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Best Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Use in 2023

As we all know, the day after Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Thursday in November, is traditionally observed as Black Friday, an annual shopping holiday that has its roots in the United States. The holiday shopping season officially begins on Black Friday.

It’s almost here. This day has long been highlighted on the calendars of both offline and online businesses as a crucial time to increase sales and provide clients with alluring discounts. However, as we move towards 2023, Black Friday offers e-commerce business owners a singular and exciting opportunity unlike any other.

This is because the nature of the marketplace is changing. Several elements, such as the expansion of internet purchasing and the impact of digital marketing, have come together. Online business owners start to put a plan for their black Friday marketing strategy in order to avoid any losses or inconvenience, as well as gain the broadest target audience for their brand online.

Table of contents:

  1. Multi-channel sales approach 
  2. Mobile Optimization
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Interactive Experiences
  6. Data Analytics
  7. Follow-up strategy
  8. Paid ads
  9. Social media influencers
  10. Offer prizes

Let me start by giving you a few significant statistics to help you understand why Black Friday should be on your business calendar.

Important Statistics About Black Friday 

black friday 2023

  • The highlight of Black Friday is online shopping. According to Adobe Analytics, consumers spent a staggering $9.12 billion on Black Friday in 2022, up 2.3% from the previous year. E-commerce marketers must ensure their online stores are prepared for the additional customers as this trend is anticipated to continue in 2023. (Dotdigital,2023)
  • The global cart abandonment rate peaks at 78% during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 
  • According to Dot Digital, the cart abandonment emails have a 34% open rate and a 9% click-through rate. (bloggerspassion,2023)
  • 87.2 million US customers shopped online in 2022, nearly the same as in 2021.

It‘s important to notice that changing customer preferences have transformed Black Friday into an even more vital event for e-commerce enterprises to prosper and flourish. It may be really stressful every year for online businesses to navigate Black Friday, but at the end of this article, you will have a much clearer idea of how to make black Friday work for your online store, and you will feel much less stressed!

Before running your Black Friday sale, you have to take some things into consideration to avoid having unhappy customers. You have to think about what your business is capable of and what you can actually do over that period. You have to make sure that you have the capacity or the manpower to fulfill the size of the sale you do.

What is the ideal time to start your Black Friday sale?

The answer varies from one business to another, but usually, Black Friday discounts will probably start considerably earlier, with prices dropping in late October or early November. The first Monday in November is Cyber Monday. Typically, retailers and brands extend their Black Friday sales through the conclusion of Cyber Monday. Our advice to you is to try to run it as long as you can. 

This gives you enough time to avoid pressure on your team during this period in order to take those sales out quickly; you can also capture demand at a time when clicks may not be as quiet as expensive as they will get over the actual peak period during black friday and cyber Monday.

In other words, you will make the Peak less Peaky and start to have a peak starting from November, so instead of seeing sales massively running just over the black Friday weekend, you are actually coping with this starting from the beginning of November. So start earlier to take advantage of that.

Top 10 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Be at the Forefront of the Market

Black Friday marketing strategies
Black Friday marketing tactics will keep altering in 2023 as a result of shifting consumer preferences and emerging trends. The following are some successful Black Friday marketing strategies for 2023:

1- Multi-channel sales approach 

Create an easy buying experience on all platforms, including social media, mobile, and the web. Make sure all of your messaging, promotions, and prices are consistent to reach and engage with customers. By leveraging multiple sales channels, businesses can increase their reach and accessibility to customers, offering a more convenient and tailored shopping experience. It allows customers to engage with the brand through the channel of their choice, improving customer satisfaction and potentially boosting sales. 

2- Mobile Optimization

Make sure your website and apps are mobile-friendly, given the rising popularity of mobile buying. Include mobile payment alternatives, an adaptable design, and quick loading times. Also, you should focus on simplifying the mobile checkout process by minimizing the number of steps required to complete a purchase. Use auto-fill features and provide clear progress indicators. as well as Optimize your mobile site for search engines to improve visibility in mobile search results.

3- Content Marketing

Create captivating material through content marketing, such as gift guides, how-to articles, and instructional videos. This can promote your products while educating and informing clients.

Sharing valuable information with your target audience will leave a lasting impression, keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds.

4- Email marketing is necessary

Before Black Friday, send your subscribers a series of emails with calls out, reminders, and exclusive early access offers.

An automation tool like Convertedin will help you to automate your marketing emails and send them to the right target audience. This tool combines the best practices of email automation with email segmentation. Hence, this automation system utilizes AI algorithms to segment your customer based on their preferences, past purchase history, and behavior. This helps tailor your marketing messages for different customer segments.

You can go and check the 10 Black Friday Email examples to double your e-commerce sales through this article.

5- Interactive Experiences will give you an edge

Include interactive features like virtual fitting rooms, 360-degree product views, and augmented reality (AR) buying on your website or mobile application. Not only that, it can be the Black Friday Wheel of Fortune, which is a special marketing technique that is enjoyable and thrilling. Your audience can participate interactively, which encourages a high conversion rate.

6- Data Analytics

In order to make immediate modifications to your marketing plan throughout the Black Friday season, continuously track and evaluate data. You should Monitor website and app traffic in real time to detect issues and optimize your site for better user experiences.

7- Follow-up strategy

Set a post-Black Friday Follow-Up strategy. Remind customers to interact with you beyond Black Friday. Provide post-purchase support, solicit comments, and send thank you emails. This is important to maintain loyal customers to your online store.

Moreover, track the performance of your marketing campaigns. Analyze which channels are driving the most traffic and sales. Notably, use data analytics to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, which can be more common during high-traffic events like Black Friday. 

8- Focus on Paid ads

Don’t forget to put  Paid Ads. on top of your black Friday marketing strategy. Paid advertisements do more than just you in converting your website visitors into clients as remarketing evolves.

This type of ad helps to target a certain group of audience you want to target as an online business. In other words, if individuals come to your website and browse a few products before leaving, you have the option to employ remarketing. With this technique, you can display advertisements (featuring similar products) exclusively to that specific group of customers. This explains why you might notice ads for items you've recently viewed on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms.

9- Connect with social media influencers

In the current highly connected environment, utilizing influencer marketing stands out as one of the most effective Black Friday marketing approaches for 2023.

Influencers typically bond closely with their followers, enabling brands to acquire new customers at a lower acquisition cost. It's worth noting that influencer marketing isn't solely reserved for major businesses.

Through partnerships with all types of influencers even small to medium-sized enterprises can expand their audience base for marketing efforts. When devising your Black Friday marketing plan, incorporating an influencer marketing strategy will introduce your business to a broad audience."

10- Offer prizes upon purchase

People enjoy the sense of being appreciated. Providing your customers with a complimentary gift when they make a purchase will encourage them to take action.

Additionally, it fosters a feeling of goodwill that can result in repeat business. Naturally, it's crucial to ensure you're presenting something your customers genuinely desire. It's important to consider your customer demographics when deciding on the appropriate gift.