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Top 7 Facebook Dynamic Ads examples for eCommerce that you should adopt

Facebook Ads for eCommerce are generally a way to get more conversions for your online store. However, Facebook Dynamic Ads has become one of the most effective marketing strategies. This is because they are dynamic. And so they tend to show different items in your catalog to people who have previously shown interest in your eCommerce store. 

When a user sees a variety of relevant products on their feed, they are more likely to return and complete that purchase on your website.  

Dynamic Facebook Ads are automated ads targeted at cross-device shoppers. So even if a prospective customer visits your website on a desktop, they’ll still be able to interact with your ad on their mobile devices. And this includes other channels like Instagram. 

7 Facebook Dynamic Ads examples for eCommerce

Since Dynamic Facebook Ads are an excellent marketing strategy you should adopt for your eCommerce store, here are seven example strategies you can adopt

  1. Fall Haven’s Weather-Based Dynamic AD

    Fall Haven’s Weather-Based Dynamic AD

In this weather-based segmented ad, there’s not much difference in the copy. It’s the same bag, same product name, price, and even language. However, we love that they try to sell the durability of this backpack regardless of the weather condition. So in each image, you’d see different weather in the background. We have sunny, cloudy, and snowy weather. This dynamic ad successfully segments its target audience based on weather conditions.

Use this strategy when;

  • You have a target audience that has dynamic weather conditions
  • Your product or service will not falter during a change in weather
  • Don’t forget to try to sell how useful your product will be during each weather
  1. Centerville’s Dynamic Product AD

Dynamic Product AD

What do you do when you don’t have an all-around seasonal product? You offer dynamic products based on the weather conditions. This is what we love about this ad. During sunny seasons, their ads are around sunscreens and products that protect you from the likely sun damage. In snowy seasons, you get to see products that are focused on building your immune system and keeping you warm. We also love that they still give discounts on both ads. 

When implementing this strategy;

  • Ensure that the products you advertise are highly relevant to the weather
  • Review past purchases or history to be sure it’s also relevant to your target market
  • You can play around with the copy. Although ensure there’s still some form of consistency across your ads.
  1. United by Blue’s Dynamic Offer AD

Dynamic Offer AD

Same product, same image, but different offers.  Demographic segmentation is great, however, what about segmenting your target market based on their preferred motivations? This is where this dynamic ad wins. 

We love how they understand their market, and so offer three different dynamic ads. You’d see one only offers free shipping, one offers a discount and free shipping, while the last ad offers a free 60-day return policy.  Depending on your interest, there’s an ad that’ll motivate you to complete a purchase.

When choosing this strategy;

  • Use this especially when you’re retargeting to existing users or when you’d want them to complete a transaction.
  • Understand your customers and segment them by likely reasons for cart abandonment
  • You can also show the different ads to the same segment and track which one has the highest conversions.
  1. Crocs Location-Based Dynamic Ad

Location-Based Dynamic Ad

Same price, same product style. However, Crocs uses this dynamic ad, to promote their open stores. While they are all based in California, they are in different cities. So you get a specific ad based on whatever location you’re in. They also experiment with the color of the crocs to see which version has more appeal. We love that they add a map image to make you see just how close this store is to you. 

When implementing this strategy;

  • Consider using it when there’s a new store launch or when you need to get new customers nearby
  • When you’re trying to run any other type of special promotions based on specific locations
  1. Aldi’s Language-Based Segmentation

Language-Based Segmentation

We love a multi-lingual ad. Aldi understands that they may have a language barrier when trying to launch their eCommerce Facebook ad. And so, they create a variation for their most popular regions. This way, everyone understands and can use their discount offer.

When implementing this ad strategy;

  • Segment your customers based on popular languages
  • Use popular phrases and ensure you’re using the lingo of the average native language speaker
  • Don’t forget to search for keyword queries in the said language and add them when setting up your ad
  1. OFF’s Time-Based Dynamic Segmentation Ad

Time-Based Dynamic Segmentation Ad


How versatile can your product be? Well, this example shows us how important their product is irrespective of the time of the day. We love how they use the images and copy to reflect the difference in time. One is super sunny and bright while the other is dark. Another thing we love is how there’s a clear action-driven CTA “BUY NOW”.

When implementing this ad strategy;

  • Use this when you have an audience in different time zones
  • Don’t forget to ensure that your images and copy show what the time is
  • You can also use this for a broad audience just show it at a dynamic time
  1. Location and Weather-Based Dynamic Segmentation

Location and Weather-Based Dynamic Segmentation

Being an athletic store, this ad promotes staying fit regardless of the weather condition. They do this by offering dynamic products. So in the rainy environment, they advertise a raincoat and in sunny cities, you see white running shoes. There’s also a reference to specific locations in the UK. So it’s evident that their target market is in this country. Each city is clearly stated along with the current temperature. 

When implementing this ad

  • Use images that depict the weather
  • Specify what cities you’re targeting and ensure you do your research well
  • Offer relevant products based on the location and weather

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