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Top 10 Most Powerful E-Commerce Tools To Use For Higher Sales

Numbers never lie. According to Statista (2022), retail e-commerce sales exceeded 5.7 trillion dollars worldwide. That’s a sign that the e-commerce landscape is booming.

You are undoubtedly aware by now that running an e-commerce isn’t a piece of cake. There are plenty of tasks and aspects you are required to handle and excel in them, too. Yet, when there is too much on your plate, it becomes challenging to ensure optimal performance for your online business. 

Therefore, you need help to transform the performance of your e-commerce and improve its scalability and customer shopping experience.

Here comes the importance of the e-commerce tools. 

E-commerce tools are apps or platforms that aim to assist business owners in running and managing their online stores. E-commerce tools include website creation, inventory management, email marketing, etc. 

Look no further, as in this article, we will take you through our choice of the best 10 e-commerce tools to use in 2023. 

So, prepare yourself and start taking some notes. 

Most Powerful E-Commerce Tools To Use In 2023

  1. Shopify
  2. BigCommerce
  3. Convertedin
  4. HubSpot Marketing
  5. ReferralCandy
  6. Jungle Scout
  7. ShipHero
  8. Inventory Source
  9. Hotjar
  10. OptinMonster

1- Shopify

Promote your shopify store

Having a well-performing and developed website is crucial for the success of your online store. So, you can’t settle for less regarding the quality of the website. 

That’s your sign to transform your website into a high-performing one. 

Website creation might need a website developer and an IT guy. We know that your technological background is not that huge so you have to rely on e-commerce tools that will create your online store with the simplest means but with the highest performance.

Shopify is a comprehensive online tool that helps create your website and incorporate plenty of features through its additional apps.

The good thing about Shopify lies in its ease of use, as you don’t have to be a technology guru to create your website. In addition, Shopify offers plenty of payment options, shopping cart features, and plenty of apps that can be easily connected to your website for better performance.   

2- BigCommerce

Bigcommerce is another e-commerce tool coming at rocket speed and upscaling businesses. 

Bigcommerce is an online tool/platform that enables businesses to build, design, and customize their online store. It’s suitable for beginners as it offers a complete tutorial on how to build your online store. 

What makes Bigcommerce stand apart is the bundle of features it offers. This varies from integrated payment options, SEO tools, marketing tools, inventory management, built-in email marketing, loyalty programs, and plenty of others.  

You can even integrate your website with other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and Google Shopping. 

3- Convertedin


Convertedin is an e-commerce tool that raised the bar with its strong influence on businesses' marketing success. is a marketing automation tool that gathers shoppers' data and insights to create a multi-channel and tailored shopping experience. 

There are plenty of features offered by Convertedin that aim to enhance engagement and maximize your ROI.

First things first, you have to identify your right segment. And even though this might sound simple, in reality, it needs focus and attention from businesses. Therefore, Convertedin offers its automated segmentation engine in which you can effortlessly identify your target audience.  

As the e-commerce landscape is all about personalization at the time being, Convertedin understands such an aspect by providing personalized ads across various channels. 

In addition, it retargets customers and re-engages visitors who leave your store. Also, with its powerful product recommendation engine, it offers customers relevant products based on their purchase history. And, for sure, everything is automated. 

Last but not least, personalized email marketing and SMS are provided to increase your ROI.  

4- HubSpot Marketing

If you have been working in e-commerce for a while, you are probably familiar by now with Hubspot. 

Hubspot is a comprehensive online platform that offers plenty of services that suit the needs of online businesses.

The vitality of Hubspot lies in its lead-tracking option, which allows businesses to track lead activity and to understand their behaviors. Hence, businesses tailor campaigns and product ad content more accurately. In addition, it provides a personalized product recommendation engine consistent with shoppers’ purchase behavior.

There is also HubSpot Marketing’s content optimization system, which enables store owners to manage their websites easily. When businesses need to reach some insights into customers’ behavior and interaction with their store, there is the site performance tool, which optimally gets the job done. 

Not to mention Hubspot’s SEO tool which tracks keywords performance, and the A/B testing tool that allows businesses to experiment with different variables on your website.   

5- ReferralCandy


It has been proven that referral programs are highly successful in improving the performance of online stores, driving more sales, and increasing conversion rates and ROI. 

It works on a very crucial aspect which is word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing involves encouraging people to share their experience with a certain product or service, hence, encouraging their peers to make a purchase.

Therefore, referral candy is certainly on our list of the best e-commerce tools in 2023. This e-commerce tool evolves around rewarding customers for their referrals. The rewards might be coupons, discounts, points to be redeemed, and gifts. 

The thing is, you have to reward loyal customers for creating a positive word of mouth for your brand. That’s when referral candy comes to the rescue to automate such a process.  

6- Jungle Scout

If your e-commerce is related to selling on Amazon, then Jungle Scout is your go-to. 

Instead of searching for the right products and analyzing their performance, Jungle Scout provides you with the best products in your niche along with their performance on Amazon. 

It enables you to understand competition and identify opportunities that you can get use of. 

Hats off to Jungle Scout for such an exceptional tool!

7- ShipHero

You are probably aware of the huge burden of handling orders and their shipment. Hence, ShipHero gets it very well. 

ShipHero is a warehouse management software that handles the shipping and fulfillment of your orders. The thing is, ShipHero is connected with all the well-known shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. 

It can be said that ShipHero is an ideal tool for small online stores that don’t have warehouses. Thus, ShipHero shows them the status of their orders, the packing, and the shipment. Not to mention that it handles returns seamlessly as well. 

Additionally, one of its services is inventory management. So, double the benefits.

ShipHero has its mobile app, so it’s easy to monitor shipments and inventory levels anywhere, anytime. 

 7- Inventory Source

Inventory Source
By running an online store, you definitely will face the problem of managing inventory. 

It’s very depressing when customers face the phrase “out of stock”. Therefore, the Inventory Source decided to remove such a burden by offering an inventory management tool. 

Inventory Source connects your online store and your inventory. Accordingly, your website is updated regularly based on the inventory and stock level. Also, it offers a tracking option for shoppers. 

It’s worth mentioning that Inventory Source can be connected to your store on Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, and many other prominent store builders. 

8- Hotjar

Hotjar is a product experience insights platform. Well, that sounds complicated, so let’s break things down. 

It’s quite tricky for online stores to understand what products grab customers' attention and which products or content they enjoy seeing on your website. Therefore, this tool uses an interactive heatmap to track visitor’s clicks, scrolls, and actions to provide you with insights about your audience. 

By using Hotjar, you will be able to know what are the compelling elements of your website and do A/B testing to identify the factors that lead to more visits and higher conversion rates. 

If you need data gathered directly from customers, Hotjar provides a survey option to know more about customers’ experience on your website. 

9- OptinMonster 

To provide you with this list of the best e-commerce tools, we realized that we can’t miss adding OptinMonster due to its huge impact on increasing conversion rates, getting more leads, and driving more sales.

You are probably wondering what does OptinMonster offer for all of these results.

OptinMonster is an easy-to-use pop-up makes. In other words, any interactive popups you aim to add to your website, OptinMonster can do it for you.

If you are struggling with cart abandonment, OptinMonster has got you covered. With its exit-intent technology, OptinMonster detects the moment customers decide to leave your store, and BAM shows a pop-up message, which proved to be influential in reducing the cart abandonment rate. 

It tracks the user’s mouse position, and when customers approach the top of the browser, a message occurs. 

There are other pop-up options you can use from OptinMonster. For instance, it offers email subscription forms to gather more leads, gamified spin-a-wheel, welcoming pop-up messages, and count-down timers to create urgency. 

And, all of OptinMonster’s popups are mobile-optimized. Regardless of the user’s device, pop-ups will show up perfectly. 

Final Thoughts

We have gathered for you 10 of the best e-commerce tools that will make your life easier. 

We are strong believers in working smart, not hard, so these tools will ensure successful management of your e-commerce but with exceptional performance and less hassle. 

That’s your sign to start incorporating them into your e-commerce.