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Top 8 Back To School Marketing Campaign Examples To Drive More Sales

The back-to-school season is around the corner. And even though our little ones and big ones as well don’t like it, you can still benefit from such a time with spectacular campaigns that can boost your sales. 

We are pretty sure there is nothing like the summer joy, but let’s do our best. So, for that, we have gathered some of the best back-to-school marketing campaigns with the best ideas you can borrow. 

Quite interested?

So are we! 

Keep reading the upcoming article to see how online businesses solved the equation by adding spark to their campaigns during the back-to-school season. 

Most Inspiring Back To School Marketing Campaigns Examples With Tips

  1. Walmart
  2. DoorDash
  3. Baboon To The Moon
  4. Shein
  5. Amazon
  6. American Eagle
  7. Fit Track
  8. Macy’s

1- Walmart

Go Back Big!

This is how Walmart chose to encourage children in its back-to-school campaigns. The video ad created by Walmart had plenty of perspectives that led to its success.

First, the campaign showed how Walmart is the optimal choice for all people and all family members. Children love it, and parents do too. 

Second, they focused on the exceptional services Walmart offers during the back-to-school season to facilitate things during such a busy season. With its online order and store pick-up service, Walmart made things much easier for parents. 

Finally, Walmart’s song choice can’t be questioned. What’s better than listening to “Let’s Get It Started” on the first day of school? It’s certainly a mood changer(Not only for the kids).  

2- DoorDash

We are not exaggerating when we say that DoorDash nailed it!

To keep up with such a season, DoorDash created a back-to-school Hub in which everything parents need is available on its platform. This ranges from groceries to bags and pencil cases. 

What caught our attention was DoorDash’s back-to-school marketing campaign, which manifested the struggle of all parents moving from the fun summer days to the chaotic back-to-school and its preparations. 

Therefore, throughout its back-to-school hub, parents can order whatever they want, and it will be available at their doorstep within an hour. 

Can the back-to-school season get any better?

3- Baboon To The Moon

Baboon To The Moon
Baboon to the Moon is an e-commerce specializing in bags. Thus, no doubt back to school is a high season for Baboon to the moon. 

Accordingly, Baboon to the Moon decided to play it the old way. To stay on top of customers’ minds, the online brand relied on email marketing to show its various products in different colors and sizes. 

In addition, it includes a clear CTA to encourage users to place an order. It’s worth mentioning that Baboon to the Moon used the quote, “The end of summer is forever the back-to-school season.” 

With this simple quote, Baboon to the Moon was able to appeal to the largest target audience not necessarily students and parents. 

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4- Shein

Shein, the world’s largest fashion retailer, never misses a chance on viral campaigns and high seasons. And back to school is no exception. 

In its back-to-school marketing campaign, Shein relied on influencer marketing and affiliate marketing. This was evident in the collaborations it made during the back-to-school season by offering coupons and, hence, encouraging sales. 

Also, it created #SheinBackToSchoolHaul on Instagram and TikTok to increase its online presence with user-generated content. Hence building more trust and leveraging social proof. 

5- Amazon

Why spend more when you can spend less?

This is exactly what Amazon wanted to promote in its back-to-school season. It understands how the global financial situation is challenging and the skyrocketing inflation; hence, parents are looking for the best options with the lowest prices. 

As a result, Amazon highlighted its back-to-school deals in its campaign to attract parents to save in such a busy time. 

The thing is, in its back-to-school marketing campaign, Amazon added a joyful vibe with interactive children, parents, and a sense of humor. 

6- American Eagle

Hats off to one of the best back-to-school marketing campaigns ever!

We have to say, we are impressed.

Everything about this campaign is perfect. It focuses on the back-to-school season from a whole different perspective than any other online brand. It highly resonates with teens and youth. 

The music, the visuals, and we can’t miss the transitions all contributed to the success of the ad. In addition, it showed the youth's tendency to express themselves and to just “Be You”.  

7- Fit Track

Fit Track
Who said that back-to-school marketing campaigns are only relevant to online stores specializing in stationary and clothing only?

We are here to tell you that regardless of the products you are offering, you can still tailor relevant campaigns to be consistent with such a season. Speaking of which, giveaways, contests, and freebies can go a long way with students and parents too.

Therefore, Fit Track played it smart with its campaign on getting fit before school. Hence, it created a giveaway worth 2,000$ to incentivize users to join. It was able to attract many customers while being part of the back-to-school time. 

Like seriously, who doesn’t want to look fit in school or college? Fit Track understands this very well and smartly worked on it. 

8- Macy’s

Macy’s is always part of the back-to-school season. Yet, it understands that today’s children impose their opinions on their parents. 

Parents just pay the cash, and children are the ones who choose ( We can’t argue about that).

Accordingly, in its back-to-school marketing campaign, Macy’s stressed such a point. It showed children choosing their school outfits and mentioned offering different outfits to suit students’ various styles.

Macy’s didn’t forget about parents as well. Therefore, it created a reward program for some cash off in their upcoming purchases. 

So, we can say that Macy’s was able to successfully satisfy the needs of children and parents.   

Final Thoughts

With our list of the best back-to-school marketing campaigns, we can tell you that there are no excuses. We won’t settle for less than such booming campaigns for your e-commerce. 

Back to school is a high season so do whatever it takes to stand out among the fierce competition of this season.