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Display Ads Vs. Search Ads: The Better Ads for Your E-commerce Business 

As a business, you need to get many things right to be at the top of your game. More so, you must be able to take advantage of Ads to do better than your competitors

You may want to run both search ads and display ads depending on your goals and business model. But each type of ad has its benefits and drawbacks. Let us show you how to go about this. 

Choosing the better Ads for your Brand: Display Ads VS. Search Ads 

  • Display Advertising  

Display Advertising  

Display Advertising or Display Ads refers to an approach a business uses to attract an audience to a landing page (a social media platform, website, or digital medium) to perform a specific action. They come as image, text-based, or video advertisements to make the users take action on the landing page. Oftentimes, the endpoint is for customers to make a purchase. 

Just like many online advertising campaigns, display ads operate on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. The implication is that you will only be charged when the end user clicks on your ad. The charges will be based on your total bidding strategy. 

People use this type of Ad for retargeting. Retargeting is for individuals that have previously visited your landing page and may have even added an item to their cart. Display Ads help to encourage them to complete their previous tasks or take a new action. 

Forms of Display Ads 

Display campaigns can occur in various sizes and shapes. The commonest forms are; 

  1. Banner Ads: You know the format of banners? It is a traditional pattern but appears at the top of a site. 
  2. Rich Media: These ads are more interactive than other forms. They include audio, video, and other clickable elements. The clickable element can be multiple as they direct users to carry out actions on your landing page. 
  3. Interstitial Ads: these ads are web pages for users that lead to an original page. 
  4. Video Ads: Thanks to top platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, video ads help to reach the right audience. Video Ads reach potential customers on a more personal level.

    For example, only a premium subscriber on YouTube can prevent these ads from their videos. Hence, video ads will make a good investment. 
  • Search Ads 

Search Ads 

Search Ads are displayed on the screen when a user searches for a keyword. There are three components of a Search Ad – the headline, its description text, and the display URL. The goal is to make the users click on the link. Here is an example below; 

A user can search for a Keyword like "eCommerce." However, there will be some Ads on top of Google's organic results. There may be additional information to entice users and keep them informed. However, users can know more about their searches, your company, and more importantly, the products and services you provide. 

How Do Search Ads Work?

Text ad search campaigns on the Google Search Network appear at the top, bottom, or side of search results. These advertisements feature a headline, display URL, and description based on the search terms a customer enters.

When consumers search "best wine for guys" on Google, they want to learn more about or purchase wine. A search ad that uses this phrase as its keyword and directs users to a landing page designed specifically for the ad by a winery may generate an online sale. 

In this case, the search advertisement "pulled" the customer. Search advertisements may perform better as a basis for advertising rather than a means of promoting deals or events because of their ability to target buyer intent.

How Do Display Ads work?

Potential clients are pushed into an e-commerce site by display advertising when they may be engaged in other activities. 

Take a moment to envision a prospective client reading an article about fitness for women in their forties. A display advertisement for jogging and a service to assist in locating the most comfortable gym wear can be found on the article page. 

The reader initially had her attention on the story. Still, the ad pulled her away from it and directed her to an optimized landing page to persuade her that working out would be good for her health. And that a certain type of gym attire would make her more comfortable.

Display ads aim to deliver the correct message to the right audience at the ideal moment. A display ad will always interrupt, but if it is placed at the right moment and is pertinent, it may be an interruption that results in a sale and a satisfied consumer.

The Difference Between Display Ads and Search Ads 

The Difference Between Display Ads and Search Ads 

Display Ads shares a similar interface with Google Ads. However, their modus operandi is different. The major difference between them is that display ads focus on “push advertising” while search ads are for “pull advertising”. Keep reading. 

The implication of "pull advertising" is that search ads appear to those who are only searching for your company's product or services. On the other hand, "push advertising" places adverts for targeted users. Hence, display ads do not appear only on SERP like Search Ads; they appear on several sites and reach more than 90% of users of the internet. 

Which of the Ads is Better for E-commerce? 

The truth is that it is advisable to set up both display and search ads for your business. According to a study, combining both campaigns guarantees more reach. Nevertheless, you must know that you do not only want to reach a large audience but targeted ones. 

If you are being economical about the amount you want to spend on Ads and need to decide which campaign you should focus on, you can consult experts like ConvertedIn. Sometimes, it is advisable to opt for one before considering the other to get desired results. 

  • Reasons to Use Display Ads 

    Display ads
  1. Visual Products and Services 

Display Ads can include images or videos. These visual demonstrations are more convincing for visual products as they are more relatable to users. Examples of such products are home décor, clothing, entertainment, or even vacation packages. 

  1. Creating Brand Awareness 

Display Ads are the best way to reach new customers or inform existing customers about a new product. Remember, display ads are not for individuals searching about your product but for people still in discovery.  

  1. For a longer sales cycle 

If your business has a long sales cycle, then you should consider display Ads. You can employ strategies like; 

  1. Smaller budget 

Search ad is a perfect option for low-budget campaigns or if you are a starter. It is a more affordable choice as you can use pay per 1,000 impressions or pay per click. The use of keywords helps to maximize conversion. 

  1. For a short sales cycle 

Unlike display ads, search ads are ideal if there is no need for remarketing or continued advertising for users that have previously engaged with the brand. Just market the latest products, increase your sales, and make more money. 

  1. To augment organic traffic 

Organic contents are powerful, but they may not be enough sometimes. However, search ads are good choices of supplement to have a lasting organic presence. The search ads are result-oriented as it provides solutions to people’s needs. 

  1. Perfect for a local audience 

Search Ads and local services are a match made from heaven. You can target a specific audience and expect much value. All you need is the right keyword. 

Get Started! 

You can choose to opt for either display ads or search ads for your business. More so, you can combine both as advised in this content for optimum results. Remember, the goal is to be a strong pulling force in the market. 

You can contact ConvertedIn for professional assistance. We have multi-channel campaigns that will take your business to the next height. Reach us and let us get started