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10 Tips to Run the Best Facebook Video Ads for eCommerce Businesses

A picture is worth a thousand words, so just imagine what videos are worth. Running Facebook video ads for eCommerce brands is a no-brainer nowadays, thanks to the excessive amount consumers spend scrolling through their feeds and watching videos. 

In fact, over 4 billion video views take place on Facebook each day! 

Want to jump on the bandwagon? Then keep reading this blog to learn everything you need to know about Facebook video ads and how they can help you grow your online store. 

Table of Contents

  1. Research your competitor’s ads
  2. Conduct A/B tests
  3. Use various video ad placements
  4. Focus on the video hook 
  5. Run ads at optimal times
  6. Choose the right CTA 
  7. Utilize more than one video ad type 
  8. Add CC
  9. Write compelling titles and descriptions 
  10. Highlight your eCommerce brand’s unique selling points 
What are Facebook Video Ads?

Facebook video ads are a creative way to showcase products, make announcements, or highlight your brand’s story, vision, and mission. 

These ads can be a new video or a boost to an existing one on your page. This is easily done through Meta Ads Manager. 

But the question here is: what’s the importance of running Facebook video ads for eCommerce business? In other words, is this a beneficial form of marketing, or will you be throwing money down the drain?

Hint: It is extremely beneficial, but we will highlight some facts, and you can decide for yourself! 

Why Run Facebook Video Ads for eCommerce Businesses?

Facebook video ads for eCommerceImage source:

There are countless reasons why Facebook video ads for eCommerce are a winner. On top of this comes the following reasons;

  1. Enhanced engagement. 
  2. Reaching your target audience with the utmost ease (Facebook allows you to tap into high-quality data).
  3. An increase in brand awareness.
  4. Measurable results (by connecting Facebook Pixel, you can track how well your ads are performing and gain valuable insights).
  5. Higher conversion rates.
  6. Retarget old customers and retain existing ones.
  7. Cost-effective (despite popular belief Facebook video ads are still one of the most cost-effective advertising methods).

Still not convinced that Facebook video ads are for you? Then nothing will get you on board more than numbers! Here are some statistics that will help you make that decision. 

Facebook Video Ads Statistics 

We already told you there are more than 4 billion video views on Facebook daily, but that’s not the only shocking number. 

On the edge of your seat? Well, you definitely should be! 

With all this in mind, are you ready to run your own Facebook video ads? 

Wait a minute before you launch your campaign; let’s take a look at some tips & tricks that ensure you get the best results. 

10 Tips to Get the Best Results from Facebook Video Ads 

As an eCommerce brand, you are operating in a saturated market, so standing out from other brands must be essential in your growth plans. 

Facebook video ads can certainly help you with that!

But of course, that depends on the quality of ads your business runs. To run the best Facebook video ads for eCommerce, you should keep the following tips in mind. 

1- Research your competitor's ads

Like any other marketing activity, it is essential to check out what the competition is up to before you start your campaigns. 

Through this analysis, you can stay informed about industry trends and find opportunities to differentiate yourself.

Bonus tip: Watch out for negative comments on competitors’ ads and offer the solutions to these pain points in your own content! 

2- Conduct A/B tests

AB Testing

There is no cheat sheet for any type of ads or even marketing activity. So, to get the best results with Facebook video ads for your eCommerce business, you should test multiple versions of the ad with different visuals, posting times, narratives, or CTAs to see which ones perform best.

And don’t forget that what works for a certain segment can fail for the others. In other words, don’t test one time and think you hit the jackpot. You need to constantly try out various ads and keep track of their performance. 

3- Use various video ad placements

Facebook video ads have different placements, like in-stream videos, feed videos, stories, and marketplace ads. Depending on your campaign’s goal, you should decide what’s the best placement for your video ads. 

However, for the best results, you should use various placements in your eCommerce marketing campaigns. 

4- Focus on the video hook 

Whether you are running a 30-second or a 5-minute video ad, you can lose users’ attention in seconds. That’s why the video hook (the very first seconds of the video) is the most important part. 

In the hook, you need to capture viewers’ attention with engaging and visually appealing content.

5- Run ads at optimal times

Each customer segment, industry, and market has its own optimal times for running ads. Simply, you need to conduct some research and run your video ads at the perfect time for your target audience. 

6- Choose the right CTA 

Facebook allows you to choose from several Call-to-Actions (CTA) for your video ads; these include but are not limited to:

  • Order now
  • Call now
  • Contact us
  • Learn more
  • Shop now
  • Send message 
  • Sign up 
  • Subscribe 
  • Get offer 
  • Like page

To choose the right CTA, you have to determine the goal of your ad (awareness, sales, engagement, traffic, or leads).

7- Utilize more than one video ad type 

From user-generated content to comparisons, reactions, and tutorials, any engaging content can be turned into a video ad. By using several video ad types, your campaigns’ success chances are much higher. 

8- Add CC

ccImage source:

Studies have shown that people prefer to watch Facebook videos with the sound off. To be more precise, approximately 85% of Facebook users watch videos silently.

In order to ensure your target audience actually watches your videos and your campaign is a success, you should simply add closed captions (CC)!

9- Write compelling titles and descriptions 

Just like the hook, titles, and descriptions can make or break your Facebook video ads. This is an easy one, though; your title should be enticing, and your description should be accurate. That’s it! 

10- Highlight your eCommerce brand’s unique selling points 

Finally, to truly get the best results and the highest ROI from Facebook video ads for eCommerce businesses, you should highlight what’s special about your brand. 

That means you should communicate the unique features and benefits of your products to stand out from competitors.

Don’t know where to start? ConvertedIn can help you with that! 

Book a demo now with one of our experts and run the best Facebook video ads for eCommerce businesses.