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Ecommerce Welcome Email Best Practices With 10 Outstanding Examples

First impressions last for years, and if you don’t get off on the right foot when you first meet someone then it's extremely hard to establish a relationship. Ecommerce welcome emails are just the same, they set the tone for the relationship with your consumer. By sending the right email, you can gain a customer for life. On the other hand, if you skip the welcome emails or send out poorly planned ones you can lose countless potential sales. 

Welcome emails can be hard to get just right, but with the right tips and tricks you can send out emails that get you loyal customers and drastically increase your sales. Keep reading this article to learn how you can grow your eCommerce business by sending the best welcome emails. 

Table of Contents: 

What are Welcome Email?

Welcome Emails

A welcome email is the first touch base you have with a potential customer. It can be a part of an onboarding email marketing campaign or just a standalone email that introduces your brand and welcomes customers. 

These emails are usually sent when a customer first subscribes to your newsletter, or after their first purchase. Many brands don’t give welcome emails the attention they deserve. Let’s look at some facts that will show you why your business should always send welcome emails!

Why Should Your Ecommerce Business Send Welcome Email?

Like any successful or emerging eCommerce business, surely your end goal is increasing sales and revenues. Therefore you need to start that journey by sending welcome emails to your customers. 

Those emails won’t magically increase your numbers, but they will help in many other factors. For instance, welcome emails help you:

  1. Set the right expectations and encourage customers to engage with your channels.
  2. Increase the ROI of your email marketing campaigns. In fact, welcome emails generate 320% more revenue than other types of emails.
  3. Ensure that your customers follow through with their first purchase (studies have shown that 45% of first purchases occur on the first day of customers opting in.
  4. Gain customers’ loyalty and help them feel like they are a part of a community. 
  5. Offer exclusive deals and easily turn website visitors into customers. 

But the real million-dollar question is; are welcome emails really worth the effort? Here are some facts and numbers to help you see for yourself:

  • Welcome emails have over 91% open rate, and they can help increase the unique open rate by 86%. 
  • On average, welcome emails have 4x the open rate and 5x the CTR of any other email type.
  • Also, 84% of B2C welcome emails successfully reach customers’ inboxes worldwide.
  • Users that receive a welcome email engage with the brand 33% more.
  • Lastly, welcome emails can cause a 196% increase in unique click rate. 

10 Outstanding Ecommerce Welcome Email Examples To Inspire You 

To inspire you to kick off your welcome emails, here are some great examples of companies that managed to get their ecommerce welcome emails just right!

1- Firebox Welcome Email

Firebox is an eCommerce company that specializes in unusual gifts, which is clearly seen in their welcome emails. The email shows their brand personality in a fun and cute way. This sets the right expectation for customers and makes their welcome email stand out from hundreds of others customers find in their inboxes. 



2- Helm Boots

As a company that sells high-end products, Helm Boots took a very safe yet reliable approach in their email. The welcome email is reassuring customers to try out their products with minimal risk. They give online shoppers the same luxury that is usually found only in brick-and-mortar stores (trying on the boots). Additionally, the email contains a discount code to nudge customers to make their first order. 


3- Munk Pack Welcome Email

The healthy snacks manufacturing company, Munk Pack, took a unique approach to welcome their potential customers. By using the storytelling method, Munk Pack related to customers and their pain points. This example also highlights the mission and vision of the company without pushing too much for a sale.


4- Lush

Lush sends a very warm, simple, and welcoming email that has a thankful tone. In this example, the company simply thanks the customers for opting in, ask them to read the brand’s story, and showcase their best sellers. The lush welcome email is a great example of how simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication. Welcome-Email-Lush

5- Kate Spade Welcome Email

Another brand that took the thankful and welcoming approach is the luxurious fashion house, Kate Spade. Their welcome email works on making the customer feel special and part of something big. It is also worth noting that the simplicity and the vibrant colors perfectly reflect their branding. 

kate spade

6- InVision 

This email jumps right to the action! As a software company, inVision’s customers need reliable and fast technology solutions. Accordingly, the company includes short tutorial videos in their welcome email, so customers can quickly learn and move to the next step. 


7- Casper Welcome Email

Casper is an ecommerce company that sells an array of sleep products, they send one of the most detailed welcome emails. Their email contains the answer to any question you might have about the company. As it includes who they are, and what customers should expect from their products, and as a bonus, it has an exclusive offer. 


8- RXBAR Welcome Email

RXBAR’s email is a perfect example of a well-organized welcome email. It has multiple sections, each simple and to the point, so customers won’t get confused. Bearing in mind that each section has a unique call to action that just nudges the customer without being too pushy. 

RXBAR welcome email

9- Modkat

Almost every welcome email includes a limited-time offer, but Modkat puts all the focus on the offer. In their welcome email, Modkat highlights its exclusive offer by adding it in clear distinctive letters, just after thanking the customers for signing up. The email also ensures customers that they are purchasing a high-quality product by giving a 30-day trial period.  

Modkat email

 10- Basic Piece

As previously mentioned, welcome emails can be sent as a series of onboarding emails. In fact, studies show that an onboarding campaign can generate around 90% more orders than only one welcome email. 

In this example, Basic Piece sent three eCommerce welcome emails with one theme. The first email is a general thank you and welcomes to our family. Whereas the following email focuses on showcasing the story of the brand and some behind-the-scenes information. The last email features some reviews and finally a discount. Keeping in mind that these emails are all sent within four days, so customers are always engaged with the brand. 

Basic Piece email

Best 10 Practices to Write Welcome Emails that Increase Conversion 

Sending eCommerce welcome email is a delicate art that needs a lot of attention and effort. So they actually send emails that increase your conversion rates, sales, and revenues. There are some practices that have been proven to do just that. For instance, you should:

  1. Introduce your brand, its story, values, mission, and products. 
  2. Have a catchy subject line that reflects the content of your email. 
  3. Clearly state the next steps of onboarding. For example, you can advise your customer to add their preferences or upload all their profile information.
  4. Personalize the email by adding the customer's name and any other information you have in the email and subject line.
  5. Showcase your most popular products, but remember that this is not a promotional email, so keep it minimal and don’t be too pushy. 
  6. Add some ratings, testimonials or other types of user-generated content, in order to provide social proof and reassure customers. 
  7. Show gratitude by thanking the customer for opting in and taking the time to read your emails. 
  8. Include a strong and direct call to action.
  9. Offer a limited-time deal to encourage fast purchases. 
  10. Ensure that your email is optimized for all devices, especially mobile phones. 
Discover Tips And Best Practices For A Successful E-commerce Email Marketing

Why waste time, money, and effort sending ecommerce welcome emails, when you can simply create an automated workflow that sends out the perfect welcome email to each new customer? 

Automating Your Welcome Email

With 76% of users expecting a welcome email immediately after subscribing, it's not only helpful, but it's necessary to automate your welcome emails. There are many tools and marketing systems that can help you do just that. On top of that list comes ConvertdIn; through our marketing operating system, you can:

  • Automate your welcome emails, so they are sent immediately after a user subscribes.
  • Personalize your message, so it includes a customer’s name and preferences.
  • Auto-segment and filter your users to send the best welcome email. 
  • Integrate your emails with SMS. 

Ready to level up your game and send the best ecommerce welcome emails? Request a demo now and one of our marketing automation experts will help you out!