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The Perfect Google Ad Types For E-Commerce Marketing Campaigns

Google Ad Types are a great way to show your eCommerce products and services on the biggest search engine to promote your business and generate leads. 

Different Ad types can be used in various ways to reach your audience with other goals. Each type has its advantages, but for e-commerce marketing campaigns, it's best to know the most relevant ones.

This article will discuss the different Google ad types and how to use them effectively for e-commerce marketing campaign objectives.

The Main Google Ad Types for E-Commerce

Google Ad Types

1- Dynamic Google Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) are Google Ads that let you target customers based on what they're searching for—and they're a great way to reach your audience.

DSAs are a relatively new type of Google Ads. They use machine learning and predictive modeling to match keywords to specific users. So when someone searches for something related to your product or service, you'll be able to show them ads.

These ads are personalized and tailored to the user's search history and interests. This means that if someone has searched for "the perfect cat bed," not "the best cat bed," DSA will recognize this and show an ad that matches their preferences.

Dynamic Search Ads don't just help you reach your customers—they also help you gain more insight into who those customers are. This knowledge can help you optimize your campaigns and better serve your customers in the future.

2- Google Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing Ads are a great way to target potential customers who have visited your website without making a purchase. This ad type allows you generate more conversions from previous leads.

For example, you could use remarketing ads to target people who viewed products in the last 30 days but didn't buy them.

Remarketing targeting is especially important for seasonal businesses, like fashion or food brands. Those businesses rely heavily on repeat customers to fuel their growth.

The best way to use Google Remarketing Ads is by creating an audience profile. The profile lists people interested in the product you want to advertise. Then you can target these people with an ad that will appear on Google Search, Google Display Network, YouTube, Gmail, and more.

Remarketing is unique for eCommerce because you won't waste money showing an ad for a product or service that someone isn't interested in.

3- Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads is part of Google's advertising platform that allows businesses to advertise on Google's search results pages.

Search Ads are an effective way to reach customers looking for your products and services. They offer a wide range of targeting options, including:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Language
  • Behavioral targeting (for example, users who have visited a specific website)

The Ads are displayed below the search results page. They appear when someone performs a search that contains your keyword query. The search engine will trigger an impression of your ad if people click on it while looking for goods or services related to what you're offering.

In other words, you can target your ads based on specific keywords and phrases and the context in which they are searched.

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4- YouTube Ads Campaigns

you tube ads

YouTube is a very popular platform for video marketing. It is estimated that over 1 billion hours of video are watched daily. With so much content being uploaded to YouTube, it is no wonder why advertisers are flocking to this platform to promote their brands and products.

With Youtube advertising, you can run ads in the form of pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls to reach consumers when they are most engaged with your brand.

  • A pre-roll is an ad that runs before a video starts playing. The pre-roll length is typically 15 to 30 seconds, depending on the type of ad.
  • A mid-roll is an ad that runs during a video. Mid-rolls are typically 5 to 10 seconds long but can sometimes go up to 15 seconds.
  • A post-roll is an ad that runs after a video has finished playing. Post-rolls also typically last 5 to 10 seconds, but they can sometimes be as long as 15 seconds.

There are many ways to use YouTube video ads, but the most popular ones are:

  • Placement

YouTube allows you to place your video ad on the front page of YouTube, alongside other high-quality videos viewers would want to watch. This is called placement, and it's one of the best ways to get more views for your e-commerce marketing campaigns.

  • Demo

You can also use this option if you have a product or service that can be demonstrated by showing how it works. The best thing about this option is that it's very easy to set up and doesn't require technical skills.

  • Promoted Video Ads

These ads can be displayed in the sidebar or below the video player on any channel on YouTube. They are usually sponsored by brands and are very effective in increasing brand awareness among viewers who visit relevant channels related to these brands.

5- Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads use your product data in your merchant center account to display products to potential customers searching for them online.

Shopping ads appear on Google search results pages as a carousel at the top of the search results page. They can be targeted to specific keywords, product categories and countries.

To maximize Google shopping Ads, you must optimize your product data in the Google Merchant Center. This includes product image size and resolution, product title and description length, product price and weight, category and subcategory hierarchy, etc.

Images are particularly important for google shopping ads. Make sure that images are high quality and relevant to search terms. High-quality images will help with click-throughs and conversions. Images that are relevant to search terms will also improve click-through rates as well as conversions.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Google Ads For Your Ecommerce Business? 

The Best Type Of Google Ads For Your Ecommerce Business

When starting out, it can be overwhelming to think about which type of Google Ads to use for your e-commerce business.

Not only are there many different types of ads available, but there are also a lot of factors to consider when selecting the right one for your business.

Here's a quick guide on how to determine which forms of Google Ads should be used for your e-commerce business:

  • Your Budget

How much you're willing to spend on ads per month? You'll need a certain budget to run ads in different locations and types of ads. If you only have a small amount of money to spend on AdWords, then you probably want to try out text ads instead of shopping ads or video ads.

  • The Products You Offer

Suppose you sell products at a fairly high price, like specialty coffee beans or designer handbags. In that case, Google Shopping is probably your best option because it allows you to target specific geographic areas and demographics based on age, gender, income level, and household size.

  • The Targeting Options Available

Your target audience is as important as your google ads. Are you trying to find new customers by running search campaigns? Or do you want people who already know what they're looking for using retargeting ads? 

  • The Benefits Of Each Ad Type

Some advertisers get more clicks from certain ad types than others. For example, video ads may be best for your business if you sell expensive or hard-to-find products. Text ads may perform better than image ads if you have a product line that appeals to a broad age range and target audience.

  • Your Strategy and Business Goals

You should also consider how many clicks each ad type gets and how much you expect each one to bring in per click (CPC). You can use this information to determine which ad format will help you achieve your goals for the year ahead.

Maximize Any Google Ad Types With Data And Automation

If you want your Google ad campaign to work, it is important that all of your ads match searchers' intentions. Automated software can make that process easier. In fact,  tools like can create relevant ads that match user experience at the right moments by matching searchers' intents. A platform like can help you maximize your Google ad campaigns better by increasing the relevance of your ad copy and reducing cost per conversion, ROI and other key metrics. If you want to grow revenue for your eCommerce business, then request a free demo of how can create the perfect ad type for you based on what people really want.