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Your Roadmap To Using Facebook Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns For eCommerce

All eCommerce businesses are now striving for the best and most efficient marketing and advertising! The market is now cluttered, and might be overwhelming for some businesses, especially startups to stand out and have a unique presence via ads! 

Well, nowadays Meta is presenting something that will help all eCommerce businesses boom! Advertising on Facebook is now simplified with Automated Ads. 

Advantage+ Campaigns introduces a simplified, ‘all-in-one’ campaign creation process on Facebook Ads. This is literally the best tool for new advertisers and startups. 

This tool will help deliver high-performing creative variations to more relevant audiences on more effective placements. Designed to sustain your performance and optimize your budget.

Know all about Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns on Facebook for your eCommerce in the following article.

Table of Content:

What Are The Facebook Advantage+ Campaigns For eCommerce?

Facebook Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Advantage+ Creative is the previous dynamic Experiences; its name was changed with the rollout of Meta Advantage in March. This is a new option that you will see while setting up your campaign on Facebook Ads. As Facebook claims, this is the new ‘simplified’ campaign model for conversion campaigns. They are considered an easier way to create your conversion campaigns, as it minimizes your manual input and allows Facebook to automatically choose tailored campaign settings on your behalf.

Advantage+ shopping campaigns are a solution that allows eCommerce and brand advertisers to get better performance, greater personalization, and more efficiency. These campaigns provide greater flexibility to control your ad options such as creative, targeting, placements, and budget.

However, Advantage+ Campaigns aren’t yet fully replacing the manual (existing) creation process. Facebook still allows you to choose your ad preferences for your eCommerce campaigns.

How Do Facebook Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns Work?

Advantage+ Creative offers you some minor automatic adjustments of your ad. Multiple variations of your ad will be generated according to who will see the ad based on which version will most likely lead to a response. Advantage+ eliminates the organic steps of ad creation that you have to do and automates up to 150 creative combinations at once. This will help you know what ads are working best for your brand and with your audience while making the most of their advertising budget. 

The Advantage+ shopping campaigns tool gives you new ways to optimize your campaigns. As it uses AI to automate the campaign creation process and is powered by new machine learning models.

The Advantage+ AI can automate and adjust the following: 

  • Adjusting image brightness and contrast
  • Applying artistic filters
  • Varying aspect ratio
  • Adding templates to a feed image
  • Adding labels to your ad
  • Displaying relevant Facebook comments
  • Swapping combinations of text, headline, and description

In a recent study by Facebook of 15 A/B tests, it has been proven that Advantage+ shopping campaigns drove 12% lower cost per purchase conversion compared to advertisers’ Business as Usual (BAU) ads. This budget optimization can help businesses reinvest in other marketing strategies and generate more customer acquisition and sales.

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However, there are some requirements that you have to use to be able to turn on Advantage+ Creative, some of which are:

  • Traffic or Conversions objective
  • Single image or video
  • Ad with a website destination
  • One ad per ad set

How To Set Up Your Facebook Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns?

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are created via Facebook’s Ads Manager

  1. Go to ‘Create a Campaign’
  2. Define Your Audience
  3. Choose ‘Conversions' or ‘Sales’ according to your objective
  4. If you currently have the advantage to using this feature, choose Advantage+ Campaign
  5. You can then proceed on as usual, choosing your campaign name, ad set targeting, ad copy, budget, and campaign duration 

  6. Choose only one single image or video
  7. Seeing the “Crop” option, you will advance to optimizing your ad
  8. Facebook will then apply the other enhancements automatically
  9. Moreover, Facebook can either automatically select music for you, or you can manually select a track

10 Benefits of Using Advantage+ Shopping Campaign on Facebook For Your eCommerce 

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns can have a multitude of benefits for any eCommerce business, from which are:

  1. They are streamlined, can help you optimize, and have a simplified setup to help you create campaigns in fewer steps to achieve the highest performance.
  2. They will help you combine all your prospects and existing customers under one campaign with personalized products from your catalog.
  3. They ease the ad process for you and eliminate the exerted effort and time by automating the whole thing.
  4. They use machine learning to help you reach the highest value and ROI by advertising your products across all of Meta’s family of apps and services with minimal input.
  5. They help optimize and minimize the budget you allocate for your marketing.

  6. Automatically test up to 150 creative combinations and deliver the highest-performing ads.
  7. Help you maximize your sales and drive more traffic to your website.
  8. They will suggest and use items that have performed well in previous campaigns.
  9. Deliver your most relevant products to the highest-value shoppers.
  10. If your business is still small or if you have a startup, this tool will help you save lots of dollars and time as well. Moreover, it will help your emerging brand to get a personalized audience based on your Page details and will automatically adjust over time to help you reach more relevant people with your ad. 

If you have the advantage of using the Advantage+ shopping experience on Facebook, you better do it! It is your chance not only to automate your Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns but also all your other marketing channels with Convertedin. 

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