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Everything You Need To Know On The Top 10 E-commerce Marketing Trends In 2024

2024 is approaching and there is no better time to be preemptive and gain a competitive edge by keeping track of the e-commerce marketing trends in 2024. Hence, contributing to a huge boost for your online business. 

As we always say, the market is always evolving. And thanks to Gen-Z, changing customer needs and behaviors, new apps and features are taking place, which you need to be aware of from now. 

But you are here to be pampered as we do the hard work. We did some research, monitored customer behavior, listened to experts, and hit the books just to provide you with our full guide on e-commerce marketing trends in 2024. 

Trust us, you don’t want to pass up on this one. 

E-commerce Marketing Trends 2024

  1. Increasing Role Of Artificial Intelligence
  2. Short Videos Format
  3. TikTok Shop
  4. Augmented Reality
  5. Voice-Enabled Search
  6. Hyper-personalization
  7. Image Search
  8. Rise In Subscription Models
  9. Preferences For Businesses With Ethics
  10. E-commerce Gamification

Let’s delve more into the marketing trends of e-commerce in 2024 and how to embark on them for maximum benefits for your business. 

1- Increasing Role Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

If you think we have seen everything AI could offer, well, you are mistaken as we are just scratching the surface. 

On top of our list for e-commerce marketing trends in 2024 is the incorporation of artificial intelligence and the plenty of services it offers. 

It’s anticipated that in 2024, businesses will rely more on AI to gather and analyze customer data to deliver tailored marketing campaigns and product recommendations. A study showed that global spending on AI in eCommerce is expected to reach more than $8 billion by 2024 (Zipdo,2023).

Also, generative AI is expected to have an accelerating role for online businesses. We have noticed their strong presence in the past year, but continuous developments will lead to their increasing influence in 2024. 

Online brands will use generative AI to generate content like texts, images, and captions. In addition, it will assist in ad creation and customer interactions through chatbots and virtual assistants. 

Not to mention the role of AI in detecting frauds, personalization, upselling and cross-selling, and plenty of other functions that will keep on taking place. 

So, get ready to witness AI revolutionizing the e-commerce realm in 2024. 

2- Short Videos Format

The short videos have been taking the e-commerce landscape by storm in the past couple of years. Yet, they continue with their accelerating performance and become one of the e-commerce marketing trends in 2024. 85% of users prefer short videos that are 15 seconds or less (Personify,2023)

The magnificence of short videos is vast. First, they are easy to create. You don’t need to build up an entire studio to create a short video. Just a phone with a high-quality camera and some creative ideas, you will create a viral short video. 

Second, they grab customers’ attention easily. Well, short videos are called digestible content for a reason, as users can view and process them easily. Correspondingly, they attract more traffic and lead to desirable results for online businesses. 

Third, short videos are now available on almost all social media platforms. Hence, all you have to do is just to create and share your short videos across the different channels to reach the largest number of possible customers.    

3- TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop

It goes without saying that TikTok has been booming more than ever. However, TikTok decided to raise the bar by becoming not only a video content platform but also an e-commerce channel. 

One of the most anticipated e-commerce marketing trends in 2024 is the launching of the TikTok shop. The new TikTok feature came to light in the last months of 2023. But, things are still not so vivid regarding the exact features and how things work. 

However, we are so excited to witness the transformation TikTok shop will do for the e-commerce realm and how it will revolutionize the way users discover products and place orders. 

Therefore, keep up with the new sales channel offered by TikTok to stay ahead of competitors. 

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4- Augmented Reality


We are sure that while you were shopping online, you had some doubts about the product you were purchasing. For instance, while shopping for a rug, you wonder if it’s going to fit with the setting of the living room or not. 

As technology is continuously evolving, augmented reality has come to the rescue to get over the drawbacks of online shopping. Hence, it’s undoubtedly on our list of e-commerce marketing trends in 2024. 

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that gives people the illusion of seeing digital products in real life. Accordingly, AR allows shoppers to try products and verify them before placing an order. 52% of customers argue that they are more likely to purchase products from brands that offer AR features (Artios,2023)

Hence, incorporating AR technology into your website is vital for your e-commerce. So, don’t miss working on it in 2024. 

5- Voice-Enabled Search

Ever since the emergence of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, people become more inclined to use voice-enabled search. So, not embarking on such a trend will lead to jeopardizing your sales in 2024. 

The voice-enabled search transforms voice signals into text, hence enabling customers to search by using their voices. 

The huge inclination toward voice search obligates your e-commerce to optimize its website for such a type of search or you will be losing many shoppers who prefer this time of search. 

Finally, “Siri, can you please add voice-enabled search to my list of e-commerce marketing trends in 2024”? 

** Discover more about Voice Commerce.

6- Hyper-personalization

We have always discussed the importance of personalization for your online business. However, 2024 is taking it to another level with hyper-personalization as being one of the vital e-commerce marketing trends. 

Hyper-personalization gathers behavioral and real-time data from users across different channels to deliver a highly tailored customer experience. For instance, they gather purchase data, browsing behavior, user searches, the device used, etc. 

As people are spending much of their time scrolling through social media channels, visiting websites, and shopping online, the amount of data available is vast. Hence, hyper-personalization has become more important than ever. 

As a result, online businesses can gather these data to deliver tailored product recommendations, ads, and content to customers.  

7- Image Search

Just like it implies, image search involves customers searching for products using images instead of text. And we have to tell you that image search started in 2023, but it’s going to boom as one of the e-commerce marketing trends in 2024. 

It’s one of the trends that make shoppers’ lives easier. They just see a product in a store, take a picture, and search for similar products online. Like seriously, can shopping become any easier? 

Shein has been one of the pioneers in using image search in its platform. Let me give you a very valuable piece of advice here (from a shopaholic): if you find a dress in a store, its price is not very encouraging. Just use Shein’s image search, and you will be astonished by the variety of similar dresses at half the price. 

The significance of image search is that it facilitates customers’ shopping experience and encourages them to purchase online. 

8- Rise In Subscription Models

Subscription models are on the rise as an e-commerce marketing trend in 2024. With the huge competition in the e-commerce landscape, businesses are constantly trying to retain and engage customers for the longest time possible. 

Hence, online businesses are looking for new ways to make their products part of the subscription models to ensure customer loyalty. In return, customers value this type of model as its benefits exceed the mere monetary value offered. 

This means that online shoppers perceive subscription models as providing them with the highest value compared to the price paid. Hence, it’s definitely a crucial trend you should embark on. 

You can get some inspiration from Amazon Prime. It’s a subscription model which provides subscribers with plenty of exclusive benefits in return for fees. 

amazon prime
Yet, the tricky part about subscription models is to provide users with a kind of freedom regarding their subscription. They should have the option to cancel their subscription anytime and to manage it based on their preferences. 

Such a balance will ensure the success of your subscription model.   

9- Preferences For Businesses With Ethics

Well, you might think that this is not a 2024 trend. But we are here to tell you that it is. 

The world has been witnessing huge events in the past couple of years. They are either related to climate change, animal testing, or even political events. Such events make customers either support or avoid an online brand based on its acts. 

Therefore, an e-commerce marketing trend in 2024 is standing with businesses with ethics. We can say that this trend is highly attributed to Gen-Z and their tendency to lean towards ethical brands. 

So, in 2024, make sure to stick to industry ethics, provide sustainable products and packaging, show social responsibility, avoid animal testing, and most importantly, stand for a cause. This is going to distinguish your brand and showcase your morals. 

10- E-commerce Gamification

The year 2024 is all about customer engagement and fostering a solid bond with your customers. Thus, it is no wonder that e-commerce gamification is one of its marketing trends.

E-commerce gamification is the process of adding gaming activities to customers’ online shopping experience.

It has been proved that e-commerce gamification increases customer engagement, sales, and brand awareness. 

Hence, with the huge competition facing online businesses, gamification can give your brand a competitive edge by entertaining shoppers and building customer loyalty. 

We have to mention that today is the era of big data. Thus, businesses gather huge amounts of data about shoppers’ purchasing behaviors and preferences to deliver optimal gamified elements that yield desirable results. 

In addition, they integrate Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to create virtual worlds and interactive experiences. This provides exceptional and memorable campaigns while building strong connections with shoppers. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you are prepared to welcome 2024 with a comprehensive understanding of all the marketing trends and the tips and tactics to effectively leverage them. 

So, there are no excuses. This year will be a turning point for the performance of your e-commerce. 

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