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 10 Strategies To Improve Lead Generation Rate For eCommerce

business thrives by growth in sales. However, not all the time you will be successful in finding a new customer who is willing to purchase right away. Between a visitor and a paying customer comes the LEAD. It is basically the stage of interest and consideration in the buying funnel. Creating interest for prospects or basically generating leads is a huge challenge for all marketers. In fact, according to a report from Hubspot, 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge.

Generating leads is a step closer to growing sales "conversion" and a step ahead of wasted traffic. The more leads you generate, the more successful your marketing efforts are, and the more your chances of acquiring new paid customers, also known as conversion. In this article, we explain what lead generation is, and we will walk you through 10 strategies to improve your lead generation rate and ultimately win more profitable customers. 

What is the Lead generation rate?

Lead generation rate

Lead generation rate is the total number of leads captured divided by the total number of visitors through a particular marketing channel. This metric helps you understand if you are targeting the right audience who is ready to move forward on the funnel or not. It also gives you an idea of the marketing channel performance so you can determine to invest more in it or to consider a different channel. 

10 Strategies to improve Lead Generation rate

1- Optimize your website for search engines


SEO is not only for generating traffic, but when done right, it captures interested prospects. When you use the right keywords and meta descriptions in your website that match what you offer and what is trending in your industry, you will receive visits from people who are interested in your niche and products.

There are many areas for SEO in eCommerce; product names, product descriptions, product images, blog articles, FAQs, website page URLs, website links and maps, etc. Avoid any keywords that are not relevant cause it will increase your bounce rate and will get your audience out of your scope. 

2- Be clear about what you do and what you sell

Right on your home page or the landing page, make it crystal clear what you do and what kind of products people can buy. If it is the landing page of an offer, make the offer super clear. Ambiguity and confusion would never create interest while explaining what you sell or the offer you are providing would definitely do!  

3- Use attractive images

Show high-quality outstanding images of your products or the offer you are running. Images stand out and capture attention more than text does. Images also say a lot with little text or even none at all, which means saving space on your webpage and avoiding long reading time.

4- Improve Calls-to-Action (CTA)

landing page

- Position: 

Make sure you add the Call to action button above the fold of the webpage. The fold refers to the space of the webpage viewable to the visitor without needing to scroll down. According to heat map analysis published by HubSpot, anything “below the fold” will only be viewed by 50% of the page viewers. 

- Customization:

Add calls to action wherever relevant on your website pages but make sure to customize these CTAs based on each page's content. There is no one CTA that fits all. Invest time in creating a CTA that works specifically for the webpage.

- Text:

Make the CTA text clear and enticing for example, instead of "enter your email address", try "email me my discount code". If you provided a recipe book because you are in the food industry, try "Send me a free copy of the recipe book" instead of "download the ebook" which is not as effective. Be more specific and clear about what action this button is leading to.

- Color:

For CTA text, use a color that stands out and adds a sense of urgency. Don't use the same color as most of the website text and images. It will go unnoticeable. Instead, use a color that contrasts with your website color scheme. 

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5- Empathize on the Value you offer

Explain why you do what you do and what value you have that makes you stand out. Think of this text as your way to speak to the website visitor to create interest and ultimately get them to leave their email, add a product to their cart or follow you on social media and become a lead.

6- Use cookies to generate leads

You need to focus efforts on making each visit to your website count. If you can't win a customer from the first visit, you can do it later. Cookies help you retarget your website visitors. Cookies save visitors' behavior, and the pages viewed and help your website show up again on their social media or another website there are on. 

7- Create helpful content on your blog


Blog articles are a wonderful way to create interest in what you do indirectly. For example, you sell healthy snacks, but on your blog, you write about different diets and healthy snack ideas, and then you can refer to your products later. Through blog articles, you also build trust showing that you know what you are doing by creating that valuable educational content. According to Demand Metric, content marketing is thrice as effective at generating leads than outbound marketing, and it is 62% cheaper. 

8- Add exit-intent pop-up

When a visitor is about to close the website and leave, the pop-up will give you a chance to retarget this prospect instead of losing them completely. Make the exit-intent pop-up enticing as much as you can by adding offers or by promising special discounts if they leave their email address. 

9- Grow your Social Media

Social Media

Social media platforms have billions of active users of all demographics and interests. Your audience is definitely on one of these platforms, if not multiple. A report published by Startupbonsai states that 66% of marketers generate leads from social media after spending only six hours per week on social marketing.

Make sure you utilize this powerful marketing channel to generate leads. Use paid ads to get traffic to your website or to directly capture the lead on the social media platform by them sending you a message or leaving their info; via email and phone or by at least following you. 

10- Marketing Automation

All the above strategies will help you do half the way by capturing the lead email address or by making them follow you on social media or being retargeted by cookies, and you will need to try to follow up with these leads again and do everything you can to convert them while they are warm leads. Here comes marketing automation.

With powerful marketing automation software, you can follow up with leads in a timely manner and based on segmentation and workflows which analyze the leads' actions and send them the next follow-up accordingly. is the automation software for the role! Learn more.