ads and Collection Ads, which Is Best For E-commerce?

Recently, medium-scale online sellers have been arguing about why carousel ads perform better than collections ads. And yes, they are 100% correct. The carousel Ad format is better for e-commerce as it's effective. It generates leads at a cost-per-conversion of 50 to 30% lower than other ad formats. To this effect, enterprises are naturally interested in finding ways to make the carousel-ad format boost their underlying sales.

The examples below depict some favorite instances of companies and individuals that have used carousel-style ads to engage potential clients;

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers users ways to connect with people, forge relationships, and learn the skills they'll need for their future professions.

linkedin ad

linkedin ad2

The above ad is mostly for individuals striving to improve their sales. This concept appeals to people that would need ideas on a unique kind of approach to offer a service.

Why is the ad fantastic?

  • The ad effectively uses imagery to support the textual content and descriptions.
  • The sample is clear and concise about what it is all about and the reasons to use it.
  • Across most tiles (cards), the images convey a message.
  • The addition of benefits demonstrates what is possible with the solution and what they will contribute.
  1. Russell Brunson Funnel Campaign


Aside from being the co-founder of ClickFunnels, he is also known as an entrepreneur who has significantly sold several books that have assisted thousands of other business owners in effectively communicating with consumers.

The advertisement targets users who intend to use funnels to increase sales, conversions, and leads.

What is the uniqueness of the ad above?

  • Anyone can tell what the advertisement is about after checking the description.
  • The ad is understandable to all viewers, thanks to the product descriptions and justifications. 
  • The visuals and texts entice people to read more about the deal.
  • To help readers understand what they'll be learning, the advantages the book offers have been stated in the ad copy.
  • The descriptions and headlines on every card are unique.
  1. Sweat Product Campaign


Sweat is among the biggest online communities for women who exercise. The brand offers a wide variety of daily/weekly workouts for ladies in the gym and at home.

The carousel ad above is clearly for those who want to start working out at home or in a gym. Users can select from a wide range of different routines. Additionally, the advert caters to those who require a free trial to determine whether they will use the service or not.

Why does the ad stand out?

  • The advertisement's description is clear and concise.
  • Each product card has a unique caption (headline), and the imagery depicts how the product works or functions.
  • Because all the images are similar and use identical color schemes, the card layout appears more inviting.
  • Any viewer who sees the advertisement will immediately understand what it offers.
  • Additionally, the brand provided a link to its product in the description. Also made evident are the benefits of the product.
FAQs about Collection Ads Vs. Carousel Ads
How Many Photos Are In a Collection Ad?

Collection ads feature a maximum of 3 product images on Instagram. Via Facebook, it features a cover video/image preceded by 4 product images.

Can You Run Collection Ads on Instagram?

Yes, you can.

Do Carousel Posts Get More Engagement?

Yes, it does. 

Instagram carousels enhance engagement, owing to the presence of many images and videos. 

Carousels have a median user engagement of 1.92 percent, according to recent research, relative to 1.45 percent for single video postings and 1.74 percent for individual images. Far more intriguing is how the number of slides (images) in the carousel affects the distribution of interaction across each post.

Many persons will find it unimaginable that carousels with ten images/slides have the greatest engagement rates, given that visitors must perform more swipes to view the entire content.

What Is The Difference Between Instant Experience And Collection Ads?

A collection ad comprises a cover video or image directly accompanied by 3 product images in a Facebook News Feed. In contrast, an Instant Experience is a full-screen homepage or landing page that increases engagement and fosters intent and curiosity.

Note: When a visitor/user clicks on a collection ad, an Instant Experience is displayed.

Are Collection Ads Mobile Only?

They are available only on mobile devices. The collection ad format only targets smartphone users and is compatible with Facebook and Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Regarding formats, Facebook Ads provide a wide range of options, but studies reveal that Carousel Ads and Collection Ads are the greatest options for promoting products. However, carousel ads usually outperform collection ads in e-commerce. For retailers, it's advisable to keep exploring these ad formats to pinpoint the one that will prove more effective in aiding the actualization of your business goals and objectives.

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