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Targeted Email Marketing: How To Use For Higher Conversion Rate

Day after day, social media gains more users and grabs the attention of more marketers and online stores. This makes online businesses think that email marketing time has passed. 

However, we have to tell you that email marketing is not a thing of the past. It is still in and stronger than ever. 

But the ancient conception that email marketing is a one size fits all marketing tactic is no longer a thing. 

A study has shown that 94% of marketers are investing in their abilities to gather customer data for more targeted campaigns (Luisazhou, 2023).

So, now is the time for targeted email marketing

Want to know more about it? Keep reading this article to learn about targeted email marketing, its benefits with statistics, how to create it, and some examples. 

Table Of Content

  1. What Is Targeted Email Marketing?
  2. Benefits Of Targeted Email Marketing
  3. How To Create Targeted Email Marketing
  4. Examples

What Is Targeted Email Marketing?

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Targeted email marketing is sending relevant, personalized emails to a group of segments based on their preferences, interests, demographics, or purchasing behaviors. 

Sending generic emails to your customers is an ancient marketing practice. 

Thus, you segment your subscribers and target their inboxes with tailored emails. You simply ensure you deliver the right email to customers at the right time. 

This leads to enhanced customer engagement and higher conversion rates. 

Benefits Of Targeted Email Marketing

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Before starting working on your targeted email marketing, you have to be familiarized with the benefits accompanying it. Not only the benefits but also statistics so you can start working right away. 

1- Improves Relevancy

Through targeted email marketing, you send your users tailored messages. Thus, these emails are more relevant to your users than generic emails. Also, they deliver value, and users appreciate value. 

Improved relevancy makes users more encouraged to take action and covert. In addition, irrelevant emails make users more likely to unsubscribe from receiving emails from your e-commerce. Thus, you jeopardize losing a potential customer.  

Providing relevant messages to your audience positions your online store on top of their minds, and seriously, who does not want that?

2- Increases Revenue

Let’s put things simply, the more you use targeted email marketing, the more users will convert and purchase; hence, higher conversion rates increase revenue. 

For example, if you send targeted emails on specific items your customer has been interested in, there is a high chance that this customer will make a purchase.

Marketers who segment email lists and personalize emails witness better revenues by 760% (Luisazhou, 2023). Well, this is huge!

In addition, targeted and personalized emails generate 58% of all revenues (Optinmonster, 2023).

So, more purchases mean more revenues.  

3- Higher Customer Engagement

All e-commerce stores are doing all that it takes to increase customer engagement. Trust us; it is very tricky to keep customers engaged nowadays, especially with the tons of online content and the short attention span. 

However, targeted email marketing can solve this issue. Personalized, relevant emails engage customers more as they are more interested in your message. Accordingly, this will increase click-through rates and open rates. 

A study has shown that click-through rates are over 100% higher for segmenting subscribers who receive emails than for non-segmented emails (Luisazhou, 2023).  

4- Higher Customer Retention

Customer retention rate is the percentage of the number of clients the online business keeps over time. 

Thus, the more you focus on customer retention, the more likely your customers will remain with you as loyal customers and will return for additional purchases. 

By using targeted email marketing, you enhance your relations with your customers by offering them valuable, personalized messages. This makes customers more engaged and leans more towards returning for future purchases. 

Retaining your customers is essential for the success of your e-commerce. Gaining a customer takes a lot of effort, so you can’t risk losing them.

And targeted email marketing is one of the key efforts to enable your online store to increase customer retention. 

How To Create a Targeted Email Marketing Campaign

How To Create a Targeted Email Marketing CampaignImage source:

1- Choose A Suitable Email Marketing Tool

The first step you should consider when setting up your targeted email marketing is choosing a suitable tool. This is the basis for the success of your campaign. 

This might seem like a tough choice, especially with the plenty of options offering email marketing. However, you should consider some essential aspects when choosing your suitable email marketing tool.

For instance, your email marketing tool has to offer personalized e-mail marketing campaigns. In addition, it has to provide different messages for each activity, like post-sales campaigns. 

The presence of these features in your marketing tool is the first step to the success of your targeted email marketing. 

We encourage you to check out Convertedin. It is a marketing automation tool that will offer you optimal email marketing with all the previously mentioned features and more.  

2- Gather Necessary Information For Effective Targeting

The key to successful targeted email marketing is gathering the right information. Certainly, you have to know your customers and gather data about them to create effective targeting. 

Necessary information involves demographics, purchasing behaviors, and preferences. Auto segmentation is the place to start form. Convertedin can handle your auto segmentation by filtering your audience based on their transactional events and buying behaviors. 

Accordingly, you will be able to identify the stage of your customer journey and send tailored emails. For instance, a customer who reaches the product pages will receive a different email than a customer who abandoned an item in a cart. 

Thanks to auto-segmentation, you will be able to identify customers’ behaviors and deliver targeted email marketing.  

3- Create A Buyer Persona

After identifying your segments, you must create a buyer persona for each segment. 

The buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customers based on gathered data and research. 

For instance, you are an online store specializing in makeup. So, one of your buyer personas is Sarah, a 30-year-old makeup artist with a monthly income of $ 20000$.

Creating this buyer persona will enable your e-commerce to optimize its targeted email marketing perfectly. It allows you to understand the type of message that should be directed to each segment. 

** Learn How ChatGPT Can Be Used For E-Commerce Email Marketing

4- Formulate Your Message

Once you identify your segments and buyer persona and gather all the data, it’s time to formulate your message. 

Your messages have to be personalized and tailored based on the data you have collected. This will ensure the creation of successful targeted email marketing. 

5- A/B Test Your Targeted Email Marketing

Just like all of your marketing efforts, targeted email marketing has to be evaluated and tested to identify what has been working and what wasn’t. 

Accordingly, you can pinpoint points of deficiencies for future adjustments. For example, you might need to change the timing of your emails or the message sent. 

Hence, A/B testing is crucial for your targeted email marketing. 

Targeted Email Marketing Campaign Examples

Want some inspiration for your targeted email marketing? We have got you some of the best examples of e-commerce stores to start working. 

  • Casper

As usual, the marketing efforts of Casper are one of the best, and targeted email marketing is no exception. 

The mattresses tycoon, Casper, realizes the importance of welcome emails. Accordingly, in its targeted email marketing campgain, Casper sends tailored emails to all its new subscribers to familiarize them with their products and benefits. 

In addition, Casper mentions the number of its customers in its welcome emails to create social proof. 

We have to say; they actually nailed it.  

  • Hollister

HollisterImage source:

If you ask online stores about their biggest obstacle, we bet they will talk about cart abandonment. It stands in the way of completing a purchase. 

Thus, using targeted email marketing towards such an issue is a winning tactic that Hollister has successfully used. 

They remind their customers of the products abandoned in their carts to encourage them to take action. It is a personalized message that fits customers’ positions in their buying journey. 

  • Forever 21

Forever 21Image source:

To incentivize customers to purchase, Forever 21 provides its users with a discount to motivate shopping. 

Nothing shoppers like more than a discount, especially if it is personalized. 

Targeted email marketing used by Forever 21 ensures that customers receive personalized discounts and some product recommendations based on customers’ buying behaviors. 

  • Adidas
adidas (1)Image source:

Adidas takes targeted email marketing to the next level. Its emails are based on the gender of the recipient. Therefore, different messages, images, and content appear according to gender. 

This increases the relevancy of the emails, makes them more tailored, and encourages users to convert.

Like seriously, what are the results if a male athlete receives an email about Adidas woman’s sports leggings? This a scenario that Adidas realizes pretty well and uses targeted email marketing to avoid. 

Final Thoughts

Now you are all set with all the steps and techniques to start your targeted email marketing campaign. 

So, no excuses. Just roll up your sleeves, and let’s do some magic. 

You should start by checking out It is a marketing automation tool that will build your email marketing campaign to increase your ROI effortlessly. In addition, it will handle your auto-segmentation process. 

Don’t miss it out and book your demo now!