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Your Ultimate Guide To YouTube Shorts For e-Commerce 

With customers’ short attention spans, e-commerce businesses go for short videos, widely known as digestible content. Around 40% of enterprises use short videos to promote their products (Hootsuite, 2022) 

The popularity of these short videos was evident in the massive traffic on TikTok and Instagram reels. 

But the video content tycoon, Youtube, can’t miss such opportunities emerging with short video content. Therefore, Youtube initiated the Youtube shorts feature. 

The smart thing is combining Youtube shorts with e-commerce and product selling. Hence, Youtube added a shopping feature to Youtube shorts through which viewers can complete a purchase while scrolling through these short videos. Such a feature is currently available for users in the US, India, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. However, Youtube aims to expand this feature to other countries.

Integrating Youtube shorts and enabling the shopping option is part of Youtube’s efforts to become an e-commerce destination. Youtube shorts provides e-commerce stores with more visibility, awareness, conversions, sales, and revenues. 

To start benefitting from Youtube shorts in your e-commerce, we will take you through a complete guide on how to use them, examples, and strategies to hit the jackpot.  

Table Of Content:

  1. What is Youtube Shorts?
  2. Youtube Shorts Statistics
  3. How to use Youtube Shorts in e-commerce
  4. Examples of Youtube shorts in e-commerce
  5. Tips for using Youtube shorts in e-commerce

What Is Youtube Shorts?

youtube shorts for ecommerceSource

Just like Tiktok videos and Instagram reels, Youtube Shorts are 15-60 seconds videos that can be used to deliver any type of content you desire. You will have the chance to add playback songs from a huge library of music on Youtube. 

In addition, Youtube shorts provides content creators with a multi-segment camera that allows creators to link several videos. Also, it has a speed option for your videos. 

Youtube has always been known for being the video content magnate. So, to keep up with its position, Youtube announced in 2021 the incorporation of short videos into its platform. 

This type of content is already booming on several other platforms, and Youtube shorts was no exception. The initiation of such a feature witnessed astonishing results and noticeable engagement.  

Youtube Shorts Statistics

Here comes our favorite part, The Numbers !!

Don’t mind our enthusiasm, but the statistics and numbers excite us as we are more likely to convince you (Which is our favorite part). 

So statistics on Youtube shorts in e-commerce are vast. 

  • There are around 2 billion active YouTube users per month.
  • Youtube shorts are available in more than 100 countries worldwide (Incredi Tools,2023) 
  • During the first quarter of 2023, Youtube shorts received 50 billion views daily (Incredi Tools,2023)
  • One Youtube user is worth twenty-five TikTok followers (The Small Business, 2023)
  • More than 23% of the Youtube shorts originated from the US (The Small Business, 2023)
  • More than 70% of the content on Youtube is watched through mobile devices (EarthWeb,2023)
  • 72% of customers prefer short-form videos to know more about a product or service (IndiePractice,2023)

How To Use Youtube Shorts For e-Commerce

How To Use Youtube Shorts For e-CommerceSource:

The numbers and statistics on short video content are indeed encouraging. It is worth mentioning that Youtube will keep its influential position in such an industry by incorporating the short videos feature.

Therefore, to keep up with such a promising feature, we will tell you how to use Youtube shorts for your e-commerce to enjoy all the benefits. 

There are simple steps that you should follow to start posting:

  1. Open the + sign on the Youtube Mobile app, as the shorts feature is only available.
  2. Start recording your video, which ranges from 15 to 60 seconds. You can divide your video while recording due to the multi-segment camera feature.
  3. Add some music to spice up your video.
  4. Add a catchy caption and hashtags in your video description. This makes your Youtube shorts more discoverable.
  5. All set? Now click that post button.

Now that you understand the steps needed to post your Youtube shorts, the type of content posted is the key to achieving desired results. 

Therefore, there are some ideas and types of videos that you can use for Youtube shorts in e-commerce that can undoubtedly be relatable to your business:

1- Product Description Videos

Do you recognize the so-called elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief about yourself or an idea you believe in that is done in just 30 seconds, the time needed for a short elevator ride. 

We are bringing up the elevator pitch thing to tell you that 15-60 are more than enough to talk about your products.

The first way you can use Youtube shorts for your e-commerce is for Product description videos. 

Talk about your products, their features, and most importantly, their benefits. Remember that discussing benefits is way more convincing than just mentioning the features. 

A pro tip: Make your videos engaging and fun for better results.  

2- How-To Videos

How-To VideosSource

Through Youtube shorts, you don’t only make entertaining content. You have to raise awareness about your products and remove any obstacles that hinder purchasing as much as possible. 

Therefore, the How-to videos can be part of the Youtube shorts in your e-commerce. 

When you display how to use your products in 15 seconds in a fun and engaging way, users are more likely to be encouraged to purchase your products.  You eradicated all the doubts that prevent them from buying. 

For example, if you are selling curling iron, you can post Youtube shorts for your e-commerce on the optimal ways to use the curling iron without causing hair damage.  

3- Tips And Hacks For Your Products

Customers really like tips and hacks!

Personally speaking, these tips and hacks videos never cease to amaze me. I spend a lot of time scrolling through these short videos to learn the seven hacks on styling a White shirt or the best hack to apply mascara, and the list continues. 

Trust me, lots of customers are just like me. They pretty much enjoy these tips and hacks videos. Thus, it is essential to include such types of videos in your Youtube shorts for your e-commerce. 

Such type of videos succeeds because they don’t talk solely about the features of your products but instead provide the users with benefits and content they enjoy. Not to mention that these videos are perfectly fit in the 15 seconds format. 

So, work on these tips and hacks videos in your Youtube shorts and watch the magic. 

4- Product Reviews And Testimonials

We won’t stop mentioning the importance of product reviews for your e-commerce. You can include these reviews on your product page, landing page, home page, and even social media platforms. 

But what about combining the viral short video format and the crucial product reviews in your Youtube shorts?

We are already excited about the results!

One of the ways you can use Youtube shorts is to include your product reviews and testimonials. Users are more likely to notice these reviews and hence, will encourage them to convert. In addition, it will increase brand trust, which you definitely need. 

5- Product Launches

Some suspense before your product launches won’t harm, isn’t it?

At this point, we encourage you to use Youtube shorts in e-commerce to spice things up while launching your products. Ignite the excitement and the suspense for your customers before the launch. Believe us; this will do wonders.  

Also, you can provide your customers with some product updates in an exciting way. Use the Youtube shorts to show your items' alterations or if products are back in stock. 

Being creative is all that it takes. 

6- Behind The Scene Videos

Behind The Scene VideosSource

Believe it or not, customers enjoy some behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos. And you know what they say, what customers want, customers get ( We might have made that up, but it’s convincing, isn’t it?). 

Thus, you can rely on Youtube shorts for your e-commerce by shooting some of the BTS scenes of your new campaign. Also, you can shoot the production and shipment of your products. 

Creating such a connection with your customers will build more trust and loyalty and drive more sales.  

7- Keep up With The Trends

The last way to use Youtube shorts in e-commerce is to keep up with the trends. There are several challenges and trends that go viral, especially for Gen-Z. So, why not benefit from these trends in your videos? 

Keeping up with these trends and being part of them by incorporating them in your videos on Youtube shorts certainly benefits your e-commerce. It increases engagement, raises awareness, and increases sales for your online business.

So, it is essential to keep up with trends related to your industry and to include them in your Youtube shorts for e-commerce.  

Or you might be the trendsetter and start a viral campaign; who knows?

Examples of Youtube Shorts in e-Commerce

To keep up with such an important Youtube feature, several e-commerce brands utilized Youtube shorts in their campaigns in various ways. So, we will shed light on some of these examples for inspiration.

  • Glossier


We just love the ideas of Glossier and its efforts to keep up with evolving marketing tools. To utilize Youtube shorts for e-commerce, Glossier created a challenge in which it distributed its new pencil eyeliner to over a hundred influencers and induced them to make Youtube shorts using its new eyeliner.

In addition, the influencers will have to include the hashtag #WrittenInGlossier in the caption. Users who click on the hashtag are directed to the Glossier product page to place an order. 

Also, all purchasers were encouraged to create their Youtube shorts while using Glossier’s eyeliner. The sales for Glossier accelerated with this campaign. 

  • Danessa Myricks Beauty

Danessa Myricks Beauty (DMB) leverages Youtube shorts for its e-commerce. It shares tips and hacks videos to raise more awareness of its products. 

Yet, its most influential campaign was announcing a collaboration with Sephora. It utilized the product launch type of video. 

The beauty brand added some excitement and suspense; it even called its campaign the Next Big Thing to announce the availability of its products at Sephora finally.  

Tips For Using Youtube Shorts for e-Commerce

Tips For Using Youtube Shorts for e-Commercesource

Even though using Youtube shorts in e-commerce might sound like an easy task, it is actually a little bit challenging. You have to deliver your message in a short time in order not to lose your customers’ attention span. 

Therefore, there are some tips to follow to deliver the optimal content on Youtube shorts. 

  • Know Your Target Audience: Understanding your target audience and identifying their needs and wants will enable you to deliver relatable content they will cherish.
  • Deliver valuable content: Never settle on delivering low-quality content. Always keep your customers in mind to understand the problems they encounter. Hence, ensure your Youtube shorts reflect these problems, delivering benefits and value to your customers.
  • Optimize your Youtube shorts: Just like you optimize your blog posts for SEO, optimize your Youtube shorts as well. You have to make your Youtube shorts more discoverable through the platform’s algorithm. Therefore, add the finest titles to your videos. In addition, make sure to include relevant keywords in your videos, add captions, and use hashtags. 

Let’s start posting these Youtube Shorts.

You are all set to start posting the Youtube shorts for your e-commerce. So, there is nothing to hold you back. 

Youtube shorts are coming strong, especially for e-commerce. The huge amount of users already available on Youtube is an asset for any online store aiming to incorporate Youtube shorts in its marketing efforts.

So, get ready, set, Go; break a leg. 

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