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How to Use E-Commerce Digital Marketing to Maximize Sales 

Advertising platforms are the surest way to get as many customers as possible. You can reach targeted customers and increase your sales. Let us examine this closely. 

What are the advertising platforms a business should consider to increase sales?

1- Advertising on Social Media Platforms 

Social Media

  • Facebook 

Facebook is the largest social medial platform in the world. Hence, it is only expected that you take advantage of its audience. You can target a specific audience using filters like age, gender, or other demographics. 

As a merchant, you can create enough awareness about your brand because your lookalike audience is potential customers. Facebook is a direct way to get them informed about your products and services. Similarly, you can generate more leads or drive traffic to your page via regular blog posts, emails, or direct messages. 

Another exciting feature on Facebook for business brands is Facebook Shop. You can allow your customers to enjoy an unlimited shopping experience. Inevitably, you will have more conversion rates. 

NB: Do you know that Facebook ads suggest audiences based on their location, past activity, interests, occupation, and other important points. The algorithm of the platform makes business easy. 

  • Instagram 


Only a few businesses have incorporated Instagram into their means of advertising. Many people take Instagram to be an application to only share adorable pictures and videos. The truth is that there is more. 

It is the perfect market to display your products with visuals. Instagram allows good-quality photos and videos. Hence, there is no misrepresentation of the effectiveness or efficiency of your products. 

Facebook may be a larger community, but Instagram has a 58% more engagement rate than Facebook. It is one of the fastest growing communities as many people are joining across the world. It is only great for businesses and brands to explore Instagram advertising. 

You can engage your lookalike audience with organic stories and posts. Just like Facebook posts, this will drive more traffic to your website. Also, you can directly link Instagram ads to your landing or product page to increase its engagement. 

  • Twitter 


Twitter was launched in 2006 and has grown to become the go-to platform for trends and the latest news. Also, there are big and small influencers on the app that help to reach the targeted audience. There are two approaches to creating ads on Twitter. They are; 

  1. Twitter Ads – This type of advertising allows businesses to set their goal. However, Twitter will only charge you for activities or engagements that align with the business objective. That means there is no loss at the end of the ads. 
  2. Quick Promote – You can promote your tweets to a specific audience. You just have to select a promotable tweet and upload it on your timelines. Since it is a paid advert, it will be for a specified audience. The Twitter algorithm does the rest of the magic. 
  • Pinterest 


Pinterest is similar to Instagram because the focus is on an optimum visual platform. Common visuals on the platform include wedding pictures, fashion reels, and cooking images. However, research has it that there are more women on Pinterest than men – the ratio is 71:29

As a result, if your target audience is women, this is your go-to platform for ads. According to research, many people on Pinterest are there to purchase products. It is a dependable platform many businesses use for social media advertising. 

Your promoted ads are called Promoted Pins. They are on the Pinterest boards where they are not distracting to users – this is not common with other social media platforms. 

Statistics have it that about 85% of pinners make weekly purchases from brands. Obviously, the promoted pins have a high conversion rate. If you are an e-commerce retailer, you should target Pinterest to advertise as promoted pins are always high-performing. 

  • Tiktok 


If you have been following trends and the latest video, you will not doubt the power of Tiktok. It may appear as a new advertising platform, however, its effectiveness is without question. Much more than its large user base, many individuals are becoming a part of the new wave. 

Emarket, an online research agency, says that Tiktok’s capability in social commerce has been from product ads. If you are on the app, you will see some personalized feeds "For You." Of course, there are other entertaining and captivating content but brand ads are too. 

Just like an Organic post on Tiktok, the ads appear for nine seconds and at full screen. Beneath the advertisement is an option to “Shop Now.” This single click can direct them to your store where they can get as many items as they want. 

Other than the in-feed ads, there are other options businesses can use. they include Brand Takeovers – these ads appear immediately after an individual opens the app. Much more, you can decide to have the ads pop up during a Hashtag challenge. 

Hashtags and challenges are the major ingredients that sell on Tiktok. You should explore them to popularize your brands via the creative filter or popular challenge. 

  • LinkedIn 


LinkedIn is an office of itself – the largest community of offices. It is the right place to target customers that are professionals. That is, your audience must be those people in the corporate world. 

Data has it that about 69% of individuals that use LinkedIn earn about $50,000 in a year. The implication is that you have an idea of people’s possible earnings as even top companies always engage in LinkedIn ads. 

Most platforms pay attention to B2C advertising, but the story is different on LinkedIn. The algorithm is ideal for B2B (business to business) campaigns as you will get better results. The common types of LinkedIn ads include; 

  1. Sponsored messaging: Just like email marketing, sponsored messaging sends your ads directly to the user’s inbox. Hence, the user can click on buy your products or reply to chat more with a representative. 
  2. Sponsored content: your ads can come as videos, photos, or carousels. They are displayed in the newsfeed as the content is more directed to a larger audience. 
  3. Lead Gen Forms: these are prefilled forms. Most brands add them to their ads to gather enough leads. 
  4. Text and dynamic ads: these ads are not available to people who use the app on their mobile gadgets. However, for desktop users, the ads are texts at the top of the screen. They are on the newsfeed page. 

2- Other Types of Digital Marketing 

Social media platforms are potent because they record a high level of engagement. Nevertheless, there are other types of digital marketing one can explore. They include; 

  • Content Marketing

Content Marketing

You can include keywords and backlinks in your content to reach the right audience. You can join 70% of the marketers that are employing content marketing to increase their sales. You should know that it is an appropriate choice for B2C (Business to consumer). 

The challenge with content marketing is that you may not be effective with the process. Rather, you may need the help of an expert for optimum results. However, you will need channels to post – a website or social channel will do. 

1- Search Engine Marketing

Google and Bing are big search engines. They are available on both natural and organic searches. The idea of this type of marketing is to allow your site to appear at the top of searches related to your products and services. The posts can be organic, SEO, or PPC.  

2- SEO 

Search Engine Optimization optimizes content and its platforms. This means that the reader of the content can easily get across your brand via the content. Also, it shows that you are authentic. 

3- PPC

Pay-per-click displays ads at its top. However, your business will appear on the top page based on geographical location, keywords, and other relevant demographics. 

The sweeter deal with PPC is that you will only pay when a person clicks on your ads. Eventually, you may need a lot of money for it. 

  • Mobile Marketing 

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has a wide usage like digital marketing itself. In brief terms, it is adapting activities on a desktop to a mobile gadget. People do a lot on their phones – sending and receiving message apps, using educative or gaming apps, and even social messaging apps. 

You can target these apps and market your products. Mobile marketing is also known as in-app advertising. However, your audience is often limited as you can only reach users of a particular app. 

Children and young people are always the perfect audiences for Mobile marketing. The reason is that they spend a lot of time on their gadgets. 

Final thoughts 

Prioritizing e-commerce is important for every business. It is the surest way to maximize sales and attain your business goals. Some marketing types may require expertise. 

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