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E-Commerce Product Videos: Everything You Need To Know For Higher ROI

You know what they say, content is king. Product video is a crucial part of your content so we can say that it is the queen. 

We just love when we make things up, but they perfectly make sense. 

What’s better than a video that displays your product in action and highlights its benefits and features in an interesting way? 

Well, this is the optimal product video that can do wonders for your online store. It deals with one of the main hurdles of online shopping which is the lack of close examination of products. 

To start creating your e-commerce product videos, we will first take you through this article to show you the reasons to use product videos, best practices, and examples for inspiration. 

So, get ready!

Table Of Content

  1. Why Should You Use E-Commerce Product Videos?
  2. E-commerce Product Videos Best Practices
  3. Best Examples of e-Commerce Product Videos To Inspire You

Why Should You Use E-Commerce Product Videos?

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Let's be honest, we are so biased towards incorporating product videos in your e-commerce. So, to convince you with our point of view, we will tell you some of the benefits and reasons to start using e-commerce product videos. 

1- Are More Engaging

The first reason to use e-commerce product videos is that they are way more engaging than written product descriptions or even perfectly shot images. 

Unlike robotic product descriptions and static photos, product videos capture people’s attention with motion, eye-catching visuals and sound. Therefore, people are more likely to react to your product videos and share them. 

Studies have proven such a point, as it has been shown that 36% of marketers claim that the major benefit of product videos is that they get more engagement than any other type of marketing tool (Hubspot,2022). 

In addition, 96% of shoppers mention that they watch explainer videos to know more about products.

Thus, there are high chances of enhanced engagement after watching product videos. This is evident in the high views, shares, and increased reach.  

2- Build More Trust

The lack of trust hinders the completion of online purchases. We are keeping everything above board here, but customers hate surprises accompanied by online shopping. 

So, if you want to get out of this online shopping trap, we encourage you to include product videos in your online store. 

E-commerce product videos offer a 360-degree view of your products while showing all of the details and features. 

Thus, since we are talking about building trust, there is nothing better than shooting videos showcasing your products. 

Simply, there won’t be a place for surprises, and customers will be more likely to trust your brand. 

3- Increase Conversion Rates

More trust + More engagement = Higher conversion rate

This is an equation we just created, but it certainly makes sense. (We are sure it is).

It has been proven that 89% of people are motivated to make a purchase after watching videos explaining products (Hubspot,2023).

Similarly, 68% of marketers argue that videos describing their products generate the biggest ROI (Hubspot,2022). 

4- Gains More Organic Traffic

If you think that creating blogs and articles is the only way to gain organic reach, then you are mistaken. 

Product videos are essential to gain organic traffic and to be highly ranked on SERPs. Not only that product videos occur in separate sections on the result pages, but they also indicate that your website is delivering valuable, relevant content. Thus, your content is more likely to be optimized for search engines. 

Additionally, the more your product videos are interactive and shared by people, the more they will generate organic traffic. 

E-commerce Product Videos Best Practices


1- Know Your Audience

The first thing you need to consider before creating your product video is: Who is going to watch it?

Knowing your audience is essential to create a successful e-commerce product video. This will help you identify the tone of the video, the theme, who is going to talk about your product (if there is any), and the channels in which you will post your video. 

By identifying these aspects, you will be directed toward the first steps of creating an optimal product video. 

2- Identify Your Goals

A vital practice is to identify your goals and KPIs behind your e-commerce product video. 

There are plenty of goals that you might consider while creating your e-commerce product video. For example, your objective might be to increase awareness, and your KPI is the number of views. Also, you might aim to increase conversion rates, sales, or revenues. 

The thing is, you don’t create product videos out of the blue. They have to reflect on your goals and KPIs to assess their success. 

3- Include A Clear Call To Action (CTA)

We are sure that you are aware of the importance of incorporating a clear call to action in all of your marketing efforts and product videos as well. 

When customers watch a video, they are lost and don’t know what to do next. Thus, a clear CTA comes to the rescue to direct customers to the required action. This might be a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or even sharing the video. 

Regardless of the required action, a clear CTA is an essential practice for the success of your e-commerce product video. 

4- Talk About Your Product Features

In your e-commerce product video, you are not just talking about your product and what it does. 

You have to mention your product features, benefits, and how it reflects your customer pain points. In addition, you can mention how your products are better compared to other competitors. 

Simply put, e-commerce product videos are not mere descriptions of your items. If you want to witness astonishing results, you have to deliver value and show benefits. This does wonders with customers.  

5- Include Product Close-ups

You certainly realize at this point that one of the drawbacks of online shopping is that it lacks sensory aspects. So, you have to make this up as much as you can. 

One of the best practices you can focus on is including product close-ups. This will enable your customers to see the tiniest details in your products, hence, increasing brand trust. 

Invest in your visuals to show product details from different angles. This will encourage customers to undoubtedly make a purchase.  

6- Keep It Short

Long gone is the time when people watch 3 minutes ads. Short videos are now the thing. 

Thanks to Tiktok and Instagram reels, people can’t take watching long videos anymore. They prefer short ones that are direct, to the point, and digestible. 

Accordingly, the more your e-commerce product videos are short, the more they will appeal to the largest number of customers. 

So, keep things short and simple. 

Best Examples of e-Commerce Product Videos To Inspire You

Some inspiration is necessary to start creating your e-commerce product videos. So, we have got you covered with some of the best and most simple product videos that can give you some ideas. 

  • Dollar Shave Club


Dollar shave club never fails to grab our attention with its marketing efforts and its product videos are no exception. 

With the minimum amount of money and their CEO as the face of their campaign, dollar shave club was able to accelerate their sales by creating an exceptional product video. 

The key behind the success of the video is that it focuses on the value delivered by using their products and how they beat other alternatives.

In addition, it focused on the brand's distinct personality. Finally, it delivered an irresistible offer which is 1$ per month for blades. Seriously, who doesn't like consistent offers?

This product video went viral and led to a high ROI. We have to say, it was a success. 

  • BarkBox


If you don’t like dogs, then we are having a problem here. 

But let's put the dog matter aside and shed light on one of the best, most interesting, and exciting product videos. Excuse us, but dogs in product videos make us somehow biased. 

Barkbox knew that including a dog in their product video was perfect to deliver their message. In addition, they realized that long videos do not mean better results. Sometimes short videos can be more expressive than longer ones. 

With a jumping dog and a 15 seconds product video, Barkbox was able to effectively deliver its message and showcase the value of its products. 

The video is attractive, interesting, and appealing. Hence, there is nothing needed more than that.  

  • Amazon


Amazon Echo is one of the most popular products for all Amazon visitors. Therefore, to familiarize people with its new edition, Amazon relied on an extremely interesting product video.

It perfectly showed all of the characteristics of its new Amazon echo dot while grabbing people’s attention with attractive visuals. 

  • Ruggable


Want to know what Ruggable is?

You have to check out this 20 seconds video explaining Ruggable and its features through interesting visuals, an explaining voiceover, and our favorite part of the video, a dog. 

There is nothing extra in Ruggable video. But it did the job. 

The short product video talked about the product in a comprehensive, simple, and interesting way. You can easily take some inspiration from Ruggable product videos for your e-commerce. 

Let’s Start Shooting!

Prepare your cameras as we are so ready to start shooting an exceptional e-commerce product video. You now have all the tips and tricks necessary for the success of your product video. So, let’s start working!

But first things first, you will have to check out It is a marketing automation tool that will help in auto-segmenting your customers to achieve your target audience for your product video. 

Don’t hesitate and book your demo now!