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The Best 10 eCommerce Email Marketing That Convert in 2024

Marketers nowadays are involved in so many details when conducting any of their marketing campaigns. They are now concerned with sophisticated aspects like the algorithm, influencer marketing, reach, and impressions. 

We are nostalgic for simple marketing when we didn’t have to worry about all of these details and just got in touch with customers whenever we felt like it. Here comes one of the best and simplest marketing tools that can do wonders for your e-commerce, which is email marketing.  

Email marketing has proved to be a valuable tool over the years, and it continues to thrive in 2024. It has been shown that 18% of businesses using email marketing get a ROI of 70$ for every 1$ spent (Optinmonster, 2024).

Thus, it’s necessary to start investing in email marketing. If you forgot how it works, we provide our top e-commerce email marketing examples to freshen your memory and inspire you. 

So, let’s get the creative ball rolling!

E-commerce Email Marketing Examples That Convert In 2024

  1. Taylor Stitch
  2. Adidas
  3. EM Cosmetics
  4. Self-Made
  5. Chubbies
  6. Glossier
  7. Bang & Olufsen
  8. Sephora
  9. Bombas
  10. At Home with Ray

Generally, email marketing serves various purposes: welcoming a new customer or announcing new products. Regardless of the purpose, you have to unleash your creativity to deliver top-notch emails that convert.

1- Taylor Stitch


First, Let’s discuss the super creative brand, Taylor Stitch (WOW). We are impressed, in addition to millions of Swifties from all over the world, or we can say the Stitchies. (No? You don’t like it?)

Such a creative brand needs very creative email marketing to complement its efforts. Hence, Taylor Stitch is on our list of the best e-commerce email marketing examples. It balanced the text, the visuals, and the CTA to launch its new exclusive products. 

Simplicity can go a long way for customers, and this is exactly what Taylor Stitch did. It used appealing visuals with a clear design. In addition, it highlighted all the details of its products while also focusing on the limited number of available items to show exclusivity. 

Taylor Stitch was successfully able to utilize email marketing for its new product launch. Thus, it was able to drive higher conversion rates. 

Key Takeaways: Always highlight exclusivity in your email marketing campaigns. This encourages shoppers to seize the chance and place an order promptly to not miss out on the limited-time offer or products you are offering. 

2- Adidas

Adidas embarked on a crucial type of email marketing, which is browser abandonment emails. It delivered one of the best e-commerce email marketing examples.

In browser abandonment, shoppers go through your website and check a product, yet they don’t add it to their carts. With technological advancements, brands can easily track shoppers’ browsing activity just like Adidas did. 

In its campaign, Adidas relied on personalization to deliver relevant product recommendations to its shoppers. In addition, it removes customers’ doubts about its products. So, if the customer is not sure about the product quality, she can check reviews. Or, if she doesn’t like the design, customization is available.  

Key Takeaways: Personalize, personalize, personalize. It’s one of the key aspects of any of your marketing efforts. In addition, urgency was evident in this Adidas email marketing campaign. Hence, always make sure to incorporate urgency when possible. 

3- EM Cosmetics


We can’t talk about e-commerce email marketing examples without mentioning cart abandonment emails. Besides being a frustrating moment for any business, you need to recover from the frustration as fast as possible and act on it. 

Luckily, EM Cosmetics has done the same thing and worked on cart abandonment by asking customers a very simple question: Do you want your chosen product to end up with someone else?

Such a question is enough to make anyone finalize their purchase immediately ( Just a second so I can get my credit card). 

EM Cosmetics included all the success factors for any email marketing campaign. It included a clear image of the product, urgency, a clear CTA, and an extra 10% discount. And we can’t ignore the buy now pay later payment option. 

Undoubtedly, no one would want to miss on such an offer.

Key Takeaways: To ensure the success of your email marketing, highlight the urgency and include an offer, discount, or free shipping so shoppers can refrain from abandoning their carts and placing an order. 

4- Self Made

Self MadeHands down for Self-made, one of our best e-commerce email marketing examples. The visuals, the ad copy, the promotion, and the reviews form the perfect combination for any email marketing campaign. 

The email belongs to the promotional type. It mentions that with every order, you will receive a free skin serum. 

The pivotal point in this email is highlighting the product benefits and not only the features. Hence, customers become more inclined to place an order as they understand how such a product will solve a problem they are encountering. 

We can’t miss talking about the reviews added in the email. Self-made, you nailed it!

It worked on the psychological dimensions for customers, specifically social proof. Thus, it worked on removing any doubts to encourage shoppers to place an order. Also, the Vogue badge in the email builds brand trust and increases credibility.  

Key Takeaways: Focus on the benefits your products offer and how they solve customers’ problems rather than merely mentioning the features. Also, incorporate reviews and feedback in your emails whenever possible to show brand credibility.   

 5- Chubbies

We all know how busy is the black Friday season, and Chubbies understand this pretty well. 

Chubbies decided to raise the bar with its outstanding email marketing campaign, especially those of Black Friday. It relied on its sense of humor to create more engaging emails. 

One of the first elements you get to see in their email is this eye-catching GIF. 

It prepares its shoppers for the upcoming deals of Black Friday. Hence, it builds more enthusiasm and makes recipients look forward to the deals to be offered by Chubbies. 

Then, it sends even more appealing emails to prepare shoppers for the Thighber Monday. Yes, it’s what you think, Cyber Monday, but with a Chubbies twist. We got to say, we like it!

Chubbies EMAIL

Chubbies decided to spice things up in its email marketing by mentioning the plenty of gifts to offer shoppers while underlining urgency. 

With its email marketing, Chubbies makes customers excited about its Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. And this is exactly what they want. 

Key Takeaways: Once again, urgency and FOMO marketing is taking over email marketing. This was evident in the examples of Chubbies. Also, adding a sense of humor to your emails can go a long way for your e-commerce. It builds a kind of bond with shoppers, which you will undoubtedly benefit from. 

6- Glossier

You know what they say: less is more. 

This is literally what Glossier decided to do. They relied on a very minimal email design, yet they provided us with an astonishing e-commerce email marketing example. 

Glossier realized that emails that are too pushy, promotional, and concerned only with selling are no longer effective. In addition, customers are constantly spammed with this type of email. 

Accordingly, the online brand decided to deliver a more positive brand image by nurturing its subscribers and sending them the message “ You look good”. 

Nothing more. No promotions, no ads, just an online brand complimenting its customers. Being a brand dealing primarily with women and delivering skincare products, such a message perfectly resonates with its customers. 

However, Glossier has to focus on its sales too. Thus, any place the customers click on in the email will direct them to its product page. Can’t stop but saying WOW!

Key Takeaways: Sometimes being not so promotional is all that your email marketing campaign needs. Hence, play it smart by delivering a positive message to customers while encouraging higher sales with implicit CTA.

 7- Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen
Welcome emails are crucial for any online store. Hence, on our list of the top e-commerce email marketing examples is the welcome email delivered by Bang & Olufsen. 

As a new customer, the moment your eyes witness such a welcome email, you probably start wondering about the community you are delving into. The aesthetically pleasing visuals and the ad copy deliver the feeling of a top-notch brand. 

Therefore, the welcome email delivered by Bang & Olufsen makes shoppers’ more inclined to visit the website, go through different products, and place an order. 

We still can’t get over how appealing the visuals are. So, we can say that Bang & Olufsen did ace its welcome email. 

Key Takeaways: One of the most important aspects comprehended from this email is the consistency between brand image and emails sent. Bang & Olufsen is a luxury brand. Hence, its welcome email was consistent with the brand image it’s adopting. In addition, it’s essential to focus on your welcome emails. They act as the first point customers encounter. So, it delivers an image for your brand. 

 8- Sephora 

As we always say, showcase your product benefits rather than the features. This is what Sephora adopted in its e-commerce email marketing example. 

It relied on sending tutorials to customers to show how its products are used. These tutorials are delivered by one of Sephora’s cast members. This builds brand trust and credibility. 

Hence, if customers are not sure how to use Sephora’s products and hence are not placing an order, these tutorials remove any doubts. 

Most importantly, these tutorials are free. So, even if recipients are not interested in the products offered, these tutorials will grab their attention and ignite their interest to place an order. They will feel like they need to have these products to have the exact look in the tutorial. 

And for women, having a look at the tutorial is vital. So, don’t take it easy with women when it comes to makeup. 

Yet, you can still follow the same strategy in your email marketing regardless of the industry you are working in. For instance, if you are specializing in clothing, you can include styling tutorials in your email campaigns. 

Key Takeaways: Highlighting the benefits of products is crucial in your email marketing campaigns. If available, you can include experts to be more convincing and appealing to shoppers. 

9- Bombas

We just love how Bombas tackled referral marketing in its emails. But first, let’s define referral marketing or programs. 

A referral program is a marketing technique that relies on word of mouth and allows your customers to become advocates for your business and attract new customers. Thus, you reward customers for bringing more customers.  

There is nothing better than having a strong base of loyal customers who are referring your brand to their peers. However, you might need to incentivize customers to refer your brand to their friends and family. 

Accordingly, Bombas dedicated one of its email campaigns to encourage referral marketing. In addition, to avoid recipients’ confusion, they provided them with the steps to follow for a successful, win-win referral. 

Thus, they incentivize the process by rewarding their customers with free pairs of socks and their peers with a discount. 

We bet no one wants to miss receiving free socks, right?

Key Takeaways: Referral marketing is one of the key elements for driving more sales to your e-commerce. Yet, they usually get overseen by shoppers and businesses as well. Accordingly, make sure to include them in your email marketing campaigns to cut through the clutter and reach your audience, hence, maximizing your sales. 

10- At Home With Ray

At Home With Ray
Believe us when we tell you that storytelling is the next big thing in marketing. We have already seen how online brands utilizing storytelling are witnessing astonishing results and elevating customer engagement. 

As a result, in 2024, utilizing storytelling is no longer an option. So, at home with Ray is certainly on our list of e-commerce email marketing examples. 

The brand specializes in luxury personal accessories. With its subject line “The story behind the Corn Dancer cashmere neckerchief”, the brand was able to humanize its brand through its email marketing campaign. 

Consequently, it was able to build a stronger connection with its shoppers while sharing the story behind its brand in an entertaining, appealing way. 

Also, the online brand didn't miss including a clear CTA at the end of the email to encourage shoppers to place an order. 

We are blown away! 

Key Takeaways: Whenever possible, include storytelling in your e-commerce email marketing campaigns. Storytelling has proven to be a powerful marketing tool. It builds a strong emotional connection, humanizes your brand, and increases customer engagement. Thus, in 2024, storytelling is your go-to. 

Let’s Get Down To Business!

There are no excuses. With our full guide on the top ten e-commerce email marketing examples, your customers will do nothing but convert in 2024. 

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