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Top 11 E-commerce Facebook Ads Examples To Inspire You In 2023

The year 2023 has just arrived, and as an e-commerce business, you are certainly planning your social media posts by now. Maybe things are foggy by now, but we are here for the rescue. 

We know that you might need some inspiration, so get ready to be amused with 11 e-commerce Facebook ad examples that will inspire you in 2023.

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms with 2.5 billion monthly active users (Statista, 2023). In 2021, Facebook's advertising revenues reached 114 billion dollars which accounts for 60% of the social media ad revenues worldwide (Statista, 2022).

Accordingly, it's a platform that you don't want to ignore as an e-commerce business as definitely it has some of your target audience. That's why top e-commerce Facebook ads examples will be discussed in the upcoming section. Keep going to not miss them.

Top 11 E-commerce Facebook Ads Examples

  1. Warby Parker
  2. LIV Watches
  3. Allbirds
  4. Ruggable
  5. Tentsile
  6. Chubbies
  7. Brilliant Earth
  8. BarkBox
  9. TOMS
  10. Blendjet
  11. Hubble

In the upcoming section, we will take you through the top 11 e-commerce Facebook ads examples, their strategies, and how e-commerce businesses can utilize them. 

1- Warby Parker

E-commerce Facebook Ads Example Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an American online eyewear retailer that aims to sell trendy, fashionable, and high-quality eyewear yet with low prices. On the 3rd of January 2023, Warby Parker's net worth was 1.29 Billion dollars (Macrotrends, 2023). Such a giant e-commerce retailer certainly does not ignore its social media ads, especially Facebook. 

As an e-commerce eyewear store, Warby Parker was aware that its customers might need to try on its products before purchasing them. Accordingly, it announced such innovative features through its Facebook ads. What made things astonishing was the techniques Warby Parker utilized while conducting its Facebook ad 

First, Warby Parker used ad videos on Facebook which is known for driving higher engagement and sales conversions. A study showed that video ads on Facebook lead to 2 times the increase in clicks compared to image ads (adQuadrant, 2020).
Second, Warby Parker viewed the ad as if it is a User Generated Content (UGC); hence, leading to more customer engagement and higher sales. Generally, customers believe what other customers say about a certain product more than what companies say.

Accordingly, customers are encouraged to purchase a product when they receive confirmation and are encouraged by others; a psychological phenomenon known as social proof. This is exactly what Warby Parker was trying to utilize in its Facebook ad.  Finally, they used a new AR technology that enables customers to virtually try their products before purchasing.  

Warby Parker's ad combined everything needed for a successful e-commerce Facebook ad. No wonder it came on our list!   

2- LIV Watches

LIV Watches facebook ads

Another e-commerce Facebook ad example is by LIV watches. Besides being a premium Swiss watches brand, LIV makes sure that it delivers such a message through its Facebook ads. So, LIV watches relies on its customers' testimonials in its Facebook ad to create social proof. Apparently, creating social proof is such a successful marketing strategy to be used by e-commerce stores.

Businesses want to deliver to their customers that their purchase decision is supported by other customers as well. Also, reviews and testimonials from previous customers assist in building brand trust. 68% of consumers mention that they are more likely to deal with a business with positive reviews (FinancesOnline, 2022). Apparently, LIV watches have kept this in their minds while carrying out their Facebook ad. 

3- Allbirds

Allbirds Facebook ads

Going through successful e-commerce Facebook ads examples, we will have to check out the ad for Allbirds brand. Allbirds positions itself as the most comfortable shoes in the world. Accordingly, it wanted to deliver such a value proposition through its Facebook ads.

The image used in the ad is catchy, compatible with the ad description, and certainly with the brand value proposition. Additionally, Allbirds understands its customers, their struggle with online shopping, and the delivery fees. Accordingly, it highlights its free delivery and free return strategy in its Facebook ads to ensure more sales. 

4- Ruggable

Ruggable Fcabook ads

Ruggable seamlessly illustrates through its Facebook ad the type of rugs it provides to customers. Ruggable produces machine-washable rugs. However, some funny idioms to describe its products aren’t a bad thing, right? (we believe it’s not).  Well, that's why Ruggable used the terms "Pet-friendly"," red wine drinker friendly", and "Dorito fingers friendly".

The significance of this ad arises from its unique description and the fact that it solved a problem. Highlighting the solutions that your product provides ensures the success of your ad. Also, Ruggable used a video ad which is, as mentioned previously, highly effective in Facebook ads. 

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5- Tentsile

Tentsile Facebook Video ad example

Tentsile decided to raise the bar when dealing with customers through their Facebook ads. Well, they tested fake tree tents, so customers don't have to; lucky Tentsile customers! Throughout the ad, Tentsile did not talk about the significance of its product and its features. They decided to use evidence to convince customers of their outstanding product.  

6- Chubbies

Chubbies ad example

Using some humor in your e-commerce Facebook ads won't harm anyone. Yet, pinpointing the ultimate sense of humor might be a little bit challenging. Chubbies was able to solve the hard equation. That's why its Facebook ads are constantly a success. 

In this Facebook ad, Chubbies hit two birds with one stone. First, it used customers' reviews about its products, thus, building more trust in its brand. Second, it added an emotional perspective to the ad which is the sense of humor. In the ad heading, Chubbies replied to its customers' feedback in a funny way. Accordingly, it became more appealing to customers. 

7- Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth ad Example

Sometimes, a successful ad requires nothing more than simplicity which is reflected in a couple of simple images in a carousel form. That is exactly why Brilliant Earth Facebook ad is considered a success. Its simplicity appeals to all customers. In addition, it uses the carousel format of Facebook ads to provide several options for customers; hence, reaching the largest number of people.

For example, if a potential client does not like the first design, she might go through the pictures until she finds something compatible with her preference. That's the advantage of carousel formats of Facebook ads

8- BarkBox

BarkBox FB ad example

Barkbox understood the importance of carousel ads. However, it decided to use it in another super creative way. Barkbox started its ad with an ad description that grabs the attention of any dog owner (trust me, it worked with me).

To ensure the ad's success, Barkbox used the carousel ad format on Facebook creatively while also adding a sense of humor. Hence, it ensures that customers won't miss its ad while scrolling through Facebook. 

Barkbox, we are truly impressed. 



The success of this e-commerce Facebook ad for TOMS arises from two causes. First, the visuals of the ad are extremely aesthetically pleasing. Thus, it grabs the attention of customers while going through their timelines.

Second, the ad promotes a giveaway, which is certainly a successful marketing tactic. Promoting giveaways through Facebook ads drive more customers to your e-commerce store. Consequently, this leads to more awareness and drives more conversion rate. 

10- Blendjet

Blendjet FB ad

Why is this ad a successful example of e-commerce Facebook ads?

Well, you are looking at it. Blendjet did not stop at including feedback and testimonials in its Facebook ads. Instead, it worked on the psychological marketing tactic for social proof to encourage customers to purchase its product.

When a customer scrolls through Facebook and finds that 1 million people have used Blendjet, he/she will definitely have the urge to imitate the 1 million customers. Here comes the significance of this ad by Blendjet. Brilliant, isn't it?

11- Hubble


We are really impressed with the visuals of this facebook ad. Not surprising that it’s an outstanding e-commerce Facebook ad. Hubble brand accelerated its facebook ad with the captivating ad description. It used a quote that compared Hubble to the giant eyewear brand Warby Parker. Accordingly, it was able to link its brand with that of Warby Parker ; hence, reaching more potential customers.


Additionally, Hubble decided to deal with customers’ uncertainty in purchasing contact lenses online. So, it introduced its new offer which is 15 pairs of Hubble contacts for free for customers to try them. 


Imagine customers are scrolling through Facebook and found this attractive visual accompanied with an offer through which they can receive 15 pairs of contact lenses for free; we are pretty sure customers won’t skip this ad easily. 

Final thoughts:

At this point, we are so impressed now and we bet you are too! 

With the 11 examples of successful e-commerce Facebook ads, we believe that you are full of ideas for your e-commerce business by now. Well, don't lose the enthusiasm and start working on your Facebook ads. 

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