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Top 15 Marketing Automation Benefits in 2023

With AI and machine learning booming, the whole world is being automated. Some people see this as a threat while, in fact, it is a great opportunity. AI and automation can help humans achieve more in a shorter time. That is why marketing automation should be perceived as an opportunity. 

Marketing automation can support the growth of your company. True, but a lot of other things can as well. Why then do marketing automation? What advantages does marketing automation have for your business?

Marketing automation is super effective. According to Nucleus Research, marketing automation boosts sales productivity by 14.5% and lowers overall marketing overhead by 12.2%. Further analysis of the data reveals even more striking statistics for small businesses: Companies who use marketing automation to nurture prospects saw a 451% boost in qualified leads, according to a report by the Annuitas Group. As a result, those nurtured leads make purchases that are 47% greater than those of their unnurtured peers.

Table of Content:

15 Top Marketing Automation Benefits in 2023:

  1. Generating Better Quality Leads
  2. More Efficiency
  3. More Personalization
  4. A Better Conversion Rate
  5. More Accuracy
  6. Managing All Data
  7. Aligning Between Marketing & Sales
  8. Better Decisions 
  9. Full Integration With Your CRM
  10. Better Customer Experience 
  11.  More Time For Creativity 
  12. Higher Productivity
  13. Better Brand Perception 
  14. Less Workload, More Employee Satisfaction
  15. Higher ROI 

Top 15 Marketing Automation Benefits in 2023

In this article, we will be going through some of the many marketing automation benefits that you can make the best use out of for your business. Read on!

1- Generating High-Quality Leads

High-Quality Leads Marketing Automation BenefitsImage Source 

A crucial step in the development of any business is lead generation. By automating the lengthy process between marketing and sales, your team will have more time to concentrate on overall strategy and nurturing prospects with genuine potential. It means more prospects and more clients.

You may get a complete, fuller picture of potential customers' behavior using marketing automation.

Your marketing team can better understand prospects' interests and where they are in the buying cycle by using marketing automation software's behavioral monitoring techniques, such as following a user's trip across your website. 

Follow-ups can then be customized around those insights. Automation can help leads to be automatically scored, qualified, and prioritized by combining data from touchpoints, including website visits and downloads, social media activity, and direct marketing. This can then motivate larger marketing campaigns.

2- More Efficiency 

Marketing automation software like Convertedin, for instance, helps you create personalized multi-channel marketing that boosts customer engagement and maximizes ROI. It will help you target the right customers, engage shoppers, and save time with ready-made automation templates. It can also automate your ads and auto-segment the most relatable audience!

This frees up your staff to focus on more imaginative tasks like campaign and project planning and brainstorming.

Also, using an automation platform will simplify responsibilities for your team. Your team can use the same software to post a blog, a landing page, an email nurturing campaign, or a social media update. In the end, this saves your campaign-creating team time.

3- More Personalization 

To nurture leads, personalized content is essential. At every level of their investigation, 77% of consumers expect specific, targeted content, according to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. Delivering the appropriate material to the appropriate buyer at the appropriate time is made simpler by marketing automation solutions. Moreover, they record information from all of that content from different media and collect data more precisely which results in more personalized decisions. 

For instance, Dell turned to behavior analysis after observing high quantities of visits to their online store without many purchases to show for it. A 70% boost in click-through rates and a 300% increase in conversion rates were achieved by creating new advertising based on customer browsing histories, products viewed, and items left in web shopping carts.

Leads can be thoroughly qualified on the marketing side before being forwarded to sales using the information gathered by a marketing automation system. To automatically route qualified leads to the appropriate sales representatives, a good automation system gathers and processes visitor data using lead scoring and lead grading.

4- A Better Conversion Rate

eCommerce conversion

In addition to raising conversion rates, marketing automation can boost the productivity of your staff. You can improve your conversion rate and handle your leads more effectively with the aid of marketing automation tools.

Your marketing automation software will track your leads and even allow you to retarget website visitors who don't convert, improving your conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Once more, marketing automation ought to allow your team more time to evaluate your marketing plan and think about how to convert visitors.

5- More Accuracy

With marketing automation solutions, reporting your data doesn't have to be a difficult task. Automation will help enable you to create automated reports. A complicated task is suddenly made simpler.

Platforms for marketing automation can also provide you with a high-level breakdown of your whole workflow. You'll be able to identify challenges and sticking areas as a result. You can spot where issues are occurring with accurate, efficient reporting.

Throughout your lead nurturing email efforts, do leads lapse? Or is it when you are making sales? In either case, precise analytics will enable you to identify such issues and promptly address them.

6- Managing All Data

Platforms for marketing automation will monitor your leads and their interactions with your website. Your marketing operations will be more efficient thanks to marketing automation, which will definitely boost your output. This can help you concentrate more on more strategic duties like planning and design, goal development, research, building branding consistency, measuring KPIs, and more rather than completing manual, repetitive tasks.

It can help you collect customer information from contacts with (known and unknowing) individuals through a variety of channels, including emails, newsletter subscriptions, content downloads, visits to social media and websites, attendance at live and virtual events, and more.

As a result, data management is now simpler than ever. In addition, it automatically updates your data.

7- Aligning Between Marketing & Sales

You may connect corporate goals and efforts by combining your sales and marketing automation initiatives using the same platform.

In essence, it will streamline the transition from marketing-qualified leads to sales-qualified leads.

In fact, marketing automation may boost sales productivity by 14.5% and cut marketing overhead by 12.2%.

Also, it can aid in boosting sales and lead generation. While your sales staff works harder, your marketing team will spend more time planning how to boost conversion rates.

8- Better Decisions

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about "big data," but few businesses actually know how to get and use it. You can adopt big data with ease thanks to marketing automation, gathering priceless information at scale and using it right away.

Marketing automation tools are the most complete way to measure campaigns and forecast customer behavior on a small business budget since they offer a single platform for dashboarding and analytics, closed-loop reporting, and data collection and storage.

A marketing automation platform's capacity to create a more thorough picture of your prospects than ever before is just one of its many advantages. A/B test marketing materials to determine the most effective strategies and fully grasp the relationship between sales and marketing.

9- Full Integration With Your CRM

 CRMImage Source 

Adding a customer relationship management (CRM) system to the mix will definitely take your marketing automation to a new level. By integrating CRM and marketing automation, you can track your prospects' behavior in great detail, including which pages they visit, what kinds of content they are interested in, and where they are in the purchase cycle. Your leads' specific interests are now crystal clear to you, allowing you to customize anything from content marketing to sales pitches.

This leads us to the last leg of the journey—for both us and your customers. It's time to move all the way down the funnel to sales, where maintaining a flowing pipeline is crucial.

10- Better Customer Experience 

When a lead converts, marketing doesn't end. You can enhance existing customers' interactions with your business and raise their lifetime value by setting up automated workflows for nurturing them.

With the aid of marketing automation, you can reach your customers with company news, seasonal discounts, product updates, satisfaction surveys, and educational content that will support them along the way. Additionally, you can use it as a source of insightful consumer data to customize your content to the interests and problems of your target audience.

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 11- More Time For Creativity 

Burnout is caused by the never-ending stream of dull duties. Your marketing team will be more motivated and effective if you relieve them of some of their workload.

Your staff will have more energy for creativity and innovation once they no longer need to manually do repetitive tasks. Your marketing staff may concentrate on creating more engaging content and developing fresh marketing experiments while automation software takes care of mundane tasks.

12- Higher Productivity

ProductivityImage source

Your team can complete more work in less time, thanks to marketing automation.

Marketing automation software frees up marketers to focus on more important duties and produce greater outcomes by taking over time-consuming tasks. For instance, your marketing team may use that time to refine your lead nurturing approach and boost conversions rather than spend it manually scoring leads.

13- Better Brand Perception

What should you do if a business bombards you with pointless messages? You choose not to receive their emails anymore. If a corporation is bad at using data, you can keep receiving their emails, which will anger you every time you see their content online.

You won't be in such a situation if you use automated campaigns. You won't have to keep track of unsubscribes by hand. A contact will stop receiving messages the moment they ask to be taken off your list.

14- Less Workload, More Employee Satisfaction

Marketing automation has a big impact on your staff's productivity in addition to how you interact with prospects and consumers.

Marketers must constantly monitor analytics and act promptly in response to every client activity in the absence of automated workflows. In such a situation, no one on the team has time for more crucial strategic work because they are all involved in tedious, repetitive tasks.

Automation tools lessen the workload on your employees and contribute to their overall well-being.

Also, if your workload is lower, you won't need to hire as many employees to complete jobs that may be automated.

15- Higher ROI

Implementing marketing automation requires both time and money. But perseverance finally bears fruit.

Increased ROI is a significant effect of decreased team burden, increased team productivity, increased conversions, and other advantages provided by marketing automation.

The return on investment (ROI) from a specific marketing endeavor is what you make. For every dollar invested in implementation, marketing automation has an average return on investment of $5.44.

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