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How automated ads can increase sales and revenue for your eCommerce store

New eCommerce stores are popping up every other day. While this means good news for buyers and the economy, it also spells more competition in the market. As an eCommerce site, your best bet is finding new strategies to stand out and offering more to buyers. If this is one of your goals this year, this is the article for you. We will discuss the challenges faced by eCommerce stores and how to solve them through automated ads and AI. We will also delve into how exactly automated ads can increase sales, revenue and CTR for your eCommerce store.

eCommerce has been steadily growing over the last couple of years. Business owners with brick-and-mortar stores have realized that there is a large online market that they can leverage to boost their brand awareness, sales, revenue and customer loyalty. 

The pandemic has further propelled the rise of eCommerce stores. Because of the novel coronavirus that rocked the globe in December 2019, business owners were forced to find alternatives to doing business amidst the several lockdowns. 

Challenges faced by eCommerce stores

As your eCommerce store expands, so do the challenges and intricacies of adequately running your enterprise. You have more buyers to deal with, more data to analyze and more campaigns to put together, and you need to coordinate these campaigns across different platforms. 

How customized is your buyer’s experience

Customers are more demanding than before. They want their experiences to be more personalized according to their needs, preferences and price bracket. As an eCommerce seller, you know how cutthroat the competition can be. 

For this reason, you have to stand out from the rest by enhancing the customer experience as much as possible. It would be best if you made your customers feel catered for in terms of their tastes and preferences.

However, this is easier said and done. There are many moving parts when it comes to customizing the user's experience. For instance, there are mountains of data across different platforms that need to be collected, analyzed, and leveraged if your goal is to improve the buyer's experience through segmentation. Not forgetting the various sources where the data can be found- social media platforms, websites, surveys, polls. 

While all this can be done by a dedicated marketing and advertising team, it might be costly in terms of time, money and human resources- not to mention the possibility of incorrect segmentation. 

Every user is at a different level in the buying process, and they respond to different stimuli. A new buyer and a loyal customer do not have the exact needs. A new buyer would respond to a first-time buyer discount, while a loyal one would react favorably to a catalog of products they might like because of their buying history.

This seems like a lot of work, right? Especially if you consider that you have to do it for hundreds or thousands of customers. The good news is that you do not have to do it all on your own. There are a variety of AI-powered customer ads platforms like Convertedin available on the market that can take this lengthy and complicated process out of your hands. 

Automated ads- a win for eCommerce stores and buyers

Automated ads understands both the customer's needs and the seller- Their role is to align the needs of both the eCommerce stores and the buyers so that everyone’s wants are met efficiently.

The buyer side

Your customer wants to go to your eCommerce site and instantly see the products that fit their preferences, needs, and lifestyle. They want you to send them offers, recommendations, and messages relevant to them instead of hounding them with information that is of no use to them. In addition, your customers want a streamlined and consistent experience across platforms; otherwise, they will move on to your competition.

The eCommerce store side

The eCommerce store side

As an eCommerce seller, you want the ability to do all the above for your customers efficiently, quickly and cheaply. But you also want to know how to exploit the enormous amounts of data available to you. Collecting data from different sources is one thing, but analyzing it and drawing actionable insights from it is another hurdle that not many eCommerce sellers have mastered. 

If this is the case with your eCommerce store, it may be time to look into automated ads. With automated ads, you will be able to gather data, analyze it and use it to segment your customers to create a personalized and unique experience for your potential and loyal buyers.

How do automated ads work

  1. Data merging

Automated ads help you gather all the relevant data from all the necessary platforms and put it under one roof. Data from surveys, polls, excel sheets, websites, and social media platforms become available to you with a single click. 

  1. Segmentation

Now that we know who your buyers are, their buying behavior, when they are most likely to purchase, and on which platform, these AI powered tools place them into different categories. Then, they can create automated ads for your eCommerce store, offers, messages, and recommendations most suited for your buyers. 

These categories can include age, gender, location, income bracket, buying frequency or cart abandonment. For instance, if a user abandons their cart, you can send them an email or a message notification reminding them to finish their purchase. In addition, you can sweeten the deal by offering them a discount. 

Or, if your buyer is a college student, you can send them ads about back-to-school offers or deals on summer, winter and spring outfits, depending on their location.

  1. Building and conquering

The customer journey is not a straight road. Your customer can be a loyal buyer for a couple of months and then completely stop purchasing your products for several reasons. They might go cold turkey, or you will notice a significant reduction in their purchasing frequency. Whether your eCommerce store is big or a budding enterprise, it is hard to keep track of the customer journey of every buyer manually. 

These AI powered tools can automatically track each buyer’s journey and match them with recommendations, offers and messages that suit the point at which they are in the purchasing cycle. 

For example, suppose you have a loyal buyer that you wrongly categorize as an inactive one. In that case, you may hound them with numerous emails that can irritate them to move to another vendor or remove all notifications from your site.

On the other hand, when you correctly categorize a buyer as a new subscriber, you can send them offers through welcome emails and discounts if they sign up for a loyalty card. Sending the right ads to the right buyers increases your chances of closing a sale. 

Streamlined marketing across platforms

Streamlined marketing across platforms

With the advancement in technology, there are multiple platforms to reach your users, aside from your official website, such as SMS messages, email notifications and social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. With automated ads, you can integrate all these channels and streamline communication across these platforms depending on each user's behavior.

Your business has to stand out from the competition in the current eCommerce market. If you want to drive sales and take the lion's share of buyers, you must boost your brand awareness through continuous, relevant and exciting advertising strategies. This can all be simplified through incorporating AI in eCommerce.

Are you interested in growing your business and boosting sales through automated eCommerce ads? Then, check out Convertedin for accurate and comprehensive customer insight and personalized ads across numerous channels.