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Why does every e-commerce store need a customer ads platform to grow?

As an online store, or even a physical store with an online version, that’s looking to grow, you have tons of data about your customers.

You have information about their buying habits and what they like to shop when they come to your store.

But do you know how to use and analyze all of this data to create well-targeted ads, drive your conversion rate, and increase sales?

To achieve this three-part equation, you need a customer ads platform.

What is a customer ads platform?

A customer ads platform is software that allows you to upload all your data from different sources all in one place.

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Convertedin team

Your data can come from an excel sheet, a loyalty program, mobile app, POS, website, or all of those (and more).

Here’s a 3-step process of how a customer data platform works.

Step 1: Upload and Unify

Once you upload all your data to the customer ads platform, you’ll be able to see a 360-degree view of your customers.


Step 2: Analyze and Segment

The platform will unify and analyze all this data and create automated segments for your customers.

Step 3: Automated Ads Creation

Once the data is uploaded and segmented, the platform will begin creating ads for your newly-segmented target audience.

This means you’ll be able to reach your customers will tailored ads and the products they like.

How the Convertedin Customer Ads Platform Works

Convertedin’s customer data platform offers you an unlimited number of customer or user segments.

With the data in place, the platform will divide your customers across 200 or more segments.

These segments can include:

–          Female buyers

–          Male buyers

–          Top-spending customers

–          Lowest-spending customers

–          Customers who shop weekly/monthly…etc

Customer segmentation
Customer segmentation

And so on.

In addition, Convertedin’s customer data and ads platform offers AI-generated segments such as:

–          Customers likely to make a purchase next week/month

–          Customers likely to churn

Once segmentation is complete, the platform will then help you create  automated ads for these segments. It will begin showing your products to customers across Google and social media.

Convertedin’s automated ads come with an extra benefit. They are personalized ads created for buyers at different stages of the customer journey.

Customer ads


With data, understanding your customers, showing them ads for products they are interested in, and helping them reach the products they need, is easy, simple, and headache-free.

With a customer ads platform, all you need to do is grab all your scattered customer data and upload it. Discover who your loyal customers are, who your top buyers, and which customers haven’t returned to your store in months or even years.

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