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Top 11 Snapchat Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

Are you looking for ways to engage with your biggest fans and most loyal customers? Then Snapchat is where you need to be! 

Snapchat has been around for years, but many businesses overlook this outstanding marketing channel as it doesn’t provide the same classic experience as other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, if you choose the right Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses, you can easily become the number one online store in your market! 

To help you launch the best Snapchat campaigns and grow your eCommerce business, in this article we will share with you the top Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses.

Table of Contents: 

Top 11 Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses 
  1. Create your own filter and Geofilter 
  2. Offer behind-the-scenes tours
  3. Snapchat takeover (influencer marketing)
  4. Run contests 
  5. Use Snapchat AR
  6. Customize messages with Geo stories 
  7. Showcase social proof 
  8. Experiment with Ads
  9. Create a custom Snap game 
  10. Have exclusive deals for Snapchat users
  11. Snapchat Q&A

Top 11 Snapchat Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

Snapchat is well-known for its popularity with younger generations. In fact, almost half of the platform’s users are 15-25 year olds. This means that creativity and fun are your best practices on Snapchat. 

But is that all? Of course not!

There are hundreds of strategies that you can use to promote your online store through Snapchat! So, let’s take a look at the top 11 Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce that can help you grow your business. 

1- Create your own filter and Geofilter 

The most famous feature of Snapchat is the filters but did you know that you can create a filter to promote your brand with zero expenses? Creating a Snapchat filter is 100% free and it's a great method to engage with your customers! 

Also, there are Geofilters, which are basically filters available for a specific location and certain time frame. However, these filters are a paid form of advertisement. You can use them to promote an event or an exclusive offer you have for one of the areas you operate in. 

In a nutshell, filters are for increasing brand awareness all around the world, while Geofilters are for promoting something specific in a certain location. 

2- Offer behind-the-scenes tours

 behind-the-scenes tours snapchat Marketing Strategies

Customers love to feel that they are a part of a larger community, and you can easily offer them that by putting on Snapchat some behind-the-scenes content. This can be anything from your team working on your products to events planning or maybe just fun stuff happening in your office. 

It doesn’t really matter what type of behind-the-scenes content you are sharing as long as it is authentic and rightfully represents your brand. 

3- Snapchat takeover (influencer marketing)

There are many ways to leverage influencer marketing in Snapchat, and on top of that list comes Snapchat takeover. This is one of the Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce, where you let an influencer take over your Snapchat for a day. 

Like Geofilters, the Snapchat takeover strategy is best used for promoting something specific like an event or a new product launched on your online store. 

Bear in mind that like any other type of influencer marketing, you should not just go for a big name. Instead, you should be collaborating with an influencer that already provides content relevant to your brand. 

4- Run contests on Snapchat

One of the best and easiest Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce to engage customers is running contests. You can run a contest on Snapchat simply by asking your customers to take a certain photo or video, tag your Snapchat account, and offer winners one of your products as a gift. 

This is a very easy way to engage with your customer base, create hype over your eCommerce businesses or products, and increase brand awareness (participants’ friends will see their stories). 

5- Use Snapchat AR

snapchat AR

Another great feature you can utilize in your Snapchat eCommerce marketing is augmented reality (AR). This feature allows you to integrate 3D effects and characters into your stories. 

Why is that one of the top Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce? Simply because it offers a unique experience that customers can’t enjoy on any other platform. It is also important to note that the AR Snapchat feature is one of the easiest ways to go viral on the platform. 

6- Customize messages with Geo stories 

A Snapchat Geo story is a story that is only available in a certain location. This feature can be used if you are running an exclusive promotion in a certain area or if you just want to show different content depending on the customer’s location. 

Additionally, Geo stories can benefit you in reaching local customers or promoting any events you are participating in (online or in real life). 

7- Showcase social proof 

Social proof or user-generated content is a great way to highlight your eCommerce business’ true value and impact. You can use reviews from influencers or just random customers that highlight their experience with your products. 

This is considered one of the top Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce as it brings a level of authenticity you can never reach with any other strategy. 

8- Experiment with Ads

Snapchat ads for ecommerce

You can reach tremendous results with only the free options of Snapchat but ads can take you to a whole other level. Snapchat offers many types of ads, so depending on your goals, you can choose the most suitable type. 

In general, Snapchat ads help you reach the right customers according to their location, preferences, age, and language.

Learn more about Snapchat Ads: How To Grow Your eCommerce Business Using Snapchat Ads.

9- Create a custom Snap game 

Gamifying shopping experiences is always a great success, so why shouldn’t your marketing efforts also be gamified? A couple of years ago, Snapchat introduced games on its platform that users can enjoy with their friends. 

By offering a game on Snapchat, you will be promoting your eCommerce business in a fun and interactive way. 

10- Have exclusive deals for Snapchat users

Worked on many Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce, and now you have a large number of followers? It’s time to take advantage of that and introduce some exclusive deals to your loyal followers! 

This is a straightforward strategy to incentivize followers to convert into customers. On any platform, you will have some followers that enjoy your content but have never made an order. By having exclusive promotions, you give them that extra push to convert. 

11- Snapchat Q&A

The last one of the top Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce we will discuss is having Q&A sessions on your account. This is a great marketing tactic as it engages customers for a long period. 

First, you set a date for your Q&A and ask followers to send in their questions; maybe follow that with a reminder to send their questions. Then using Snapchat stories you can answer all your customers’ questions. 

Also, this strategy can be integrated with the Snapchat takeover strategy by getting an influencer to represent your brand and answer your followers’ questions. 

Why Should You Use Snapchat Marketing For eCommerce?

While the Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce we mentioned are not that hard to work on, they will still need time, money, and effort. So, is it worth it? We believe it is, but take a look at these numbers and decide for yourself! 

  • On average Snapchat users open the app 30x a day, keeping in mind that Snapchat currently has 363 million active users per day. 
  • 4 out of 10 Snapchat users reported that they discover brands through the platform. 
  • Around 30 million Snapchat users play Snap games each month. 
  • Over 60% of Snapchat active daily users engage with the AR filters (more than 200 million). 
  • Snapchat is the 9th most active social media platform globally. 

In addition to those promising statistics, Snapchat can help you grow your eCommerce business through:

  1. Increasing brand awareness and engagement 
  2. Reaching Gen Z and young millennials 
  3. Connecting with loyal customers 
  4. Driving sales 

Final Thoughts 

Snapchat is a powerful platform that can help you uplevel your game and stay ahead of the competition. To run a successful marketing campaign on Snapchat you have to set the right objectives, test different strategies, and keep track of your results. But most importantly, remember to have fun with your Snapchat campaigns, and you will get the best results! 

It is also worth noting that whether you decide to use one, two, or all the Snapchat marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses that we discussed, you can do that easily using a marketing operating system like ConvertedIn. This can help you in:

  • Automating your Snapchat ads
  • Having integrated marketing campaigns across all your social media platforms
  •  Auto-segment your customers, so you can easily use the Snapchat Geo features (Geo stories and Geofilters)

Besides that, a marketing operating system can generally help you in automating all your marketing efforts. Book your demo now and learn how to grow your eCommerce business in the easiest way!