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Top 10 SMS Strategies To Follow For Driving E-Commerce Conversions

There is a misconception that SMS marketing belongs to the past. Yet, we are here for a controversial opinion which is SMS marketing never gets old. In fact, it’s able to go through the clutter and noise better than many other marketing strategies. 

It’s so hard for customers not to notice an SMS. So, that’s your sign to embark on it. 

Let’s break it down to make things clear. 

SMS marketing is the usage of text messages as a marketing tool to increase sales, build brand awareness, and send promotions. 

A study has shown that SMS marketing has an open rate of 82% (Finances Online, 2023). Likewise, 48% of shoppers preferred SMS as the tool to receive loyalty updates from brands.

Accordingly, SMS marketing is essential for better performance for your e-commerce. Hence, we will tell you the best SMS marketing strategies for e-commerce to maximize your sales and conversion rates. 

Top SMS Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Brands

  1. Identify Your Goals
  2. Create Your Subscriber List
  3. Add Value to Your SMS
  4. Send Compelling Messages
  5. Personalize Your Messages
  6. Identify Buyer Journey Stages
  7. Automate Your SMS Campaigns
  8. Incorporate FOMO Marketing
  9. Consider Timing And Frequency
  10. Measure The Success Of Your Campaign

After knowing the significance of SMS marketing, we will shed light on the most important SMS strategies you should focus on in your e-commerce marketing strategy. 

1- Identify Your Goals

First things first, you should start by identifying your goals. What are you aiming to reach through your SMS marketing? 

Is your goal to reduce the cart abandonment rate, welcome new users, share product updates, share promotions and discounts, or increase engagement? 

This is one of the most crucial SMS strategies you should work on in your e-commerce. It acts as a guide for your SMS marketing, the type of message to be sent, and how to measure the performance. 

2- Create Your Subscriber List

Well, your SMS won’t be sent out of the blue. You must have a group of subscribers and create a subscribers list that will be targeted by your messages. 

Therefore, if you are aiming to incorporate SMS marketing into your e-commerce, you have to gather customers’ mobile numbers to send them text messages. 

You can ask for mobile numbers after order completion or through a pop-up message that occurs during shopping on your website. 

Creating an optimal subscriber list is crucial for the success of your SMS marketing. 

3- Add Value to Your SMS

sms marketing add valueImage source:

A vital SMS strategy that is often neglected by online businesses is adding value to your message. 

You have to keep in mind that your SMS has to be of great value to your customers, or else it won’t achieve its intended objective. Hence, don’t send random messages. Instead, send an SMS that mentions flash sales, special offers, product updates, loyalty programs, or information important to customers. 

As a result, you will ensure that shoppers become more engaged with the text messages sent by your online business.  

4- Send Compelling Messages

We believe that even though SMS messages penetrate through the noise, it’s still a one-time shot. This means that you have to do whatever it takes to grab the user’s attention as soon as the message is sent or you will risk the message being unseen. 

Therefore, sending compelling messages is a necessary SMS strategy that includes various aspects. 

Include an offer that can’t be missed by customers; hence, incentivize purchase. Never miss adding a clear call to action to attain desirable outcomes. Last but not least, make sure your text is consistent with your brand tone and personality, and why not add a bit sense of humor? 

5- Personalize Your Messages

Personalization, personalization. We will never stop talking about it and its huge impact on any of your marketing efforts. 

Therefore, personalization is undoubtedly on our list of the most important SMS strategies.

Generic messages are not a thing anymore, and SMS is no exception. Hence, you can personalize your message by mentioning the customer’s name or referring to their previous purchases. 

This will resonate with shoppers as the message is tailored based on their behavior and purchase history. Thus, this will increase conversion rates.   

6- Identify Buyer Journey Stages

A key SMS strategy is to identify the stage of your buyer’s journey. It goes without saying that each stage requires a different message. 

Therefore, you have to tailor your SMS to suit the stage of your customer during their buyer’s journey. For instance, customers at the awareness stage will need a different message than customers at the decision stage. 

7- Automate Your SMS Campaigns

sms marketing automation

We bet you have noticed by now that we are in the era of automation. 

We are not exaggerating when we say that literally everything is being automated. This reduces a huge hassle and makes SMS marketing burden-free. 

Therefore, a winning SMS strategy you have to incorporate is SMS marketing automation. It allows you to send text messages at pre-determined timings or after certain triggers encountered by shoppers. 

For example, when a new customer subscribes to your email list, this can act as a trigger to send welcome messages to this customer. Likewise, cart abandonment messages can be sent after shoppers leave products in their carts. 

We are not psychics, but we are pretty sure you are now thinking about an automation tool. 

So, Convertedin is your go-to.

Convertedin SMS marketing automation tool delivers personalized and automated SMS campaigns to increase CTR by more than 50%. In addition, you will be able to nurture your current customer relations by using automated SMS campaigns. 

8- Incorporate FOMO Marketing

FOMO marketing is a marketing tactic used by businesses to encourage customers to purchase your products and services or they will be losing something great.

So, why not incorporate FOMO marketing in your text messages? 

This can be done by incorporating a sense of urgency and scarcity in your SMS. Accordingly, customers will have the urge to take action immediately or they will be losing a catch. 

Statements like “For only 24 hours” or “ Few items left on sale” can do the job and do wonders for your e-commerce. 

9- Consider Timing And Frequency

One of the most important SMS strategies is constantly considering the timing and frequency of your text messages. 

SMS can be a double-edged weapon. It penetrates noise and has a high chance of being noticed compared to other marketing tools. However, when not done professionally, it can be intrusive and can backfire. 

Accordingly, to avoid such a backfire, you have to consider the timing and frequency of your messages. 

It is certain that customers wouldn’t want to know about your discounts 2 times in the morning. Choosing the right timing will ensure being seen by customers and will maximize results. So, generic timings are no longer an option. 

In addition, you will have to calculate the frequency of the messages sent. Just make sure to send enough messages to stay on top of customers’ minds while at the same time not too many messages to piss them off. 

So, some studies view that 4-6 messages a month might solve this equation.  

10- Measure The Success Of Your Campaign

One final SMS strategy you should never ignore is measuring the success of your campaign. 

You have done all the work, and now is the time to assess its effectiveness and success. This can be done by measuring metrics like conversion rates, revenues generated, click-through rates, and open rates. 

Measuring your campaigns will enable your e-commerce to identify any deficiencies and start optimizing them. 

We have good news: Convertedin can effortlessly handle this strategy for you. 

It measures the performance of every single SMS you send by using real-time analytics for enhanced results and higher ROAS. 

Let’s Start Texting!

This is your sign to start sending SMS to your customers. And with the strategies we have mentioned, you are more than ready to nail it. 

So, prepare your subscribers list and check an SMS tool to make things easier for you. By speaking of SMS tools, Convertedin is certainly the perfect choice. 

With its automated, personalized SMS campaigns and real-time analytics, you are certainly on the right track. 

So, don’t miss it out and book your demo now!