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E-Commerce Video Marketing: The Best Way to Effectively Increase sales

You may desire to use video marketing for your business but have no idea how to go about that. You could have read people's testimonies and how they have changed their business journey for the better. Read closely to have a similar story. 

Why is Video Marketing Important in Ecommerce? 

Beyond all doubts, video marketing has become a reliable approach for digital marketers in recent years. It has been effective in different areas such as demand generation, lead generation, account-based marketing, e-commerce, and achieving unexpected results from marketing strategies. However, an important question one should ask is, “Why is a video important in e-commerce marketing?” 

You would agree that a benefit of videos is that they aid communication to the targeted audience. Unlike other approaches, video is the most effective manner you can convey important information to potential customers. More so, statistics prove that the conversion rates are better even as it develops your SEO profile. Now, let us delve in properly. 

  • Videos are captivating 

Why is Video Marketing Important in Ecommerce? 

Graphics capture people's attention, but videos are more effective. Much more than the excitement the videos bring, it helps viewers to learn and retain the accompanying message. Survey boasts a 95% retention level for video viewers compared to 10% of text readers. 

Similarly, it is easier to convince a person using a video. Of course, you cannot engage every potential buyer physically. Videos help to captivate the viewers’ attention as they convey sufficient details about your brand. 

  • Higher conversion rate than other types of content 

Research by Optin Master has it that marketers record more than 65% of leads from their videos. According to WordStream, businesses that employ video marketing experience a 49% faster growth than brands that do not use videos. How is this possible? 

Videos are like card jokers – they can explain a complex discussion in a simple and digestible manner. Hence, it becomes easy for customers to understand even before they get to touch or use the product. 

Also, videos foster connections between businesses and their customers. Watching a video brings trust and a high sense of the credibility of the brand because you can see the face and hear the voice. No doubt, these videos are surefire when it comes to conversion. 

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  • Numerous SEO benefits 

Just like people appreciate videos, the search engine also loves videos. The reason is that people watch them a lot. As a result, they have more clicks than normal texts. 


Also, people spend a lot of time watching videos. Inevitably, they spend a lot of time on your website too. This lengthy dwell time helps Google algorithms to rank your content better and make them available for related search queries. 

According to research by Forrester, a video will make a website rank 50 times more than another without a video. Videos are the real deals. 

How to use video marketing to increase e-commerce sales? 

How to use video marketing to increase e-commerce sales? 

Another important question is, how does video marketing achieve this high efficiency? Definitely, two videos may not yield the same effect. This section explains how your videos can be high-converting and result oriented. 

1- Use videos for advertisement 

Your first consideration for advertising should be uploading your videos as social media ads. That is, you will create videos and use paid distribution on social media platforms. These video ads always have heightened engagement results. 

Facebook is one of the most used social platforms in the world. However, Facebook witnesses more than 8 billion video views daily. People use social media a lot; it only makes sense to take your market to their space via ads using video marketing. 

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Other than Facebook, other top options will help you to promote your videos. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will give you good results. Promoted video ads on Twitter boasts 20% more effective in increasing sales than other types of ad. 

2- Give enough explanation about your products 

The goal of e-commerce video marketing should be to promote your goods, brands, companies, or businesses. You can only achieve this result when you provide enough explanations in the videos. What should be your focus in such a video? 

  • Describe the features of the product. 
  • Convince them of the functionalities and benefits of your products. 
  • Let them know what they would gain and even miss out. 
  • Speak a little about your brand and how consistent your products have always been. 

You can use explainer videos. The video increases the chance of buying your products. According to Forbes, an explain video can assure about 80% conversion rates. Since the videos are persuasive, you can expect viewer’s response to be to patronize your brand. 

3- Speak about customer’s testimonials or reviews 

In as much as you can explain how important an individual needs your products or service, there is more effective when the content is another customer’s review. You can get a happy customer to talk about their experience with you and the value in return. The strategy of customer’s testimonial is simple; it will convince people that you are not only advertising for your profit but that there would get the value for the amount they pay. 

5- Tell a story while marketing your product 

Top companies like Nike or Pepsi often use a story in their videos to market a new product. The endpoint is to make viewers glue to their devices and watch the video till it ends. However, they have successfully marketed their new products or services. As a matter of fact, viewers can get to discuss these storylines on-trend tables or even create a challenge from them. 

Telling a beautiful story shows how creative you can be. Much more, it brings a personal relationship to your audience as they can see beyond the story and know how your product affects them. The stories can be motivational or inspirational – just ensure it is a matter that means much to your audience. 

Even before they begin to patronize you, they will always look forward to your next video. They will develop an improved love for you and will be your fans before they become customers. Of course, they will not stop patronizing you still. Rather, they will always want to be identified with your brand. 

6- Discuss the mission and values of your business 

Sometimes, your video should not only be to sell a product or promote a service. Instead, you can make it about creating awareness about your company. These videos are tagged brand videos as they help to have a better market position. You will stand out amongst your competitors. 

7- Explore demo videos 

Demo videos show how your products work. Viewers can see the features and functionalities of the item in action. You can highlight the features and give tangible explanations about the qualities. 

Most times, demo videos are the best approaches for technical products. Customers can fall back on these videos as tutorials, even after they might have patronized you. 

8- What about Case study videos? 

Just like you can get a happy customer to make a video with you for ads, another strategy is to discuss how the products will help customers. Case study videos are not the same as testimonial videos where another person only vouches for you. 

Case study videos are more persuasive because there are true stories about how they have inculcated your services or gotten better by using your products. This video helps to show the product, its features, and use cases. Also, do not forget to emphasize the results people have gotten from the products. 

Another person who desires the same result will be inspired by these types of videos and will reach out to get a similar experience in their business. 

9- Personalized videos are excellent 

According to McKinsey, personalized videos yield about 94% conversion. Personalized videos help to communicate with your targeted customers. People want to know some faces behind the brands or people they can link the company to. 

It is the reason top companies pay celebrities or top figures in society to be their ambassadors and market their products. Of course, the idea is that viewers can think of a real person, a celeb in this case, as the face of the brand. 

Your story may be different from a small business. However, a personalized story will help people to know that the brand is real. Seeing your face as the CEO will settle the audience minds that they are not collaborating or patronizing an unreal business. 

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As a Wrap; 

e-commerce video marketing is one of the biggest waves in marketing activities. It has been reliable content to showcase products and their high impacts. You can explore the ideas above and even be open-minded to more. 

Are you ready to begin your journey to e-commerce success? Reach ConvertedIn now to get started. Also, you can check out our page to learn more about e-commerce and how your business can be ahead of its competitors. You would be glad and proud of the accompanying efficiency and effectiveness.