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Top 16 E-Commerce Trends in 2024: Reshaping Online Shopping

Do you know what Christmas bonuses and annual increases mean to the e-commerce industry? MORE SALES! But of course, you can’t just count on a fleeting surge in orders, and you have to prepare for the whole year. That’s why we gathered for you the top 16 E-commerce trends in 2024. 

Stay ahead of the competition and unlock new opportunities in E-commerce by understanding the future trends set to transform the way we shop online. 

In this blog, we will shed light on the top things to do and not to do for every e-commerce business looking for a successful year.

16 E-Commerce Trends 2024 Reshaping The Industry 

  1. Headless commerce 
  2. Direct customer service 
  3. TikTok Shop on the rise 
  4. Personalization using AI
  5. Shift to zero-party data 
  6. Delivery is getting faster 
  7. SEO is losing the fight to AI-powered search engines
  8. Go green or go home 
  9. AR getting real (literally!)
  10. Value-for-money is a no.1 priority 
  11. Buy now, pay later
  12. Subscription E-commerce market growing 
  13. Short videos are (still) a big deal 
  14. Surge in voice search 
  15. Enhanced cybersecurity 
  16. Flexible payment methods 

With the rise of AI and people going back to shopping in stores, there are many factors expected to reshape the industry this year. So before finalizing your annual marketing plans consider the top e-commerce trends in 2024. 

1- Headless commerce 

The e-commerce industry doesn't like to leave a stone unturned when introducing headless commerce. 

This is a new type of E-commerce that uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to deliver content to any front-end framework.

In simpler words, thanks to headless commerce, customers can now browse and order from Internet of Things (IoT) devices like smart speakers.

2- Direct customer service 

Direct customer service

Open your DMs; customers are sliding there in 2024! 

Customers have started reaching out to e-commerce businesses through direct messages on social media platforms. In fact, Hubspot’s report showed a 45% YoY increase in social media users who have sent direct messages to get customer service.

This one is easy to take advantage of.  Just reply to your DMs quickly and smartly! 

3- TikTok Shop on the rise

In 2023, TikTok Shop has entered the game. The trend-setting platform now allows brands and creators to showcase and sell products directly on TikTok. 

You are probably thinking this is just social commerce on another platform. Well, you are not particularly wrong, but when you consider the platform’s wide popularity, especially with Gen Z, you will understand its potential. 

If you are not already on TikTok, then this should be your wake-up call. And if you are, then definitely add TikTok Shop to your E-commerce marketing plans this year. 

4- Personalization using AI

We have known for years now that personalization is the bread and butter of the E-commerce industry. But what’s new is that just learning who your customers are is not enough anymore. 

That’s why personalization using AI-powered tools is one of the top E-commerce trends in 2024 to consider. 

These tools help you predict what your customers will want and offer a somewhat dynamic personalized shopping experience. 

5- Shift to zero-party data 

Remember when Apple first introduced the option to opt out of data tracking for affiliate marketing or any other reasons? That stirred the market at the time, and in 2024, we might be witnessing another stir. 

The end to the support for third-party cookies is growing by the minute. In fact, since mid-2023, Google Chrome has started phasing out its support for third-party cookies.

So, to stay ahead and ensure you have all the data you need a shift to zero-party data will be the best solution. 

Collecting zero-party is easier than it sounds; you can start with some polls, questionnaires, and focus groups. 

6- Delivery is getting faster 

Fast delivery is no longer a perk; it has become an expectation. Customers nowadays expect same or next-day delivery; if it takes any longer than that, they might turn to one of your competitors. 

Needless to say, if this is not something your E-commerce business can do, then don’t promise it. The key to keeping your customers happy is setting the right expectations from the very first touch point. 

7- SEO is losing the fight to AI-powered search engines

Over the past couple of months, ChatGPT and other AI-powered search engines have replaced traditional search engines.

Many people stopped googling their questions and looking through tens of websites to find an answer. Instead, they started heading for AI engines that would give them a direct answer. 

So the question is: How will that be one of the top e-commerce trends in 2024? 

Simply, it means that your focus on optimizing your content for search engines may be not that important over time. But don’t mistake that for stopping content altogether. Because in the end, this is one of the best ways to reach and engage customers. 

8- Go green or go home 

Sustainability has been on the frontlines for quite some time now, but in 2024, it is becoming even more important. 

Consumers are now witnessing the effects of global warming in real-time, which is making them turn to businesses with sustainable solutions and green initiatives more and more. 

There are numerous ways you can turn your E-commerce business into a green one, including using recyclable materials, reducing packaging, and lowering your carbon footprint. 

9- AR is getting real (literally!)


Augment reality (AR) is also not a new trend, but it is expected to grow tremendously this year. AR’s usage in the E-commerce industry is simple, it helps customers see how their products will look in real life. This bridges the gap between online and offline shopping. 

This trend is specifically popular with E-commerce furniture and makeup businesses. But it also started making an appearance in the clothing industry. 

10- Value-for-money is a no.1 priority 

You might think that is a no-brainer, but with the current economic crisis, there is a new emphasis on value for money. 

Even if high quality is not your edge, customers in 2024 are expecting to get their money’s worth from every product they get. It also helps to offer as many details about the materials and any elements used in your products, so customers know exactly what they are purchasing. 

11- Buy now, pay later 

As previously noted, money is tight! 

That’s why the buy now, pay later option is one of the top E-commerce trends in 2024.

Basically, this is a payment method that allows customers to order a product from your online store, get it right away, and pay for it in installments over a pre-determined period. 

Read more in A Detailed Guide to Buy Now, Pay Later for eCommerce Businesses 

12- Subscription E-commerce market growing 

Subscriptions are not just for service companies anymore! 

Over the past couple of years, many e-commerce companies have started using the subscription model and offering customers convenient and personalized experiences. 

This trend seems to be on the rise in 2024, and it won’t cost you a dime. All you have to do is allow customers to subscribe to you and get their orders regularly. 

By integrating the subscription model, you won’t only be meeting an increasing demand but also securing for your business a number of sales on a monthly (or other specified period) basis. 

13- Short videos are (still) a big deal

We are not sure if people are getting busier or attention spans are getting slower, but what we are sure of is that short videos are still the best way to go. 

With TikTok and YouTube shorts being trend-setters in the past year, it is not really a surprise that short videos are one of the top E-commerce trends to watch in 2024. 

14- Surge in voice search


Voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are quickly making their way into a lot of homes. That might mean more sales for your E-commerce business if you optimize for voice search! 

This is one of the very straightforward trends with minimum effort from your end.

Keep in mind that optimizing for voice searches is different than optimizing for written searches. Discover more in: Voice Commerce: What It Is, How To Use & Its Benefits

15- Enhanced cybersecurity 

As online shopping continues to grow, so do cybersecurity threats. Accordingly, E-commerce businesses need to invest heavily in cybersecurity measures in order to protect customer data and ensure secure transactions.

By prioritizing cybersecurity, your business can build trust with its customers and reduce potential risks.

To enhance your cybersecurity, start by implementing advanced encryption protocols, two-factor authentication, and fraud detection systems.

16- Flexible payment methods 

Last but surely not least, in 2024, customers are expecting from any E-commerce business to accept various payment methods. Don’t underestimate the importance of convenience; customers can turn from one business to another just because it has their preferred payment method. 

In addition to the traditional cash or card, nowadays you can also accept payments from mobile wallets, wire transfers, and cryptocurrency.

From AR to voice search, sustainability to headless commerce, businesses must adapt to these emerging  E-commerce trends 2024 to stay competitive and provide exceptional shopping experiences.

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