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Email Segmentation For eCommerce: Why & How To Use

Everything You Need To Know About Email Segmentation For eCommerce
Email Segmentation For eCommerce: Your Ultimate Guide 

Reaching the right audiences for your brand can be quite challenging in today’s crowded markets. With endless marketing strategies, tools, and activities, marketers and brands can get pretty much confused about which method works best for their products. How to maximize your sales, increase your ROI, and enhance your brand awareness and positioning might seem difficult; however, it is not! 

One of the most proven strategies to increase your eCommerce business revenue is Email marketing! To master this you need to know everything that has to do with email segmentation. 

Research has already shown segmented emails drive as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

Moreover, 88% of consumers confirmed opening emails that feel like it is perfectly tailored and personalized for them. To do this, you need to know and study your audience's needs, wants and personal preferences and segment them.

In this article, we will dive deep, giving you sufficient information that can help you increase and maximize your sales and ROI through email segmentation

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What is Email Segmentation For eCommerce?

Email Segmentation For eCommerce

Email segmentation is dividing your email subscribers into groups based on their different characteristics such as: demographics, psychographics, different campaign targeting, and many more criteria. The objective of this is to personalize and tailor the email message to the exact needs of your audience. Because research has proven that emails with personalized subject lines get 26% more opens

“Email segmentation is a powerful email marketing technique to connect and engage with your target audience effectively.”
Lincoln Bernard

eCommerce Email Segmentation Types & Strategies

Segmenting your audience might differ according to the product type, your marketing strategy, the message you are communicating, the objective of the email, and other factors. However, email segmentation can be divided into main categories and each category has its how to and its best practice so that you can get the best results you are searching for. Here are the main types and their strategies:

eCommerce Email Segmentation Types
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1- Email Segmentation Via Demographics

Segmenting your audiences based on their demographics might include collecting data regarding their location, age, job title, gender, job, industry, etc. Knowing this can help you create the right message with the right tone of voice, the right offers, and more to engage and attract your customers.
Studying your customers’ demographics can help you achieve better results, more engagement, and increase your email marketing ROI.

2- Email Segmentation Via Psychographics 

Knowing the background of your customers, where they are coming from, their culture, and more can help you understand how they act, feel, think, react and why they are acting the way they do.

Psychographics has everything to do with individuals as separate persons. Studying the personal behaviors of your customers can help tailor extremely personalized emails for them, which can directly lead to more open rates and conversions.

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3- Email Segmentation Via Behavioral 

Understanding the two previous points will definitely lead to this point. Studying the demographics and psychographics of your audience will result in understanding their behaviors and why they are acting in certain ways, and how you can target those behaviors to convert more. 

Behaviors can include: how they are acting on your website, their purchasing history, email activity, cart abandonment, and more. Other behaviors depend on the type of customer and where they are in their buying journey, such as: loyal existing customers, new customers, users who subscribed to try your products, those who usually purchase too much and too little or those who don’t convert at all.

4- Email Segmentation Via Geographics

This simply has everything to do with your customers' state, county, city, zip code which can lead to knowing everything regarding languages, utility work, weather, currency, and more. Studying your customers’ geographics is super crucial and effective for your brand and email marketing. This can lead to using totally different ways of communication in your emails. It can also result in a more tailored experience.

5- Email Segmentation Via Sales Funnel

This totally depends on the customer's place in the sales funnel; this might be:

  1. Top of the Funnel (ToFu):
    This includes new sign-ups and potential customer inquiries; you can target them with informative emails that promote your brand awareness and showcase your features and benefits.
  2. Mid of the Funnel (MoFu):
    Here you can use offers, attractive deals, and personalized recommendations. 
  3. Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu)
    This includes the consumers who are about to purchase your product and you can perfectly target them with shopping cart abandonment emails.

Benefits of Email Segmentation For Your eCommerce

As we previously said, email segmentation is a pivotal thing in your eCommerce business marketing plan, it can help your business prosper and be the reason why your sales are doubled. Below are some of the benefits that email segmentation offers for your brand: 

1- Increased Brand Awareness

Sending the right emails to potential customers who have previously visited your website even once can turn them from potential to actual customers. According to the Digital Marketing Association, 66% of customers make a purchase as a result of an email marketing message. Moreover, according to Mckinsey, email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers. Hence, you can increase your brand awareness and visibility with the right email segmentation.

2- Increased Brand Engagement

 Personalized emails will lead to more customer engagement and interaction. It can also lead them to take the exact action you want them to take with the right call to action.

3- Increased Brand Loyalty

Email segmentation can be highly efficient and effective in promoting customer trust, satisfaction, and loyalty. These are some of the most important factors that create customer support and advocacy.

4- Fewer Unsubscribes 

With the right email list segmentation strategies, your message should always be relevant and personalized. Hence, this can decrease the number of spam emails and unsubscribe and it can also boost your deliverability and domain trust reputation with fewer email campaigns sent to spam.

5- Better Analyzing & Monitoring

Analyzing the performance of your emails and content can help you in your future marketing plans and strategies. You can know precisely who opens your emails and who doesn’t, and as a result, you can expect the reasons why they don’t and fix them.

You can also focus on the ones that open your emails and target the ones that don’t do by offering them special promotions. This can improve your emails' open rate and click-through.

6- More Customized Offers & Campaigns

A segmented email list will provide you with the exact information of your customers needs, preferences and wants. As a result, you need to start working on customizing offers and personalizing promotions.

7- More Conversions & Sales

With personalized subject lines, appealing call to actions, attractive visuals, and tailored concepts, you can maximize your sales and boost your email conversion rates.

With countless benefits and advantages, you need to set up your email marketing as well as your email segmentation list and enjoy a bundle of heavenly benefits for your brand.

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