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Top 10 Snapchat Ad Examples For E-commerce To Inspire You

It is evident now that Snapchat is performing very well in driving higher conversion rates and more sales for online stores. 

Therefore, there are several reasons you should start using Snapchat for your e-commerce ads. For instance, it creates highly engaging customers, higher ROI, and ROAS, and it provides you with better access to Generation -Z, who are primarily online shoppers these days. 

Most importantly, Snapchat has less competition than other social media platforms, which will allow you to flourish.

All signs are telling you to start, including a Snapchat ad for your online store. 

To convince you even more, we will take you through 10 Snapchat ad examples for e-commerce for some inspiration. 

Get ready! 

Best Snapchat Video Ads Examples With Tips 

  1. Puma
  2. Blissy
  3. Gucci
  4. E.l.f Cosmetics
  5. Shein
  6. Amazon
  7. GymShark
  8. Pit Viper
  9. Kylie Cosmetics
  10. Hubble Lenses

1- Puma

On top of our list of Snapchat Ad examples for e-commerce is Puma. 

Puma decided to rely on Snapchat to increase awareness of its iconic Puma Suede shoes. It thought of a well-developed strategy, which is attracting new customers from Gen-Z while at the same time sustaining its old loyal customers by creating nostalgia. 

Hence, there was no better platform than Snapchat to appeal to Generation Z while restoring the glories of the classic Puma Suede.

Puma combined many tactics to achieve its goals. It used Snapchat ads and stories to reach the largest number of audience. Most importantly, it created an AR lens that allowed users to try Puma suede and tracksuits. 

Accordingly, it enhanced customer engagement while increasing brand awareness. 

Tips and takeaways: Always identify your target audience and seek them in the platform they spend the most time using. 

2- Blissy

Blissy is a pillow case manufacturer who decided to raise the bar on Snapchat. 

To appeal to Gen-Z found on Snapchat, Blissy increased its social media presence through stories and ads. Yet, the winning tactic was incorporating user-generated content (UGC) into the platform.

User Generated Content (UGC) is all types of content created and posted by people on different platforms. This includes photos, videos, blog posts, etc. 

The significance of UGC is that it comes from real people sharing their thoughts about your brand. Hence, it enhances trust and credibility. As we constantly mention, Gen-Z, the primary audience on the platform, highly appreciates credibility. 

Therefore, Blissy was able to create engaging, fun, trustworthy content. That’s why it’s on our list of the top Snapchat ad examples for e-commerce.  

When we say it’s a winning tactic, we truly mean it.

Tips and takeaways: Incorporate UGC into your marketing efforts on Snapchat to create brand trust and credibility.   

3- Gucci

Gucci is killing it on Snapchat, too. 

It has a very strong presence through announcing all of its product updates and announcements on its stories. 

Snaps of Gucci’s fashion weeks and the launch of the 2023 collection were all posted on Snapchat. In addition, Gucci has its AR lens on Snapchat to enable users to try its products virtually. As a result, users are instantly directed to the product page to complete their purchase. 

According to Snapchat, the AR lens led to an 18.9 million unique reach for Gucci and a positive ROAS.  

What caught our attention was the collab between Gucci and Adidas announced on Snapchat. 

Adidas inevitably is one of Generation Z’s favorite brands. Hence, such a collab should be announced on a platform that Generation Z checks out regularly. 

Tips and takeaways: Understand your target audience, their behaviors, and purchase patterns to provide an excellent Snapchat ad example in e-commerce. 

4- E.l.f Cosmetics

E.l.f cosmetics are a real example of keeping it simple stupid. 

They relied primarily on visually appealing snaps with trending and attractive music. 

Bingo! A successful Snapchat ad example in e-commerce. 

This is all that it takes to appeal to Snapchat users and to grab their attention. In fact, E.l.f cosmetics is performing very well on Snapchat. For instance, its AR lens led to high engagement rates, shares, and 141,000 free impressions, according to Snapchat.

Tips and takeaways: Simplicity can go a long way, especially on Snapchat. Therefore, attractive visuals with entertaining music can effortlessly attract users on Snapchat

5- Shein

Prepare your notebooks and be ready to take some notes from one of the best Snapchat ad examples in e-commerce.  

Shein simply excels in everything it does. No wonder it is witnessing continuous growth and taking the fashion world by storm. It is regarded as the largest online fashion retailer worldwide. 

So, when it comes to Snapchat, Shein understands the importance of video ads on such a platform. In addition, it understands the platform's audience, which is mostly Gen-Z, and how to grab their attention. 

Therefore, Shein relies on short video ads on Snapchat directed toward fashion enthusiasts. The video ads show different products offered by Shein with a swipe-up link to complete purchases.  

In addition, the fashion guru uses attractive video images and headlines to attract people to check out its videos. According to Snapchat, Shein witnessed a huge success on Snapchat with a 20% increase in ROI and a 50% decrease in cost per purchase.

6- Amazon

With more than 200 million Prime subscribers, Amazon’s Prime Day requires an extra focus from the world’s largest e-commerce.

Amazon’s Prime Day was created to celebrate Prime subscribers with exclusive deals from top brands and small businesses. Accordingly, Amazon created the Prime Day lens on Snapchat. 

By using this lens, Amazon promotes its Prime Day to motivate more people to subscribe. In addition, it increases customer engagement by simply connecting with shoppers through augmented reality.

Tips and takeaways: Snapchat isn’t only about showcasing your products. Rely on Snapchat to catch the attention of your special discounts and to gain more subscribers.

7- GymShark

GymShark has always witnessed continuous success with Snapchat. It relies on the platform to engage with customers, discuss its product features, and announce its new products.

In this campaign we are discussing, Gymshark used story ads to educate customers about its new sportswear products. Thus, it was able to build a narrative to educate shoppers about its products and why they choose them before making a purchase. 

Gymshark witnessed huge success in its conversion rates, high purchase rate, and low cost per action. According to Snapchat, Gymshark witnessed 100% in purchases compared to its forecast.

Tips and takeaways: Make sure to provide educational with high-value content to reach out to the largest number of shoppers on Snapchat. 

8- Pit Viper

When we saw the video ads of Pit Viper, we were impressed with how cool this brand is.

Pit Viper is an e-commerce brand specializing in sunglasses with a motto to not take life so seriously. 

To increase its brand awareness, Pit Viper went for Snapchat and presented one of the best Snapchat ad examples for e-commerce.

The brand created very creative video ads to showcase its products in a fun way while grabbing people’s attention with eye-catching products. Also, it relied on location targeting to run its ads in areas where people are interested in its products.

The result of the Pit Viper campaign is a 30x increase in ROAS. If this is not a successful campaign, we don’t know what it is.

Tips and takeaways: Be creative with visually appealing video ads on Snapchat to excel in your performance. 

9- Kylie Cosmetics

What makes Kylie Cosmetics on our list of the best Snapchat Ad examples for e-commerce is its success on the platform on all levels.

The high number of followers, which account for around 10 million people, enables Kylie Cosmetics to nail its Snapchat presence.

The brand connects perfectly with its target audience by providing them with tailored content that’s engaging and visually appealing. In addition, it creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity by announcing product updates to its Snapchat family.

In addition, Kylie Jenner, the brand's founder, knows the game very well. Therefore, it effectively uses its tricks to accelerate the performance of its online store by using Snapchat’s video ads.      

10- Hubble Lenses

Hubble offers daily contact lens subscriptions to its users. Accordingly, the online brand aimed to increase its awareness and reach more customers through Snapchat. 

Hubble created a GIF-like Snapchat ad, which is very simple yet very hard to miss. It offered appealing visuals directed to the users of Snapchat. Also, the brand didn’t miss adding a clear call to action in its snap. 

The brand’s objective was to increase subscribers through its 14-day trial; luckily, it worked.

Tips and takeaways: Don’t forget to follow the basic rules in marketing by including visually appealing content that is simple and never misses a clear CTA.   

Lights, Camera, Action

After showing you 10 of the best Snapchat ad examples for e-commerce, it’s time to start working on your Snapchat ads. 

It has been proven that leveraging Snapchat ads will lead to accelerating performance for your e-commerce.

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