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Pinterest for E-commerce in 2024: Top Strategies, Statistics & Examples

Did you know that Pinterest is Shopify store owners' 2nd most popular referral traffic source?

For years, e-commerce businesses have ignored the obvious potential for growth they can get from being active on this platform. But if you truly want to uplevel your game this year, you must acknowledge the importance of using Pinterest for E-commerce in 2024.

What? Why? And how? That’s what we will answer today. 

In this blog, we will shed light on the top strategies to use on Pinterest in the upcoming year. And as a bonus, we will throw in some of the most inspiring examples of E-commerce companies successfully using the platform! 

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Why is it Beneficial to Use Pinterest for E-commerce in 2024?

Pinterest for E-commerce in 2024

Before we tell you how to master Pinterest for E-commerce in 2024, let’s take a minute to see why you should. 

There are many reasons why Pinterest can benefit your marketing efforts, raise brand awareness, and increase sales. For instance, do you know that Pinterest is/has:

  • Highly visual platform, allowing you to showcase your products in innovative and appealing ways. 
  • Search engine, as many people use the platform to search for new products or look up reviews. 
  • Millions of users help you reach a wider audience actively searching for products.
  • These are tools that offer you deep insights and ease the whole marketing process on the platform for you. 

You don’t seem convinced. So, let’s take a look at some statistics that will help you make up your mind about Pinterest for E-commerce in 2024! 

Important Pinterest Statistics 2024

We already told you that Pinterest is the 2nd most popular referral traffic source for Shopify store owners, but did you know that:

Now that you are convinced that your annual marketing plan for 2024 has to include Pinterest on it, let’s take a deep dive into some statistics that will help you out in planning. 

Enough with the why Pinterest for E-commerce in 2024, it is time for the how! 

Top Pinterest Strategies to Use for E-Commerce in 2024 

To get the most out of Pinterest for E-commerce in 2024, you should:

1- Add AR-Enabled Try On Pins

Pinterest AR

A couple of years ago, Pinterest started allowing customers to try on makeup products using AR technologies. In 2022, the platform also introduced AR Try On Pins for furniture and house decor. 

So, if your E-commerce business has products that fall into those categories, don’t forget to enable the AR option. 

And keep an eye out, who knows what other products can be added in 2024! 

2- Help other brands out (complementary Pins)

By sharing other brands' Pins, you will get to be more active on Pinterest, humanize your E-commerce brand, and show that you actually care about customers or potential customers having the best experience. 

Simply put, it shows that you are not just there to sell your own products and call it a day.

But to do all that, you must carefully choose Pins that complement your products. 

3- Live in the Trends Page 

Do you know the Pinterest Trends page? You can live there rent-free! 

Ok, more seriously, through the Trends Page, you can learn all about the top trends in your selected region and plan your content accordingly. 

You can even introduce new products, bundles, or campaigns by studying these trends. 

4- Allow customers to ‘Shop the Look’ 


The platform allows you to add a “Shop the Look” pin to your images, which allows customers to shop from your online store without leaving Pinterest. 

Needless to say, this simplifies the process for customers and encourages them to place an order quicker. 

5- Optimize your descriptions 

SEO is not just for blogs and website pages anymore; you also need to choose your words carefully and optimize when writing descriptions on Pinterest. With the right keywords, you can dramatically increase traffic to your Pinterest page and website. 

6- Create co-owned boards with influencers 

Influencer marketing doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, especially on Pinterest. By creating co-owned boards with relevant influencers, you will easily reach their audience and increase engagement. 

7- Get customers on board

Don’t stop with influencer boards, but also get customers on board (pun intended honestly).

This is one of the best ways to engage customers. All you have to do is create public boards and encourage people to pin photos of them using your products. To encourage customers, you can offer small incentives like vouchers, free delivery, or discounts. 

8- Be creative 

Last but surely not least, we strongly recommend you be creative when creating content for Pinterest. 

That might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the number of E-commerce businesses that just use the same content over and over again. 

But if you truly want to master Pinterest for e-commerce in 2024, you have to think outside the box! 

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at some companies that are successfully using Pinterest to inspire you. 

Best E-commerce Pinterest Examples to Inspire You 
  • Michaels

Best E-commerce Pinterest Examples
Michaels is an online store that sells furniture, home decor, and accessories. The company regularly uses its Pinterest to inspire its customers/potential customers by creating Pins like “DIY Projects” and “Living Room Ideas”.

  • Etsy

The E-commerce tycoon Etsy utilizes the product recommendation tool in Pinterest to help its customers find the perfect gift for their loved ones during the holidays. With 3 simple questions, users get customized recommendations.

  • BioLite 

Specializing in outdoor energy solutions, BioLite uses storytelling techniques to engage Pinterest users. The E-commerce company regularly shares stories of their real customers using. 

That’s a great way to integrate user-generated content into your Pinterest account! 

Start Using Pinterest for E-commerce in 2024

To sum up, with the right Pinterest strategies (like the ones above!) you can effortlessly reach a wider audience, get your online store more recognition, and most importantly increase sales and revenues! 

Want a helping hand with your E-commerce marketing efforts in 2024? ConvertedIn can offer you that! 

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