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Tips And Best Practices For A Successful E-commerce Email Marketing

Today's marketers have access to an astounding amount of resources and sales channels. Retailers cannot mitigate the significance of efficient promotion of products if their niche involves any web presence. However, a common question among store owners is whether; e-commerce email marketing can still be relied on, given how other digital marketing methods have transformed? In simple terms, yes. You may engage and reach your potential customers at a lower cost by developing a solid email marketing plan.

How does a return of $30 sound on an investment of $1? Is it too incredible to be true? Welcome, as you are now in the realm of email marketing. Email promotion of services is still among the most effective marketing channels available. The post-purchase and pre-purchase stages of the client lifecycle are both included in this efficient marketing funnel. Additionally, by delivering clients a customized experience with your products, email marketing solutions enable your company to enhance conversion rates.

Do you intend to know the best practices to deploy in your email marketing? In this guide, we will explicitly tell you the strategies needed to boost your revenue and how to get the most benefits from your promotional emails. Read on!

Why Is Email Marketing Part of E-commerce?

E-commerce Email Marketing

Building a social media following carries a certain amount of risk because you're essentially playing in another person's arena and subject to their rules. What would result if that social networking site abruptly banned your website or ad campaigns?

Far less risk exists with email marketing. Your communications are delivered directly to your email list, which you own and may move with you when you switch platforms. That implies that you cannot suddenly stop interacting with them due to an algorithm update, the collapse of a third-party company, or an arbitrary ban.

Note: Email marketing allows you to connect with clients in a personalized manner without spending heavily on cost-per-click or video ads campaigns.

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What Are The Different Types of Email Marketing For E-commerce?

Indeed, most business owners find it difficult to decide what information to give their clients via email after they have cleverly collected email leads for their enterprise. In the following section, we will examine the most typical email formats used by successful e-commerce businesses;

  • Review and Feedback Emails

Feedback emails invite customers to discreetly remark on the caliber of your goods or the efficiency of company fulfillment procedures, which helps you determine what needs improvement. Review emails urge customers to write reviews on the purchased product via your store's website or company reviews on other review sites.

  • Confirmation Emails

An enterprise will send confirmation emails following a certain activity a consumer completes on your website, typically in connection with a purchase. It includes shipping, delivery, and purchase confirmation emails.

  • Abandonment Emails

An abandonment email gets sent when a customer initiates actions related to a product but ultimately leaves your website by clicking away and decides not to reinitiate the process. Abandoned cart emails inform your visitor about the amazing products or services they had seen on your website, gently nudging them to become a paying customer.

  • Welcome Emails

These emails are delivered when a client subscribes to the email list via a sign-up page on your webpage or by setting up an account while purchasing an item.

  • Promotional Emails

Promotional emails let clients know they can get things from your e-commerce store at a discount if they search for the best deal or a method to save money.

  • Re-engagement Emails

Win-Back or re-engagement emails get sent once a customer hasn't purchased through your company in a while. These emails frequently provide a discount or other incentive to persuade clients to make another purchase from your store.

How Do I Maximize Sales Through Email Marketing?

If you've been operating an email marketing campaign that is not producing any results or isn't quite as appealing as you had hoped, try making the following changes;

  1. Create a catchy headline

To gain repeat customers, online retailers must properly convey their message since email marketing subscribers will often read the subject line first. An email copy with a very well, alluring, and exciting title will stand out from other emails which your receiver has gotten in their inbox, and it will usually compel them to read the email more.

  1. Add a Precise Call To Action

A call-to-action that is crystal clear can make a big impact between a fruitful email marketing campaign and one that fails. Never attempt to confuse or overload your email subscribers. Constantly keep your attention on a single, very explicit call to action. Additionally, ensure that all the text of your email's top half displays the call to action. A solid call-to-action explains to the recipient what they will accomplish by clicking the link in your message.

  1. Optimize For Mobile Devices

We are in the era of mobile marketing. Therefore, ensure that your emails are optimized for mobile viewing since practically everyone accesses their emails via mobile devices. Just before mailing, test the emails on handheld devices. Your recipients will prioritize and read emails customized for mobile viewing. Additionally, check if any pages you link to in your advertisement campaign are suitable for stress-free viewing via portable devices.

  1. Create A Focussed Campaign Page

Campaign-specific landing pages exist independently of your website, and the sole purpose is to accept campaign traffic. The segmentation helps companies focus on one particular goal and simplifies testing, reporting, and analytics.

Therefore, instead of directing the email campaign to a broad website, you must use a unique landing page for your email marketing promotions. It will be effective since using a particular landing page allows you to customize it to the clear message in the email, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

What Are The Best Email Marketing Best Practices?

The following tips and best practices will impact a successful email marketing campaign;

  • Lessen the content

Most firms get greater results with brief emails; however, some marketers have tremendous success with lengthy emails that run into eighty words or more, which may be excessive for some readers/users. Two-sentence paragraphs look equally good on laptop screens and mobile devices. Get to your point and keep paragraphs short and scannable.

  • Use Visually Appealing Emails

Most software used for email marketing gives content creators or producers the ability to use templates and quickly insert images and texts. Test various layouts to see which style and format work best for your potential customers. Examples of this are;  infographics, product photos, and company-based photos.

  • Segment The Email List

Ensure the appropriate users receive your email after you have crafted it. To send the right message to the ideal audience at the right time, utilize email list segmentation. You may segment users or subscribers in various ways depending on their past purchases, demographics, age group, e.t.c.

  • Test, Edit, and Repeat

At this stage, send the email copy, then wait for the response. Compare the results to previous campaigns, then make changes. After some days, resend the email to prospective subscribers yet to view it with another subject line. Consider utilizing an alternative technique within the body of the email and reforward it later to prospects who didn't click through.

Recreate the successful aspects for upcoming campaigns after you've found a structure that performs. As you discover what appeals to your customers, email marketing becomes simpler over time. However, if the click-through rates decline, you must constantly be prepared to change.

What Are Some Examples of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns?

  1. Flock


The flock campaign is another creative illustration of successful email marketing. Sending professionally formatted emails is something Flock excels at all the time. They are always aware of the best times to increase their production. Email reminders are here to aid you!

  1. Headspace

Headspace is a mindfulness meditation app. The email copy and images sent to subscribers are irresistible offers that make you want to comply with their requests. Their newsletters offer a fantastic layout for readers who may not have time to sift through lengthy emails. By so doing, it makes it quick and easy.

  1. Airbnb


They have an extremely strong email campaign. All you could expect is in the design, including vibrant colors, a precise aim, and straightforward content. They did a fantastic job of maintaining the focus of the emails on the CTA. Users will receive guides to various cities in each letter. Lately, it was all about Barcelona and its local hangouts and undiscovered beaches.

What Email Marketing Mistakes Should Be Avoided?

If you are prepared to advance your overall email marketing strategy, evaluate and fix these errors that you must never make:

  • Sending too many emails 
  • Delaying campaigns 
  • Not segmenting users
  • Not optimizing for mobile devices
  • Not using a call-to-action

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Final Thoughts 

The personal messages which companies deliver to their customers come to mind frequently whenever we speak of email marketing. The fact is that effective email marketing needs more than a snappy headline and good copy. Ensure your emails are sent to subscribers, that the content you send is personalized and that you consistently get new leads. In all, endeavor to create customer personas.