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Best 8 E-commerce Campaigns For Gen-Z To Inspire You

It is widely evident that Gen Z is already shaping the e-commerce landscape. Their different needs, preferences, and ideas make them different from any other generation. Not to mention their huge purchasing power. 

Therefore, some online stores started to understand Gen-Z and understand that they need different ways of dealing with them. 

Thus, some campaigns by online brands were killing it while targeting Generation Z. Well; we can say that they understood what needed to be done, worked on it, and excelled. 

Accordingly, to give you some inspiration, this article will discuss the best e-commerce campaigns for Gen-Z. 

Best E-commerce Campaigns For Gen Z

  1. Fenty Beauty
  2. Levi’s
  3. Aerie
  4. Adidas
  5. GymShark
  6. ASOS
  7. H&M
  8. Kylie Cosmetics

Let’s dig more to know our choice of the best eight e-commerce campaigns for Gen-Z. We will analyze the causes behind their excellent performance to pinpoint the necessary elements for a successful campaign for Gen-Z. 

1- Fenty Beauty

Fenty BeautyImage source:

Fenty Beauty, the cosmetics brand owned by Rihanna, understands quite well how to reach out to Gen-Z.

Fenty Beauty has models with different skin tones and body types to show inclusivity and diversity. In addition, it collaborates with influencers who encourage these ideas. 

Therefore, Fenty Beauty appeal to Gen-Z by adopting a cause and sticking to its values. As if we needed extra reasons to admire Rihana more than we do! 

2- Levi’s

Levi’s created the buy better, wear longer viral campaign to showcase its climate change and sustainability concerns. 

Levi’s campaign went viral for several reasons. First, it showed how the brand is concerned with sustainability and limiting its environmental impact through reusing clothes. 

Second, the campaign highlighted Levi’s premium features, making its products usable across generations. 

Third, Levi’s collaborated with influencers urging sustainability so its campaign can reach the largest audience. 

The brand stood for its values, used influencer marketing, and smartly highlighted its premium features. 

Bingo, this is precisely what an e-commerce marketing campaign for Gen-Z should be like. 

3- Aerie

As long as we mention e-commerce marketing for Gen-Z, we have to highlight the efforts of Aerie, an American Eagle brand, to be one of this generation’s favorite online brands.

The thing about Aerie is that it’s a brand that destroyed all taboos as it encourages body positivity, diversity, and self-love. Unlike other brands struggling to survive with Gen-Z, Aerie features models with different body shapes and colors. 

The AerieReal campaign has witnessed spectacular results. The campaign aimed to post untouched images of models to promote natural beauty and build women’s confidence. 

The campaign's success encouraged Aerie to create the AerieReal foundation to support building a better world that saves the planet and promotes inclusivity. 

Aerie’s efforts are widely appealing to Gen-Z. They support brands that stand up for a cause and reflect their values in their marketing messages.

4- Adidas

We have to say that Adidas understood the assignment perfectly. Its beyond-the-surface campaign went viral all over the world. Most importantly, it had a huge positive reaction from Generation Z. 

Adidas acknowledged that if Gen-Z appreciates a brand with values, so values it is. Yet with a little Adidas twist.

To launch its inclusive swimwear campaign, Adidas realized that not all of its global market have access to swimming. 

Its research showed that women in the Gulf region don’t feel confident swimming in public pools or beaches. Thus, they don’t get to swim much or even at all. 

So, Adidas launched an online campaign called Beyond the Surface, a short movie to show inclusivity and how the water accepts everyone regardless of race or ethnicity. 

Also, Adidas collaborated with online influencers by sending them its inclusive swimwear. 

Most importantly,  the sports guru accompanied with its online campaign a billboard ad different from any previous billboard anyone has seen.

It was a liquid billboard placed on one of the most popular beaches in Dubai. So, women from Dubai were invited to swim. Hence, it shows Adidas' principal value, which is sports inclusivity. 

Such a campaign was widely appealing to Gen-Z. Adidas' prominent values and the experiential element in its campaign turned out to be what Gen-Z wanted to see in their favorite brand. 

A study showed that 70% of surveyed Gen-Z were interested in buying from Adidas after its viral beyond-the-surface campaign (Student Beans,2022). 

5- GymShark

Gymshark is one of the best-performing gym clothing brands worldwide. Yet, its huge followers on Tiktok show that Gymshark resonates perfectly with Gen-Z.  

With more than 3.4 million followers on Tiktok, Gymshark is one of the most followed brands on Tiktok, Gen-z’s favorite platform. 

Its e-commerce campaigns for Gen-Z need to be extensively examined. The key tactic that Gymshark relied upon is collaborating with famous Tiktok influencers to reach out to Generation Z. 

In addition, Gymshark works on being a trendsetter. Therefore, it created the change your life campaign. The campaign started on the 1st of January, and followers should choose a fitness goal they aim to achieve. 66 days later, followers should share their progress with Gymshark. 

To incentivize followers to participate in its 66 days challenge, the fitness brand offered a giveaway for winners of the contest. 



With more than half of its audience from Generation Z, ASOS can’t afford to neglect such an influential generation. Therefore, ASOS keeps them in its mind in almost all marketing campaigns.

The online fashion brand promotes diversity and presents itself as a judgment-free zone. The keyword to the success of ASOS is authenticity. 

ASOS collaborates with micro-influencers to promote its brand through styling its products. The success of ASOS influencer marketing is its choice of influencers who Gen-Z admires. 

In addition, the # AsSeenOnMe went viral and resulted in astonishing results for ASOS. The young generation started to share their ASOS outfits. Hence, the campaign highly resonated with Gen-Z.    

7- H&M 

ohImage source:

H&M wanted to promote body acceptance and individuality in its products. Thus, it launches cruelty-free and vegan beauty basics primarily targeting Gen-Z. 

Its OHH campaign stands for “Oh hey hero,” which aims to inspire each one of the young generation to utilize their potential to become their own hero. 

Additionally, the H&M campaign aimed to promote inclusivity, acceptability, and one’s confidence in their own skin. It's all clear by now that once we talk about values, we are undoubtedly appealing to Generation Z. 

8- Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie CosmeticsImage source:

Gen-Z’s beloved Kylie Jenner knows how to deal with its targeted generation. Kylie Cosmetics directs the majority of its efforts to the channels Generation Z spends most of its time using. 

Accordingly, it relies primarily on social media to deliver personalized experiences to Generation Z, which accounts for a considerable faction of its audience. 

To increase customer engagement, Kylie Cosmetics is always present on Instagram and Snapchat to deliver product updates, announce upcoming launches or show some BTS glimpses. This makes Gen-Z more involved and connected with the brand. 

In addition, it initiated its filter through which online users can virtually try its makeup before purchase. Gen-Z enjoy these experimental features offered by their favorite brands. 

Not to mention that Kylie advocates for some social issues while promoting self-confidence, diversity, and inclusivity. 

It participated in the Pull-up or shut-up challenge on social media to stand against racism in Business. Thus, it shared the diverse ethnicities working at Kylie Cosmetics, from black women to Hispanics. Which is something she stressed being proud of. 

Gen-Z loves authentic brands, which is what Kylie Cosmetics always aims to do.

Final Thoughts

The previous e-commerce campaigns for Gen-Z show that appealing to such a tricky generation is not so hard. 

You just have to apprehend their needs and interests and work accordingly. We will guarantee to reach out successfully to these young people. 

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