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How To Promote Your Shopify Store Without Exceeding Your Budget

In 2021, Shopify stores were able to sell products valued at $157.4 billion. How much did your store contribute to that? Opening a Shopify store may be somewhat easy but growing it and making good money is the real challenge.

There are multiple tactics and platforms you can use to promote your Shopify store. To make it simple for you, we gathered some of the best ways you can use to promote your Shopify Store at the lowest cost. 

Table of Contents:

Top 6 ways To Promote Your Shopify Store With The Lowest Cost

Promote your shopify store

You probably already know all the basics, like segmenting your customers and choosing the right channels to use accordingly. There are also email marketing, SMS, and loyalty programs, all of these are great ways to promote any type of business. However, to truly stand out and stay on top of the competition, you have to go the extra mile and use the following methods and don’t worry these ways to promote your Shopify store won’t get out of hand and exceed your marketing budget!

1- Get your products reviewed

User-generated content tends to be much more trusted than whatever your brand says in a campaign. But you can’t just wait for the content especially reviews to pour in on their own, so you should send some products to social media influencers and bloggers to review them. 

Don’t mistake that as influencer marketing that will cost you some big bucks and won’t be that authentic. In this case, you should contact people who already review relevant products and offer to send them free items from your store in return for an honest review. Who knows, maybe you even get lucky and get reviewed by a renowned outlet like Buzzfeed! 


You can also encourage existing customers to leave reviews in your post-purchase emails. Although this won’t have immediate results, it could be highly beneficial in promoting your Shopify store and increasing sales in the long run.

2- Create valuable content 

A great way to promote your Shopify store and increase sales is to offer value outside of the products. Create high-quality content that demonstrates your expertise and position you as a market leader. 

For example, if your Shopify store sells apparel, then you can create some videos on styling, or if you sell technological devices, then you can post some blogs about the right ways to use them. The most important thing to remember, no matter what type of content you are creating is that your content should be original, based on concrete data, and interesting. 

3- Encourage word of mouth 

How can you encourage word of mouth? Well, that’s simple by having a referral program, customers will rush to get the word out and promote your Shopify store! 

There are many ways to set up a strong referral program; the most important thing is offering the right incentive. For instance, if someone needs to get you 3 sales to get a 5% discount, they won't go through all that trouble. Whereas, if you are offering a reward worth their while, many customers will refer you to everyone they know. Word of mouth marketing

4- Optimize your website (SEO)

Nowadays, everyone googles their way through life; therefore google has to know you well for your business to succeed. How can you make that happen? By optimizing your website using SEO tactics, you can promote your Shopify Store by becoming one of the top-ranking pages in keywords relevant to your business. 

The best way to start your SEO journey is to focus on long-tail keywords, publishing optimized blogs, and getting backlinks from high-authority websites. On the other hand, you should stay away from posting irrelevant content, keyword stuffing, and targeting irrelevant keywords. Needless to say, there are many other dos and don’ts in the realm of SEO, these are just here to help you get rolling! 

5- Be on discount websites

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Everyone wants to save their hard-earned money and get good products in the cheapest way possible. By joining discount websites, you promote your Shopify store and increase sales. 

Even if your target audience is not primarily on those websites, joining can increase brand awareness, and it won’t cost you anything (most of these websites only charge you after a sale). 

6- Promote your Shopify store locally

All eCommerce businesses sometimes lose focus on those who are right next to them. It doesn’t matter if you have global shipping and you have customers from all over the world; you still have to promote your store locally! 

Your store can gain popularity in your community by joining local events, offering free delivery for locals, getting interviews in the local press, and getting listed on Google Business Profile. Standing up for a cause can also be a great way to be an active part of your community, but try to choose wisely a cause that is relevant to the products you sell. 

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Now that you have learned some of the top methods to promote your Shopify store, it’s time to find you some tools that will make the job easier! In 

Which Are The Best Tools to Use In Promoting Your Store?

Depending on which route you plan to promote your Shopify store, you should choose tools to help you. But for now, let’s take a look at some of the best tools that will help you in the previous tactics and proved to be successful with other Shopify stores! 

1- SEO Tools


To get the keywords you need for optimizing your website and get insights about your website’s domain status, you can use 

  • Moz
  • Semrush
  • SEO Booster
  • Ahrefs

All these tools need monthly-paid subscriptions to take full advantage of their features. However, there are some free features in Moz and SEO Booster to get you started. 

2- Content Tools


As previously mentioned, to promote your Shopify store through content marketing, the content should be original and in something you are already an expert on. Accordingly, these tools can only help you perfect your content;

  • Hemingway Editor (free tool)
  • Buzzsumo (free and paid options)
  • Grammarly (free tool)
  • Vimeo Create video maker (free and paid options)
  • Promo Video Maker (creating videos is free, but you will have to pay to download them)

3- Visuals Tools (graphic design and Videos)

graphic design

Ideally, you have someone with graphic designing expertise on your team to help you create high-quality visuals. However, that’s not always the case, so if you don’t have a professional graphic designer, these tools can be your designer! 

  • Canva 
  • Piktochart 
  • Snappa
  • Design Wizard 

All these tools have free and paid versions, you can try them all out using the free version, then invest in a paid version in the one you like best! 

4- Automation Tools

Marketing automation may be the most important out of all the previous points we have covered. With tools like ConvertedIn, you can automate all your marketing efforts, including:

  • Email and SMS marketing campaigns 
  • Paid social media campaigns (on numerous platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok)
  • Auto-segment your customers
  • Recommend personalized products 

Ready to promote your Shopify store and become the best in the market? Book a demo now and let our experts help you out! 

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