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Top 7 Online Grocery Trends In 2023 & How To Benefit From Them

One of the very few industries to boom during the pandemic was online grocery shopping. But now long after lockdowns, how is it looking? Are still people opting for the easier choice and having their groceries delivered? Or did they miss the social interactions and they've gone back to the markets? 

Research shows that although some people have returned to physical stores, this is still a lucrative industry with unlimited potential. Now the real question is; where does that leave you as an online grocer? 

There are many rising challenges and opportunities that can reshape the whole industry. So the very first thing you got to do is learn about the top online grocery trends 2023. So you can stay ahead of the game and become the best online grocer! 

Table of Contents 

  1. Grocers are becoming their own suppliers 
  2. Repeat orders 
  3. Reduce spending 
  4. Cost reductions 
  5. Grocers will introduce AI technologies 
  6. Budget-friendly sustainability on the rise 
  7. Food inspiration 

Top 7 online grocery trends in 2023 

The main trend shaping the online grocery industry since it was first introduced to the world is convenience. Customers can now get all their grocery shopping done from the comfort of their own couches, simply using their mobile phones. 

But like any industry, after a while, competition grows, and customers' expectations increase. Also, it's no secret that the world is going through some tough times with the ongoing economic crisis hitting many countries and industries. And of course, that also affects the online grocery trends in 2023. 

So in order for your online store not only to thrice but actually survive in these challenging times, let’s take a deep dive into the top 7 online grocery trends 2023 and how you can benefit from them.

1- Grocers are going digital 

Online Grocery Trends In 2023

One of the most important online grocery trends in 2023 that you have to look out for is traditional grocers going digital. 

Grocers have started to see the potential of selling their products online themselves instead of providing them through an online third-party provider. So if you are like most online grocers that use a B2B2C business model, you might lose some of your suppliers and your customers. 

Before you look for another eCommerce business to start, here are some ways to dodge that bullet. 

How to benefit from this trend?

There are 2 ways to work with this trend. The first and the easiest is ensuring you are on good terms with your providers so they don’t drop you even if they launch their own platforms.

By good terms, we don’t mean calling to check up on them; we mean paying them on time, communicating clearly, being fair, and addressing with them any problems that arise. 

The other and harder approach to this trend is becoming your own supplier. Surely vertical integration is not easy, and it may cost a lot now, but in the long run, you can drastically increase your revenues. 

You should start small and produce some items till you see the rewards and the effect they can have on your eCommerce business. 

2- Repeat orders 

Groceries are not something that customers regularly change. If a household uses certain types of cheese and crackers, more often than not they will keep ordering it over and over again. But how can you ensure that customers order from you again and again and again? 

How to benefit from this trend?

This might not be a new trend but if in 2023 you are not addressing it you will be left behind. Your online store can simply introduce an “Order Again” feature! 

Yes, it's that easy. Just ensure that you have this feature appear on the home page of your online store and customers can easily add their items to their carts. 

3- Reduce spending 

With the high inflation rates, customers are starting to tighten their purse strings. Does that mean the market size will trend downward? Surprisingly no! The online grocery sales industry's market size is estimated to grow by 3.6% in 2023.

Since grocery shopping is an essential part of life, no one can actually eliminate it all together. But customers will be looking for cheaper options and maybe shopping in bulk. 

How to benefit from this trend?

Benefiting from this trend is not the real objective, you should just be trying to minimize its effect on your sales and revenues. How? 

Easy, by offering bundles, deals, and exclusive offers you will incentivize customers to order from your online grocery store instead of others. Maybe your average cart value will take a hit, but in general, deals and bundles can save the day. 

4- Cost reduces

One of the online grocery trends in 2023 is customers spending less, so you also have to spend less! In other terms, if you are getting less money, you have to spend less money. 

Needless to say, not all online grocers will be making less money than they are used to. In fact, online grocery sales are expected to reach $146 billion in 2023, accounting for 15.3% of the overall grocery market, but why not be prepared for a rainy day? 

How to benefit from this trend?

Efficiency and technology are key to reducing costs and transforming your operations. You can work on these two factors in hundreds of ways. On top of that long list, comes automation. 

By automating many of your daily routine operations, you can cut costs and allow employees to focus on more important tasks. Speaking of automation, do you know that ConvertedIn can automate all your marketing efforts and uplevel your eCommerce game in general? 

This includes automating ads, emails, and SMSs, auto-segmenting customers, and offering personalized recommendations. 

5- Grocers will introduce AI technologies 


Another way that technology is entering the online grocery trends in 2023 is through AI. Many eCommerce businesses are already integrating AI-powered tools into their platforms nowadays.

In general, AI technologies and tools are expected to reduce costs, tackle any labor shortage issues, and increase sales. 

How to benefit from this trend?

This one answers itself. For those confused, simply use AI technologies. Bearing in mind that by using Ai technologies you can:

  • Predict your customers’ behavior and stock up accordingly
  • Have virtual shopping assistance 
  • Offer more secure payment methods 
  • Create content that converts (for email, social media, etc)
  • Have your whole online store translated and localized to any market you want to enter

Discover more in A Look into the Future for ChatGPT in Retail: Advantages & Disadvantages

6- Budget-friendly sustainability on the rise 

Sustainability is not a new trend, but affordable sustainability is one of the top online grocery trends in 2023. Customers want to have their cake and eat it too, so they no longer accept that recyclable materials or any eco-friendly alternatives cost more. 

In simpler terms, customers want you to offer more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions without having to pay extra for them. 

How to benefit from this trend?

This might seem like a tough one to crack. However, there are many relatively cheap sustainable solutions you can use. We will give you a tip; one of the easiest ways for affordable sustainability is going green on the packaging. 

Also, if you can’t introduce an affordable sustainable solution, you can always offer expensive sustainable products and cheap unsustainable products and let customers choose for themselves. 

7- Food Inspirations 

As previously noted, customers are expecting more from their online grocers. This means that if you are not going the extra mile, customers will turn to your competitors. 

What are your competitors doing? Well, these days many online grocers are offering recipes and ways customers can creatively use their products. And with the economic difficulties and people eating at home more, these food inspirations are a great opportunity to engage existing customers and attract new ones! 

Although offering food inspiration may not be technically a new opportunity in the market, with more and more eCommerce businesses introducing it, it's definitely one of the top online grocery trends in 2023. 

How to benefit from this trend?

Another no-brainer, all you go to do is add some fun, easy, and gourmet recipes to your online store. You can also collaborate with some food influencers and make them create recipes for your platform! 

In a nutshell, there are many online grocery trends in 2023 that might reshape the whole industry! But if you focus on the top trends and leverage every opportunity, you have nothing to worry about.