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Fashion Email Marketing: Best Practices & Examples To Inspire You

Fashion e-commerce is a tycoon in the online shopping realm. That’s because simply, who does not like to see a jacket online and receive it within a couple of days without any effort? Trust us, the moment you receive your order is a moment of joy. 

However, the magnificence of shopping online for fashion products made it a competitive industry. Hence, you constantly need to be on top of shoppers’ minds to stand out among the fierce competition. 

For this, fashion businesses spend a huge part of their budget on marketing, so they can always be customers’ top choice. The thing is, generic marketing efforts are not highly effective in fierce industries. 

Online businesses have to focus on marketing efforts that are positioned directly in front of their customers and personalized. 

Wondering what is the marketing tool that can get this job done?

Look no further; we have the answer right here for you. It’s fashion email marketing.

We understand how important it is to have successful fashion email marketing campaigns. Thus, throughout our article, we will tell you about fashion email marketing best practices and examples to learn from. 

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Fashion Email Marketing Best Practices 2024

Excited to start implementing fashion email marketing for your e-commerce? So are we! 

But to excel in this marketing strategy, you will have to understand its best practices, which we will tell you all about in the upcoming paragraphs. 

1- Choose A Suitable Email Marketing Tool

First of all, fashion email marketing will not pay off unless you choose a suitable email marketing tool. A suitable one will ensure the automation of your emails and enhanced deliverability. 

Therefore, you can never risk choosing a low-quality email marketing tool, or you will jeopardize the success of your campaigns. 

One of the best tools to incorporate is Convertedin. It’s characterized by ease and convenience as it effortlessly builds personalized email marketing campaigns to increase your ROI. In addition, it creates emails for each campaign for optimal results for online businesses. 

2- Segment Your Audience

A key practice for successful fashion email marketing campaigns is to segment your audience. This will allow you to divide your email list into different segments based on their demographics, preferences, purchasing history, etc. 

Accordingly, you will be able to deliver relevant emails that convert. You don’t want to send your new evening collection to teenagers on your mailing list who are interested in the casual collection. 

You can segment your audience by doing a simple quiz, asking them about their preferences, and gathering some demographic information. 

Also, you can go for a hassle-free option and incorporate a tool that can do it for you. Convertedin, for example, provides an auto-segmentation service for e-commerce. It filters your audience based on their buying behaviors to deliver targeted messages. In addition, the saved segments will be automatically updated with no need for manual reports. 

3- Use Appealing Visuals

A huge part of the success of fashion e-commerce is the appealing visuals. High-quality images and videos are pivotal to encourage viewers to place an order. They just want to look like this model wearing that trendy dress in the image. 

Thus, using appealing visuals in your fashion email marketing campaigns is necessary to drive more sales and for customers to convert. 

Your images have to be of high quality and represent your brand identity too. Hence, customers can easily identify your brand whenever they view your images in their emails. 

4- Use Relevant, Fashionable Subject Lines

We don’t know how to tell you this, but subject lines can make or break your fashion email marketing campaign. 

So, raise the bar, unleash your creativity, and astonish your recipients with mindblowing subject lines. 

This is the first thing they get to see from your emails. In fact, the subject line is what’s going to make the recipients open your emails or neglect them. Thus, your subject line has to be appealing and encouraging to open. 

Take into consideration that customers' inboxes are already flooded with emails. Hence, your subject lines will make your emails stand out. 

Key practices while formulating subject lines are to make them short yet valuable, personalize whenever possible, avoid using spam trigger words excessively, and ignite urgency. 

Most importantly, as we are talking about fashion email marketing, don’t miss out on creating fashionable subject lines so customers can dress to impress ( Copy that for your next email subject line). 

5- Personalize Your Emails

Generally, people love to feel special. One way to do so is to provide them with tailored messages. In other words, to personalize your messages. 

Since we are talking about fashion email marketing, it’s necessary to highlight the importance of personalizing the emails directed to your customers. Such a tactic can be as simple as including the customer’s name in the email. 

Moreover, personalization can be done by sending relevant product recommendations based on browsing history, gender, age, or location. 

Hence, you are ensuring that customers feel that the emails are sent specifically for them, which is exactly what you are aiming to do. This strengthens the connection between customers and your brand. 

6- Provide Value To Customers 

Your fashion email marketing campaigns are not only about selling and being promotional. Instead, you have to provide value to customers in your emails. One way to do so is to include content in your emails. For example, including your blog posts in your emails will provide value to the recipients.

Additionally, tutorials, infographics, videos, or any relevant content that addresses users' pain points and highlights how your products will solve their problems provide value to customers. 

7- Include Storytelling

It’s vital for any business to build a connection with customers. In the past years, an important marketing tactic started to emerge which is storytelling.

Storytelling is a tactic used by marketers to communicate a message to their audience in a narrative, interesting, and compelling way. Thus, customers learn more about your business and build an emotional bond with it. 

Accordingly, in fashion email marketing, you can incorporate storytelling by highlighting the history of your brand, how it all started, and the challenging situations you faced; some BTS look into your designs.

In the fierce competition in fashion e-commerce, such an emotional bond created through storytelling is pivotal. It will assist in building a community for your brand while enhancing brand loyalty.  

8- Retarget Customers Who Abandoned Their Carts

With fashion email marketing, there are no missed chances, especially for those who abandoned their carts. 

One of fashion email marketing's best practices is retargeting customers who abandoned their carts. These customers might still be interested in your products but they had second thoughts about what you offer or got distracted.

Hence, retargeting them will increase your conversion rates and restore the lost revenue. 

9- Incentivize Subscription

You won’t have a strong email marketing campaign without having a relevant email list with interested subscribers. Therefore, a key practice is incentivizing subscriptions by igniting users' interest to be part of your email list. 

For instance, you can provide them with offers and coupons as rewards for subscribing. Most importantly, sustaining your subscribers by sending valuable and relevant emails is crucial to prevent unsubscribing. 

10- Track Email Marketing Metrics

As we always say, if you are seeking success, you have to track your marketing efforts to assess their effectiveness constantly. Fashion email marketing is no exception; it has to be tracked as well. 

You need to focus on the usual email metrics like click-through rate, open rate, bounce rate, and conversion rates. 

The vitality of tracking the performance of your email marketing is to identify if you are on the right track or if your efforts need adjustments. In addition, whether your efforts resonate with customers or not. 

Examples Of Fashion Email Marketing

1- Jack Wills

Examples Of Fashion Email Marketing
We just loved how Jack Wills leveraged cart abandonment emails. They created an emotional bond with the recipients: “ Don’t worry, we got you”. If you got distracted from completing your online purchase, no worries, as Jack Wills got your back. 

Moreover, they raised the bar by including images of the products you left in your cart, with sizes and prices, to encourage users to finalize their orders. Hence, as we said earlier, there are no missed chances. 

2- Off Hours

Off Hours

We just love the back-in-stock emails, especially in fashion email marketing. 

The truth is, it’s a moment of joy for all fashion enthusiasts when they receive an email informing them that the item they have been waiting for is restocked. Accordingly, Off Hours understands the magnificence of this moment. 

On our list of examples of fashion email marketing, Off Hours caught our attention with their back-in-stock emails. Recipients now can get their hands on the products they have been waiting for. 

Additionally, Off Hours incorporated FOMO marketing by highlighting urgency and scarcity so users place their orders promptly. 

What else do we need in a back-in-stock email? 

3-Ann Taylor

Welcome emails are crucial for fashion email marketing campaigns. Hence, Ann Taylor understood the assignment very well. This was evident in their welcome emails. 

They started with personalization by mentioning the name of the recipient at the beginning of the email to create an emotional bond. Most importantly, they welcomed their users with a discount as a reward for joining Ann Taylor’s family. 

Extra cash off, we are so in!

4- Matalan

matalan-Fashion Email Marketing example
Do you know that you can use fashion email marketing for cross-selling?

This is exactly what Matalan did in their emails during the busy back-to-school season. 

They target customers who have already purchased products from Matalan. Accordingly, they offer relevant products to address parents' concerns and a long shopping list at the beginning of the season. 

They included images for relevant products in their emails to encourage parents to place their orders. 

5- ModCloth

Fashion Email Marketing example
Modcloth understands how customers appreciate personalization. Therefore, it created emails made specially for its customers with tailored product recommendations. Not only that, but these special picks can also be yours with a 40% discount. 

This is undoubtedly a jackpot for all online shoppers. They receive an email with product suggestions consistent with their preferences, in addition to some cash-off. 

6- Converse

Fashion Email Marketing example birthday
Converse raised the bar of personalization in its fashion email marketing campaign. It provides special and limited-time offers during customer’s birthday. It’s like you receive your birthday gift from your favorite online brand. 

Such a smart practice by Converse also assists in creating an emotional connection with customers. This undoubtedly contributes to boosting sales and increasing conversion rates. 

7- GymShark

GymShark fashion email
With GymShark, users now get the chance to shop their favorite influencer’s full look. By incorporating fashion email marketing, GymShark sends emails with appealing visuals of a well-known figure wearing their products. 

In addition, they give a brief background about the influencer and how she chose GymShark clothing in its athletic journey. As a result, all athletic recipients become interested in shopping GymShark’s products to get the influencer’s look. 

8- Everlane

Fashion Email Marketing examples

You know what fashion experts talk about wardrobe staples, yet you don’t know what exactly are the items that are considered staples?

Well, Everlane solved this issue. Through its emails, Everlane curated all of the fashion staples that should be found in your wardrobe to create an endless number of outfits. 

Its emails include appealing images for different timeless outfits created with its products. Hence, you get the chance to shop these looks by visiting Everlane’s website. Also, it highlights the value and story behind such an idea with the fact that most people wear only 10% of their wardrobe. 

We have to say that Everlane nailed it in its fashion email marketing campaign. 

9- Kate Spade


Whenever customers subscribe to your mailing list, you shouldn't bombard them with several promotional emails. You can start your journey with a simple thank you email on a good note.

Kate Spade is the perfect example to inspire you. It started with a simple thank you email and it includes everything recipients are expected to receive for being on Kate Spade’s mailing list. 

Also, to incentivize subscriptions, it provided its users with a special discount for subscribing. 

10- Huckberry

Fashion Email Marketing example Huckberry
Remember what we said earlier about storytelling? Huckberry truly impressed us with how they leveraged storytelling in their fashion email marketing. 

They started with a message from the founders highlighting how it all started and the history of their business. We have to say, it’s one of the best examples of welcome messages sent by fashion brands. It helps in building an emotional connection while getting to know more about the brand. 

Also, they made a section of Andy’s picks to highlight the founder’s favorite products so customers can purchase them. 

Wondering how to include storytelling in your emails, Huckberry will undoubtedly inspire you. 

Let’s Shoot These Emails!

Fashion email marketing is pivotal for businesses to target their customers directly and to build stronger connections with them. In the competitive e-commerce landscape, it’s crucial for online businesses to seek to enforce their relations with their customers constantly, and this is exactly what fashion email marketing does. 

With the best practices mentioned in our article and examples to follow, you are all set to ace fashion email marketing. 

To transform the performance of your fashion commerce through email marketing, you have to work with Convertedin. Its automated email marketing campaigns will effortlessly maximize your ROI. Also, it enables your business to create different campaigns for each activity. 

Hence, it’s a chance you don’t want to miss. 

So, book your demo now!