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Maximize Your E-commerce Sales through Facebook Dynamic Ads

Now, you can reach the target audience that exactly matches your brand and influence them to take the right action easily, such as: purchasing the products you are selling in your e-commerce store via Facebook dynamic ads.

Know your shoppers’ touch points, attract new customers, Retain potential and old clients, get the right exposure for your brand and enhance your ROI. 

Facebook dynamic ads have made it easier than ever for businesses to advertise the right products to the right people at the right time and place. On the other side, clients crave to only see what they are interested in and what relates to them.

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Read this article to know everything you need to boost your e-commerce sales with Facebook dynamic ads.

What are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

How do Facebook Dynamic Ads work For E-commerce

Facebook Dynamic Ads are ads that automatically and dynamically show content, images, products, and services that are perfectly tailored to the needs, interests, and demands of your audience.

With the use of machine learning and AI, dynamic ads adjust your created ads with specific products to a specific audience, especially if you have a wide range or large variety of products. This eases the process of tailoring ads for e-commerce businesses and ensures that each user is exposed to the exact product he is searching for. 

E-commerce businesses don’t have to constantly worry about composing individual ads for each and every product they sell. They don’t need to bother anymore about creating ads that will generate sales and achieve conversions without wasting their budget.

How do Facebook Dynamic Ads work For E-commerce?

Facebook dynamic ads can look a lot like other Facebook ads. However, instead of setting up hundreds of manual ad sets, you create your Facebook Product Catalog and build up your campaign only once, and it will proceed for as long as you demand.

Dynamic ads do the hard work for you finding the right audience for each item and showing people your up-to-date products that match their passion whether or not they have been on your website or app before. Facebook dynamic ads aid in driving sales and conversions to your e-commerce website or mobile application using personalized user experience recommendations for every single item in your product catalog.

After creating the product catalog, businesses can create an ad template that uses all the updated product information directly from your Facebook product catalog.

Facebook dynamic ads can be a carousel, single image, or collection ad format. It is up to you to choose whether you want your creative ad to be an overlay or a promotion to inspire people to take action. 

Facebook Dynamic Ads Targeting Options


In an ad saturated community, customers can lose focus and forget about your e-commerce business or products. Hence, you need to always keep an open eye on how to perfectly target or retarget consumers that are searching for what you are offering. Facebook dynamic ads offer two targeting options that you can use during the purchasing journey of your audience:

1- Facebook dynamic ads for a broad audience

These ads will reach people who don’t know about you or didn’t visit your store before, yet they have shown interest in similar products or services categories. 

2- Facebook dynamic ads for retargeting

These ads will reach people who have shown interest in any of your products on your website, however, they didn’t purchase or complete the action. These ads are perfect for encouraging potential purchasers to be actual ones.

Are Dynamic Ads Effective for E-commerce? 

Are Dynamic Ads Effective for E-commerce? 

Facebook dynamic ads are actually a lot more effective than regular ads with a possibility to increase your products’ sales efficiency by 19%. As a rule of thumb, if you have diverse products or services in your e-commerce business, you have to seriously consider using Facebook dynamic ads. 

Here are some benefits of using Facebook dynamic ads for your e-commerce:

  • Create perfectly tailored, personalized, relevant, and unique ads that automatically reach the precise audience.
  • Build automated campaigns that unceasingly optimize and advertise all of your e-commerce products without having to bother about each ad in particular.
  • Retarget potential clients who have previously shown enthusiasm about your offerings to reinforce their purchasing decision.
  • Reach and attract new shoppers that are seeking identical products or services to yours with usage of broad audience targeting. 
  • Decrease the budget spent on your ads and increase your campaign’s ROI with the automated dynamic ads which directly lead to higher ROI for your e-commerce.
  • Boost your e-commerce sales and conversions by using the personalized approaches that the Facebook dynamic ads communicate with. 

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Requirements For Setting Up Your Facebook Dynamic Ads

Follow the steps below to set up your dynamic ads and maximize your e-commerce business conversions:

  • Create a product catalog with all the products or services you are promoting. A catalog should include all the needed information; pricing, images, description, and availability. You can create sets to control which types of items appear in your ads.
  • Set up your Facebook pixel on your website or the SDK on your mobile app to be able to measure and optimize the actions taken by your audience.
  • Connect your Facebook pixel or SDK to your catalog so that dynamic ads can use and tailor your products for the right audience who have previously shown interest in your website.
  • Build up your dynamic ad for your products using Ads Manager.

Tips to Improve Your Product Recommendations in Catalog Ads

collection ads

Advance and promote your e-commerce product catalogs via the upcoming tips and tricks:

  • Make sure there are no errors in Facebook pixel or product catalog.
  • Beware of any out-of-stock products and regularly update your catalog. 
  • Include prices and availability for each product. 
  • Choose eye-catching, visually appealing, and attractive images for your products.
  • Make sure your products’ images are in the following sizes:
    For the single product ad: ratio 1.91:1, 1200 x 630 pixels. For the carousel product ads: ratio 1:1 (square), 600 x 600 pixels. 
  • Always ensure that the language and keywords you are using perfectly match your target audience search terms.
  • Vary and diversify your products as much as you can. The larger the product set, the better your conversions and sales will be with.
  • Organize your product with custom labels, such as: “Bestsellers”, “Summer Collection”, “Special Offers” … etc.
  • Optimize your product feed by removing unprofitable products.
  • Be sure you chose the right and most relevant goal so that your product recommendations would be targeted accurately. It is usually better to choose lower-funnel actions, such as Purchase and Registration, rather than View content or Add to Cart.

Final Thoughts: Automate your ads

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