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Grow Your Retail Business With Omni Channel Marketing

Grow Your Retail Business With Omni Channel Marketing

With over 2.14 billion online shoppers worldwide, it is normal for offline businesses in the retail industry to create their online stores as digital transformations help expand sales channels, reach a wider audience, and maximize overall revenue.

However, the important question is how to ensure you reach these benefits. How to make sure your online presence helps in growing your business?

Well, it all lies within "Omni channel marketing."

Table of Contents:

What Is Omni Channel Marketing?

Omni channel marketing is the act of launching marketing campaigns across all marketing channels and platforms to sell products and services to customers or potential ones.

These channels can be online, like websites, applications, social media, email, SMS, etc., or offline, like retail stores, events, etc.

Omni channel marketing revolves around "personalization," which means that your brand's messages, throughout the funnel, are based on your customers' needs and the channel they prefer to communicate through. 

It is all about the customer journey!

Benefits of Omni Channel Marketing

Increase the customer lifetime value

Omni channel marketing is about personalizing marketing campaigns, reaching out to customers and potential prospects through various channels, and improving customer experience. So, it is no wonder that Omni channel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel

Uplift conversions

Marketing your products or services with campaigns built according to your customers and lookalike audience preferences encourages them to purchase from you, thus boosting conversions.

Because they can find what they are looking for through the channel of their choice at any time. 

Maximize revenue

According to, retailers who don't sell on multiple channels miss out on up to 30% of sales!

This is a natural outcome. When you promote your products to your potential prospects on their preferred channels, you will make it easier for them to buy from your store, and accordingly, your revenue will gradually increase.

Boost customer retention

Omni channel marketing doesn't only enable you to acquire new customers but to retain older ones as well.


Because it helps you stay tuned with your customers' needs, it allows you to launch campaigns based on their buying history, thus increasing their loyalty to your brand and improving retention.

Challenges of Omni Channel Marketing

Requires technical support

Omni channel marketing means that technical support needs to be available 24/7! Because you need to develop the front and back ends simultaneously for a smoother customer experience.

Consumes money and time

Complex technical solutions mean vast financial resources because you will always need experienced software engineers at your request. Also, it means taking your time and energy to work on it for effective results.

Needs continuous team communication

For successful Omni channel marketing, teams responsible for different marketing channels or platforms need open communication. They must be in line to launch effective campaigns and cater to customers' needs.

How to Build an Omni Channel Marketing Strategy?

Creating an Omni channel strategy requires hard work; that's why you need the following tips to help you build a successful one:

  1. Omni channel marketing strategy is all about customer data, so you must analyze your data carefully (like buying history and feedback) to understand your customers, their needs, and preferred channels.
  2. To ensure a more personalized experience, you must target your messages, which is why you need to segment your customers.
  3. The mobile e-commerce market is estimated to reach 41.6% of total e-commerce sales by the end of 2022, and that's why you need to optimize your online store for mobile.
  4. Testing is the key! It would help if you kept testing different campaign components, whether messages, headlines, timings, etc. Testing will help you determine which campaigns work with which types of customer segmentation.

Use Convertedin for a Hassle-Free Marketing Experience

Yes, Omni channel marketing is a guaranteed way to convert new customers, keep old ones, boost revenue, enhance customer experience, and scale your online business. However, its challenges can be a bit overwhelming, and that's why Convertedin is the best solution for smoother marketing.

Instead of doing a whole strategy, hiring team members to run different platforms, spending time and money, and monitoring your campaigns' performance, Convertedin will do the part for you.

With Convertedin, Omni channel marketing has never been easier! You can automate and launch personalized ads, SMS, and email marketing campaigns. Also, you can use its product recommendation engine for better cross-selling.

Moreover, you can control all of your campaigns and monitor their performance from one dashboard.

And what else would you need for your business than a marketing operating system that does it all?

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