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Top 8 Black Friday Email Marketing Ideas To Maximize Sales 

The moment November begins, people start thinking about its important events like Thanksgiving or Veterans Day. However, one of the most important events of them all is Black Friday, the long-awaited time of the year.  

It’s that time when dreams come true, all our favorite products are on sale and the bag you have been dreaming of buying can finally be afforded. 

So, it’s perfect timing to increase your e-commerce sales, reach new customers, and build a base of loyal ones. But, just like black Friday is a golden opportunity for all online businesses, it also has intensive competition. 

Thus, you have to exert extra effort to stand out among the fierce competition. 

There are plenty of marketing tactics online businesses use to leverage Black Friday. All of them are vital for driving more sales during this busy time of the year. 

Yet, to succeed even more, you have to go back to the old school. Hence, incorporating email marketing into your e-commerce is no longer an option. 

We know you already have too much on your mind at the moment. That’s why we are here. We will give you some tips and tricks on the best Black Friday email marketing ideas you should work on right away. 

So, let’s get ready to work on this season's emails. 

Black Friday Email Marketing Ideas

  1. Divide The Season Into Three Mailing Periods
  2. Include A Black Friday Countdown
  3. Create Contests And Giveaways
  4. Donate For A Cause
  5. Early VIP Access To Black Friday Deals
  6. Include Product Recommendations In Your Emails
  7. Create Visually Appealing Email Designs
  8. Abandoned Carts Reminders

Prepare your notebooks and get ready to be dazzled with the best Black Friday email marketing ideas to start including in your e-commerce. 

1- Divide The Season Into Three Mailing Periods

Dealing with the black Friday season requires some planning and attention to detail. Thus, you can’t deal with this heavy season haphazardly; a plan must be there for your online store. 

As a start, your black Friday email marketing has to be divided into three mailing periods:

  1. Pre-Black Friday
  2. Black Friday
  3. Post Black Friday

First, the Pre-Black Friday, you have to give a heads-up to customers on the upcoming sales you are planning on the awaited day. In addition, the pre-black Friday teaser excites shoppers and prepares them for your offers by saving some cash for the upcoming deals. 

Second, the Black Friday day, the day of the battle. Just imagine how many businesses send emails on that day to attract the largest number of customers. Therefore, you have to use the right techniques and ideas to outperform the competitors (which we will discuss in the upcoming paragraphs)

Third, Post Black Friday, you have to be there for the people who didn’t catch the Black Friday offers. Honestly, there are plenty of people, including myself, who wish the offers would continue some days afterward to catch up on what we missed.

Trust us, including your Post black Friday offers in your emails will drive more sales and make up for the lost opportunities. 

2- Include A Black Friday Countdown

Black Friday is already a tight season with one day all shoppers have to get all the hot deals. So, one of the key Black Friday email marketing ideas is to include a countdown in your emails to spice things up with a sense of urgency. 

Customers already know they are tight on time, but why not highlight the remaining hours, minutes, and seconds to grab the best deals of the year in your emails?

Such an idea highlights the urgency factor in FOMO marketing, which always helps in encouraging customers to place an order.  

sutdown email
Dream Weaver is a Canadian brand specializing in local and sustainable goods. During Black Friday, it promoted one of its main products, Tease Tea, by including a countdown in its emails to incentivize shoppers to place an order. 

3- Create Contests And Giveaways

We are not exaggerating when we say that Black Friday is a golden opportunity for customers to get their loved products at huge discounts. Yet, it can be a diamond opportunity for shoppers if they get the chance to get products for free!

We won’t guarantee that your customers will hold their enthusiasm when you announce running giveaways during this busy season. 

Accordingly, an excellent black friday email marketing idea is running contests and giveaways. This will make your email outshine the competition and the tons of emails received by shoppers at this time. 

Almost all online businesses are sending emails to promote their discounted products, but you are raising the bar by sending emails promoting the free products you are offering through the giveaways. 

Well, get ready for a potential buyer blitz!  

4- Donate For A Cause

Generally, people admire a business that stands for a cause and is aware of its social responsibility.

Accordingly, you can still work on such an aspect during the busy Black Friday. For instance, you can donate a portion of your sales to a certain cause, or for every product sold, you will donate one in return. 

Thus, include this in your black friday email marketing to differentiate your e-commerce store from competitors. In addition, this will encourage customers to buy from your business as they prefer to support brands that give back to society.   

5- Early VIP Access To Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is an optimal chance to nurture your loyal customers and to gain new ones as well. With shoppers fighting over getting the best deals, you can create a sense of exclusivity by creating early VIP access to black Friday deals. 

Well, we bet customers’ jaws will drop with their early access to the exclusive deals before anyone else. 

This will certainly improve brand awareness and enhance customer loyalty. 

This proved to be one of the best black Friday email marketing ideas, as we have seen with the widely known e-commerce Tanit. 

Black Friday Email Marketing Ideas example

Tanit is specialized in naturally made and sustainable skincare and haircare products. It incorporates such a winning idea in its Black Friday emails by creating VIP programs to enjoy early celebrations before anybody else.

6- Include Product Recommendations In Your Emails

Product Recommendations black friday email marketing
During Black Friday, shoppers are already overwhelmed with the huge amount of sales and discounts. Hence, they are most probably not sure which products to buy. 

Accordingly, a successful black friday email marketing idea is to include product recommendations in your emails. This can include catalogs of the best-selling products, top picks, and products with the most discounts. And you can personalize the product recommendations as well to witness even better results. 

7- Create Visually Appealing Email Designs

Black Friday Email Marketing Ideas examples
To stand out among the tons of emails sent, you have to include attractive visuals and appealing email designs. 

This means including bold colors in your black friday emails to make them pop up for customers. In addition, you can link between the used colors and your brand visual identity to make your emails more differentiated. 

Most importantly, you have to include high-quality and visually appealing images. They are crucial for online shopping and to make shoppers order right away during this peak season. 

8- Abandoned Carts Reminders

Well, abandoned carts during black friday don’t match. So, there is no perfect time to send abandoned cart reminders than this time. 

The emails just have to highlight that “ It’s now or never”. We might be magnifying the situation but some exaggeration won’t harm, isn’t it? 

You only have to remind them of the products left in their carts and to complete their orders. 

From your side, you can spice things up by offering free shipping to reduce cart abandonment and restore your lost revenue. Also, don’t miss adding a clear CTA so customers finalize their purchases promptly. 

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