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+40 Email CTAs for eCommerce Stores That Convert 

Are you sending the most compelling emails, and your open rate is above the industry average, yet conversion is a total nightmare? Then you have fallen for the same mistake hundreds of businesses have made and are not sending the right email CTAs for eCommerce stores!

What’s the right email CTA? The short answer is it's the CTA that pushes potential customers to place an order or do the action you want from them in that email. 

But you will have to keep reading this blog till the end to get the long answer and learn how to increase conversion through the best CTAs. 

Table of Contents:

How to Send the Best Email CTAs for eCommerce Stores

The main aim of any call-to-action (CTA) is to persuade a customer or potential customer to take a specific action. 

For years, eCommerce stores have been using in their emails the same boring ‘Shop Now’, ‘Buy Now’, and ‘Learn More’. These may have worked in the past, but as competition in the eCommerce industry grew, customers’ expectations grew with it. 

What do customers expect from an email CTA? Maybe not a lot, but they definitely want it personalized and relevant to the content they just read. 

For instance, if your CTA for an abandoned cart email is ‘Sign Up’ then forget about a high conversion rate, but more on that later. 

In addition to relevancy and personalization, the best email CTAs for eCommerce stores also:

    • Offers value; don’t tell them to take an action; show them why to take that action.
    • Short and to the point: the best CTA has from 2 to 7 words. 
    • Clear: be very clear about the action they will take by clicking that button. 
    • Have a compelling design: don’t be afraid to play with colors or be bold. The most important thing is to stay true to your branding and have the button stand out from the rest of the content in the email. 
  • Urgent: a CTA should create a sense of urgency to push customers to take that action right away. 

Additional tip: Unlike popular belief, an email can have more than one CTA!

Ciciling back to the relevancy part, which many would consider one of the most important aspects of sending a CTA that converts, let’s take a deep dive into the best email CTAs to send for each eCommerce email type. 

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Welcome Email CTAs

Welcome Emails
Did you get a new customer/website visitor? Congratulations! Now, it’s time to send the best welcome email. In those emails, you probably want the recipient to place an order or try out your products (if you offer free samples).

After crafting your masterpiece, you can get that click by one of the following CTAs:

  • Try A New Look 
  • Claim My Free Sample
  • Get the Style You Want 
  • Shop Till You Drop 
  • Explore Our Collection 
  • Treat Yourself Today 
  • Find Your Perfect Fit
  • Check Out Our Best Sellers

Order Confirmation Email CTAs

Did you get the previous click and recipients successfully turned into customers? It is time to send the most awaited email - order confirmation email

You might think at this stage, there is nothing else you want the customer to do, but you are mistaken. This is the perfect opportunity to push for an extra order or an upgrade; the recipient is already interested in your products (obviously!)

To use order confirmation emails for an upsell or cross-sell, you should use the following CTAs:

  • Boost Your (Product)
  • Experience Luxury
  • Fill My Shopping Bag
  • Upgrade Your (Product)
  • Indulge Yourself
  • Yes! I Want One 
  • Let Me Grab An Additional (Product)
  • Hold on, I want one too!

Abandoned Cart Email CTAs

Maybe you did get the initial click of the welcome email, and recipients went to your online store and added items to their cart. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean they will place an order. In fact, around 70% of website visitors abandon their carts! 

Here are some of the best-abandoned cart email CTAs for eCommerce stores to re-engage those shoppers and get them to finish that order:

  • Complete My Purchase
  • Resume Your Order
  • Don’t Delay Any Longer, Checkout Now!
  • Finalize Your Purchase for Instant Happiness
  • Your Cart Misses You! Complete Your Purchase
  • Your Order is 1 Click Away
  • Finish What You Started

Promotional Email CTAs

Every now and then, you probably run exclusive deals or offers to celebrate a holiday. How do you let your customers know about it? Of course, emails! 

Although these emails don’t need a lot of persuasion factors as the offers speak for themselves but better safe than sorry. 

With this in mind, the best promotional email CTAs for eCommerce stores include:

  • Show Me My Hand-picked Deals
  • Shop at Giveaway Prices
  • Claim Your Coupon 
  • Find Holiday Gifts at a Discount 
  • Hand Me A Gift 
  • Yes! I Want My Birthday Offer 
  • Shop Santa’s Favorites 

Re-engagement Email CTAs

Lost a customer? Don’t beat yourself up that happens to all successful eCommerce stores. As a matter of fact, most e-commerce businesses have a customer retention rate of less than 30%.

At this point, you want to re-engage those customers with a persuasive email. Those emails can work great for your eCommerce business if you add one of the following CTAs: 

  • Haven't Heard from You Lately. Let's Catch Up!
  • Here’s 15% Off, On Us
  • We Miss You! Come Back and Save 10% 
  • Remember Us? We'd Love to Have You Back!
  • Don't Be a Stranger! Get 10% Off Your Next Purchase

Customer Satisfaction Survey Email CTAs

Customer Satisfaction Score
A customer went through all the sales funnel stages, placed an order, and got it? That’s the time to hear what they have to say! Unfortunately, a lot of customers ignore the customer satisfaction survey emails. 

However, by now, you know that with the right email CTAs for eCommerce stores, you can get customers to do anything! 

For customer satisfaction survey emails, your CTA can be:

  • I Want to Give My Review
  • Let Us Know What’s Wrong
  • Call Us Out On Our BS
  • Give Your Honest Opinion 
  • Tell Us What You Really Think
  • Take Me to the 30 Sec Survey

Finally, remember, the best email CTAs for eCommerce stores are the ones that suit the target audience, convey the right message, and align with the main goal. 

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