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10 Best Instagram Ad Examples for Ecommerce Will Inspire you

Instagram is the rave of the moment for celebrities, influencers, and anyone trying to stalk their crush. But it is also an excellent platform to grow your eCommerce business. 

You can always connect with more customers, attract partners or even taunt your competitors with a few (hundred) strokes of your keyboard and a complementary image. If you do it well enough, you might start competing with Nike or even usurp the Kardashians.

Yea, It is never as easy as it sounds.

No one is saying it is easy, but it is very possible. Several brands have made their name by using Instagram ads efficiently. And you can be next on that list. We have compiled a quality list of the most interesting e-commerce ads on Instagram to guide your campaign.

Table of contents: 

- What are Instagram Ads?

- 10 Best Instagram Ad Examples for Ecommerce

1- Best Buy's Do Better Ad

2- Home Depot's May 4th Ad

3- Wish's Holiday List Ad

4- Macy's Almost Lipstick Ad

5- Amazon's Prime Day Ad

6- Walmart's SPF Under $30 ad

7- Cider's Hot Person Meme

8- Shopify’s Cyber Monday Stats

9- IKEA’s Co Create with Us Ad

10- Nestle's Vegan KitKat Ad

As a bonus, this guide points out how you can create similar ads (without any IP infringements) and how to calculate and increase your Instagram ad conversion. 

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads are promotional content that brands and business owners put up to attract customers. They are generally creative posts that often target the brand's customers or a specific demographic.

These ads are similar to every other advert you see on TV or  billboards. The difference is that they are on Instagram and can come as pictures, videos, or any other form of campaign.

It is Instagram, the possibilities are endless.

10 Best Instagram Ad Examples for Ecommerce

Instagram drives a balance between efficiency and being overwhelming, so it takes a measure of dexterity to navigate it well and get your desired results. Here is a list of 10 notable Instagram ads to guide your next eCommerce campaign:

1- Best Buy's Do Better Ad

Best Buy's Do Better Ad

Nothing moves the world like hope, and Best Buy leveraged that hope to the hilt.

Best Buy already offers one of the best buying services on Instagram, so they caught everyone's attention when they offered to do better. 

What Does This Ad Teach Us?

  • Keep it Simple

Sometimes less is really more. There is no point straining the minds of your customers when there is a simpler alternative. 

  • Make it Catchy

However popular you are, you are a few dull posts away from losing your customers. Latch on their interest. Make something big out of a simple question. Try the Best Buy angle; “What can we do better?"

2- Home Depot's May 4th Ad

Home Depot's May 4th Ad

Home Depot claims to be the one-stop shop for household hardware. And their over 140 million monthly visitors agree.

But putting up a Star Wars related post brought a new set of attention to their page. Whose attention? Exactly! Star Wars fans.

What Does This Ad Teach Us?

  • Use The Season

Putting a cute child in an X-Wing costume may not turn heads during Halloween, but it becomes the world's brightest light saber on May 4th. Everyone wants to see it and figure out how to beat it next year. And where would they think of getting the props? Home Depot.

3- Best Instagram Ad Examples for Ecommerce: Wish's Holiday List Ad

Wish's Holiday List Ad

We all get to that point where we are not sure what to get our better half or even our friends and relatives. Wish made it a lot easier by streamlining the list to just 40 options. Yes, it is still quite a lot, but you now have 40 good ideas to choose from.

What Does This Ad Teach Us?

  • Answer Those Nagging Questions

You know your market better than anyone (we hope you do), and you know those questions that your customers have been asking. Answer some of them. Show your customers you hear them and you have their best interest at heart.

4-Best Instagram Ad Examples for Ecommerce: Macy's Almost Lipstick Ad

Macy's Almost Lipstick Ad

How do you tell your customers that you have their most anticipated product? You post a picture. 

Macy's cornered its teeming customers with a surprise picture of their fastest selling “Out of Stock" product and the response was through the roof.

What Does This Ad Teach Us?

  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The most effective ads require a balance of words and pictures. Sometimes a lengthy expose on the product would only tick your customers off. In those cases, use a picture. How do you decide if a picture would work better than words? 

When in doubt, use a catchy picture and a simple inscription.

5- Best Instagram Ad Examples for Ecommerce: Amazon's Prime Day Ad

Amazon's Prime Day Ad

We all know Amazon, and we have had our fair share of Prime Day. But what happens when Amazon decides to make a very big deal out of Prime Day? They create several posts about it until it is the only thing you are talking about.

 What Does This Ad Teach Us?

  • Stay in Their Faces

Yes, spamming is a terrible idea. It makes people uncomfortable and can make you lose some followers. But how do you remind your customers about your products? 

The idea is to maintain a reasonable balance between providing frequent reminders and overwhelming your customers. Spamming is unacceptable, but being consistent would help you get your customers

6- Walmart's SPF Under $30 ad

Walmart's SPF Under $30 ad

Your customers want to pay for your products. But they also want to pay within their means. Walmart has a wide range of loyal customers who would pay anything for their valuable products, but offering quality sunscreens below $30 was one smart way to improve the customer base.

What Does This Ad Teach Us?

  • Help Your Customers Save Their Money

Between the rising inflation rates and the low living standards, your customers would appreciate every attempt to cut costs. You can help them do that. Offer them enticing discounts or show them how to pay less for similar quality. Two (or more) for one option is also a smart ad strategy. Anything to show them you care about their living standards.

7-Best Instagram Ad Examples for Ecommerce: Cider's Hot Person Meme

Cider's Hot Person Meme

We all need an ego boost every few days, and Cider went all out to prove that point. Their Hot Person Meme did not look like it was selling anything until you realize that they just made themselves more appealing to their customers.

What Does This Ad Teach Us?

  • Make Your Customers Feel Good

Sometimes the ad is part of a long game. Make every post a layer of a larger picture. While it might look like a bunch of random posts, let each post have a purpose and in the end, let it ease your customers into clicking that product. Find creative ways to show your customers that you are exactly what they need, even if it would take you 6 posts to pass that message.

 8- Shopify’s Cyber Monday Stats


It is quite unusual to reveal statistics to your customers. That is something you leave to your investors and Board of Directors. But when Shopify wanted to create more awareness about their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, they used statistics and it was a strange call, but it worked.

What Does This Ad Teach Us?

  • Know Your Market

The best way to figure out what strategy works for you is to know your market. Shopify’s strategy was to show their audience where their customers would be shopping on Cyber Monday. They gave their audience a reason to consider shopping on Cyber Monday - because a percentage of people out there would be doing it as well.

9-Best Instagram Ad Examples for Ecommerce: IKEA’s Co Create with Us Ad

IKEA’s Co Create

Furniture may be decorative, but they also say a lot about the homeowner. Most homeowners purchase whatever furniture is closest to their expectations but rarely have much say in the creation process. IKEA gave its customers this privilege with its Co Create with Us Advert, and you can bet how well the public responded.

What Does This Ad Teach Us?

  • Explore Some Unconventional Ideas

Sometimes, the only way to get your target customers is to explore something unconventional. This is where you should explore your creativity and give your customers unusual (and perhaps dramatic) options. It gets them intrigued, and helps you meet your campaign goals.

10- Nestle's Vegan KitKat Ad

Nestle's Vegan KitKat Ad

Nestle is easily one of the largest food processing companies in the world, so are everywhere. But how do you attract a class of the population that isn't already your customer?  You offer them a product they can't resist.

What Does This Ad Teach Us?

  • Engage People Outside Your Usual Customer Range

One of the purposes of Instagram ads is to reach people that you usually cannot access on your own. They may be target customers too far for you to reach. In Nestle's case, customers who have a different preference from what you usually offer.  Reach for them. It doesn't have to be a new product; it could be a repackaging of the old one. Create an appeal for your target customers.

  • Have Fun With It

The caption under Nestle's ad makes a subtle joke that most people find relatable. It does not put any pressure on the customer or make any demands. 

How To Launch Instagram Ad? 

Instagram ads

Now that you have a detailed range of Ads to help your inspiration, it is time to launch yours. Here are the three basic steps to launching your Ads:

1- Create An Instagram Business Account

It goes without saying that you need an Instagram account, but Instagram Ads are only available to Instagram Business Accounts or Facebook Advertising Accounts. 

Creating a Business Account on Instagram is very easy, especially if you already have a personal account.  

  1. Go to the Settings option by clicking the gear icon at the top of your menu list. 
  2. Select the Account option in Settings.
  3. Select Switch to Professional Account and Tap Continue.
  4. Select the option that describes your business and Tap Done.
  5. Select Business in the next screen and Tap Next.

Your account should be a business account already, and you can start posting your Instagram Ads.

2- Create Your Attractive Post

Instagram Ads are like any other Instagram posts. They may be pictures, videos, reels or any kind of “Instagram accepted" media. Create something you know would capture your target audience and give you the kind of response you want.

3- Promote The Post

Post Promotion is an option only business and Creators Accounts can enjoy. The “Promote" option is at the base of every post and all you need is to Tap Promote, follow the instructions, give your specifications, pay the fee and watch your post reach your target audience.

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How To Calculate Instagram Ads Conversion Rate?

Depending on your Ad goals, your Ad Conversion may be any of the following:

  1. Purchase by customers
  2. Product/Contents subscriptions
  3. App Download
  4. Booking and Reservations
  5. Inquiries about Product/Services
  6. Increased following on Instagram
  7. Visits to your website
  8. Any other goals you may have set for the Ad.

Having your goals helps you calculate the conversion rate which may come from the Ad. Instagram has made it really easy to realize the number of engagement to your Ad. By clicking “Insights" you can khow how many persons have viewed the Ad, and how many persons followed through to meet your call to action.

 How to Increase Instagram ADs Conversion Rate

Here are some ways you can increase your Instagram ADs conversion rate:

  • Focus on the customer
  • Be consistent with your Posts
  • Keep the Ad simple 
  • Give the customers options
  • Interact with your customers
  •  Include a clear, relevant call to action
  • Keep the Add interesting

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Instagram Ads have made modern marketing easier. You can achieve way more response with Instagram than any other platform, but it requires skills.

Improve your Instagram Ads Conversion by employing the right setup. Explore Convertedin to create an effective eCommerce infrastructure to collate and review data before creating your targeted Ads and getting your desired engagement.

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