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E-commerce Marketing For Gen Z: Best Strategies + Mistakes To Avoid

Ever wondered why things are currently changing in the online arena? 

For example, new platforms emerged, special types of content performed better than others, and brands supported causes and showed corporate responsibility.

Thanks to Gen Z, plenty of changes started taking place in online shopping. Accordingly, Gen Z is making the old-fashioned marketing strategies things of the past that won’t be successful anymore. 

Generation Z, Gen Z, or Zoomers are born between 1997-2011. It is the generation born between the millennials and the alpha. 

You might think this age group is still too young to shape e-commerce. Yet, we are here to tell you that Generation Z has a strong purchasing power and is more influential than you think. 

We can say that, unlike any previous generation, Gen Z is a special one that needs special treatment. 

Accordingly, we will take you through a complete guide on e-commerce marketing for Gen Z. The article will highlight the best platforms and channels to reach Gen Z, marketing strategies, And mistakes to avoid.

So, buckle up!

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E-commerce Marketing For Gen Z: Best Platforms And Channels To Reach Gen Z

It goes without saying that Gen Z is always there on social media. This is where they spend most of their time at. Therefore, to develop successful e-commerce marketing for Gen Z, you have to identify the platforms and channels they use the most. 

  • Tiktok

In the past couple of years, Tiktok has been booming. The accelerating performance of TikTok goes to Gen-Z. They are massively present on Tiktok, creating content, sharing videos, and setting trends. 

Studies have shown that 60% of Tiktok users are from Generation Z (Wallaroo,2023). Those aged between 16-23 years spend three times more time on TikTok compared to Instagram and Snapchat (Thred,2023). 

Accordingly, all signs say that TikTok is one of the top channels Generation Z spends time at. 

Thus, it will be a good start to begin with Tiktok as one of your marketing channels. Keep up with the platform’s trends, and you are halfway there to Gen-Z. 

  • Youtube

Youtube and Tiktok have been fighting over first place as the most used platform by Gen-Z. 

What matters the most for your online store is to realize that a huge faction of Generation Z is present on Youtube and spends much of their time using it. 

A study of Generation Z respondents mentioned that 88% of them relied on Youtube as their most-used platform in 2020 (Exchange Wire,2022). 

Apparently, Generation Z is a huge fan of video content. Accordingly, to reach them, you will have to create suitable content for the channels they spend most of their time using. 

  • Instagram 

Instagram for Gen ZImage source:

Being part of Generation Z, Instagram will never get obsolete. Its continuously developing content makes it resonate with Gen-Z.

Instagram reels and stories are optimal types of content for Generation Z. Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram is fighting over the most hours Gen Z spends using them. 

However, it’s safe to say that Gen Z uses the three platforms daily. Hence, this is enough to consider incorporating Instagram into your marketing efforts. 

A study has shown that 62% of Gen Z social media users check Instagram daily (Earthweb,2023).

  • Snapchat

Some might think that the days of Snapchat are long gone. However, Snapchat is returning stronger than ever, especially for Generation Z. 52% of Gen Z mention using it as the fourth most used app (Ypulse,2023).

The authenticity of Snapchat and its ability to enable Gen Z to be themselves makes it one of the top channels they spend their time. In addition, Snapchat's incorporation of features tailored to e-commerce makes it one of the best channels for your online store. 

** Learn more about How To Use Snapchat For E-commerce.

Marketing Strategies And Tactics To Attract Gen Z

E-commerce marketing for Gen-Z is like no other. Therefore, it requires special marketing strategies and tactics, which is exactly what we will fill you in with throughout the upcoming paragraphs.

1- Incorporate Video Content 

User-Generated Videos
Video content highly resonates with Generation Z. Therefore, your e-commerce marketing for Gen Z has to include video content, especially short ones. 

The fast pace and the tremendous amount of online content make this generation's attention span shorter than ever. Hence, to capture their attention, they rely on video content with short duration. 

This will go a long shot with your Zoomers audience. With this generation, it’s no longer about the long videos and the overwhelming content. Gen Z much appreciates simplicity. 

2- Stand For Your Values And Social Responsibility

Being a Gen Z, I can tell you that we appreciate the online brand that stands for its values and support a certain cause. 

Brand values consistent with Gen Z's values strongly impact their purchase decisions. So, take advantage of this opportunity. Start working on your social responsibility and demonstrate it to Gen-Z.

Highlight how you value sustainability, eco-friendly products, anti-racism, and women empowerment in every aspect of your e-commerce, and be ready to appeal to this vast generation. 

3- Use Influencer Marketing

Collaborate With Influencers To Host Your Live Shopping

Influencers are becoming essential to social media platforms. Accordingly, since Gen Z already spends much of their time on social media, it’s consequential that influencer marketing is a huge aspect of this generation's purchase decisions. 

As a result, your e-commerce marketing for Gen Z should rely on influencer marketing to reach out to this age group. 

Influencer marketing includes collaborating with influencers to promote your product or service. 

Do your research and identify authentic and reputable influencers to collaborate with them for your e-commerce. Choosing a suitable influencer is the key to reaching the largest number of Generation Z. 

Keep in mind that Gen Z appreciates values-driven brands; hence, your chosen influencer must also be consistent with your values. 

An extra tip, you can consider micro-influencers. In some cases, they might be trusted more than those with a huge follower base.  

4- Encourage User-Generated Content

E-commerce marketing for Gen Z requires more than just basic informative content. User-generated content is undoubtedly a winning tactic. User-generated content is any photos or videos created by customers and shared on social media platforms. 

The vitality of UGC lies in creating positive word-of-mouth marketing for e-commerce. Therefore, it builds more brand trust and encourages users to purchase. 

Since Generation Z is considered an informative audience, UGC will be a great way to reach out to them and convince them of the fineness of your products. 

UGC provides authentic, unfiltered content, which is the type Gen Z prefers to see.  Accordingly, you can encourage UGC be creating contests, games, and engaging hashtags. 

5- Focus On Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is creating a consistent message delivered to customers across all online or offline platforms. 

Therefore, it’s essential for e-commerce marketing for Gen-Z to deliver an omnichannel experience. Your messages must be consistent and integrated throughout the different channels in which your online store is present.

In addition, if you have a physical store, customer experience has to be consistent with that delivered in your online store. 88% of Gen-Z mention that their shopping experiences usually blend physical and online shopping.

Accordingly, you have to be present across all channels to deliver a cohesive shopping experience for Generation Z.  

6- Be Mobile Optimized

We lost count of the number of times we mentioned how Gen Z is tech-savvy. So, a tech-savvy generation who are exposed to the internet since their early childhood will certainly spend most of their time using their mobile phones. 

As a result, the fundamentals for e-commerce marketing for Gen Z is to mobile optimize your online store or website. 

Embrace mobile optimization by creating a seamless shopping experience, personalized notifications, and advertising. This is the best marketing strategy you need to offer Gen-Z.

7- Integrate FOMO Marketing 

E-Commerce FOMO Marketing Examples

Based on personal experience, I have to tell you that the term only a few left in stock can go a long way and immediately encourage me to place an order. 

This sense of urgency, which is part of FOMO marketing, resonates with me and undoubtedly with all Generation Z. The continuous developments around us make this generation hesitate to miss out on anything. 

FOMO marketing for e-commerce is a marketing tactic that encourages customers to buy, or else they will miss an excellent opportunity. 

FOMO marketing can be done by highlighting scarcity, urgency, or social proof.  

The thing is, FOMO marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy for Gen Z. This generation’s desire to not miss out on the latest trends and experiences makes FOMO marketing essential while appealing to them. 

You can rely on social media by creating flash sales, exclusive offers, behind-the-scenes content, or hopping on viral trends to captivate FOMO marketing in e-commerce, hence, appealing to Gen Z. 

Mistakes You Should Avoid In E-commerce Marketing For Gen Z

gen-z-fashion (1)Image source:

1- Treating Gen-Z Like Previous Generations

A huge trap that online brands can fall into is treating Gen-Z like previous generations, especially millennials( Those born between 1981-1996). 

Some might mix between these two generations, and they require the same marketing strategies. Well, this is a misconception; marketing tactics and products that appeal to Gen-Z are totally different from those appealing to millennials. 

To make things more clear, let’s take Tiktok as an example. A huge faction of Tiktok users are primarily Gen Zers. According to Wallaroo, 60% of Tiktok users are from Generation Z.  

In contrast, the majority of millennials are indulged in other platforms, mainly Facebook. 

Additionally, the considerations taken before placing an order are different between both generations. As mentioned earlier, Gen Z is more informed. Thus, they do intensive research before purchasing, unlike millennials. 

All of the factors indicate that both generations are different, with different interests and purchase behavior. Thus, treating them in the same way is considered a fatal mistake for any e-commerce.  

2- One Size Fits All Marketing Messages

Just like Gen-Z is different from any previous generation, they are also different from the inside. In other words, they are considered the most diverse generation. 

As a result, one size fits all marketing messages won’t work well with Gen-Z. This is indeed one of the major mistakes that online stores might make.

Personalized product recommendations and tailored marketing messages are necessary for successful e-commerce marketing for Gen Z. They build a connection with your online store while increasing brand engagement. 

3- Unrealistic Claims

A huge mistake made through e-commerce marketing for Gen Z is delivering unrealistic claims. 

Brands might exaggerate the value of the products or the features they deliver. Yet, they neglect that Zoomers don’t purchase blindly. Thus, unrealistic claims hinder the completion of purchases by Gen-Z.

In addition, they jeopardize the brand’s credibility and authenticity, which are crucial for Gen Z. 

4- Trying Too Hard To Sell

Never push it too far with Gen-Z in selling. Trust us; this will backfire on your business.

Trying to sell aggressively to Gen-Z will not positively affect their decisions while, at the same time, will negatively affect brand image and credibility. 

Accordingly, instead of trying to sell aggressively, focus on building connections with your customers. In addition, pay close attention to the value delivered by your products and how they will solve customers’ problems. 

Gen-Zers cherish the value delivered by products instead of listing product features in a robotic and sales-oriented manner.  

5- Ignoring Privacy Concerns

Growing up in the digital age, Generation Z is strongly aware of security and privacy issues. Therefore, risking the privacy of Gen-Zers is a stain on your online brand. 

Security and privacy should be prioritized by your online store to deliver a safe and secure shopping experience. 

Highlight that your website protects its users' private data to showcase the security of information. In addition, avoid gathering customers’ data without their consent. This is a massive mistake for Gen-Z. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you have all that it takes to start formulating perfect e-commerce marketing for Gen-Z. 

With all the previously mentioned tips and tactics, we are sure you will nail it.  Always keep in mind that Gen-Z is a special generation that needs special marketing strategies. 

They are a generation who grew up in a continuously evolving world. Therefore, they expect their favorite brand to be evolving as well. 

Therefore, to keep up with the continuous worldwide developments, you have to check out Convertedin. is a marketing automation tool that understands how fast life is getting. Thus, it automates crucial marketing efforts like segmentation, email marketing, product recommendations, and many other features. 

Remember what we say, Gen-Z values an evolving online brand and personalized experiences. 

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