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Improve Google Shopping Ranking: 7 Expert Tactics

Back in history, people used to google stuff. This means looking for information or gathering data about literally anything that comes to peoples’ minds. 

Nowadays, google has become an integral part of online shopping and the e-commerce landscape through google shopping. 

Google Shopping is a feature offered by Google that allows users to discover online businesses and purchase their products. Accordingly, Google Shopping shows shoppers plenty of products to compare instead of going back and forth between several online stores.  

Online businesses listed on Google Shopping indicate trustworthiness to online shoppers. It’s important to know that not all online stores can be accepted to be listed on Google Shopping. Hence, the higher quality ones that make it to Google shopping.

To start your Google shopping journey, you must apply for a Google Shopping account; the good news is it’s free. Thus, once accepted, you can start listing your products and even run paid ads. 

Competition in e-commerce is intense, and so does ranking higher on google shopping.

Accordingly, in this article, we will tell you how to improve Google's shopping ranking with winning tactics. 

Ways And Tactics To Improve Google Shopping Ranking

  1. Optimize Your Product Data Feed
  2. Enhance Your Consumer Reviews
  3. Create A User-Friendly Product Landing Page
  4. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Usage
  5. Segment Your Google Shopping Campaigns
  6. Improve Your Google Quality Score
  7. Monitor The Performance Of Your Campaigns

As an online store, you have to work on improving your e-commerce Google shopping ranking. A higher ranking increases brand visibility, awareness, and trust. Simply, it is a winning tactic you can’t miss. So, keep on reading the upcoming paragraphs to learn how to improve your Google Shopping ranking. 

1- Optimize Your Product Data Feed

google-shopping-feedImage source:

Your product data feed is the place where Google brings all of your data from. Therefore, your data has to be clear, simple, and comprehensive so Google can read it easily and reach the right target audience. 

Optimizing your product data feed is done through various means. 

First, you have to focus on your product title. Titles must be consistent with the words customers use to look for products similar to those you are selling. Thus, include keywords similar to yours and frequently searched for.

Second, your product images have to be of high quality. Keep in mind that this is the first and the only dimension that online shoppers view for your products. Hence, images have to be visually appealing and preview products from different angles.

Third, prices on Google Shopping must be updated and viewed in different currencies. This is a rookie mistake you should avoid at all costs.

Fourth, a proper product description has to be included in your product data feed. Descriptions have to be unique and contain relevant keywords.      

2- Enhance Your Consumer Reviews

customer rateImage source: 

To improve the Google shopping ranking, Google positions a high priority on the rating of e-commerce. 

There are two types of reviews, product reviews and seller reviews. Product reviews are linked with how consumers rate the quality of your products. Seller reviews are linked with customer service, returns, and exchange policies. 

Positive reviews tend to boost your rank in Google shopping. Hence, besides providing excellent customer service and amazing products, you have to work on gathering customers’ reviews. 

Accordingly, you will have to encourage customers to share their feedback with some rewards and incentives. Incorporate email marketing or even use Google customer reviews to gather customers’ feedback after purchase. 

3- Create A User-Friendly Product Landing Page

If you are wondering how to improve your Google shopping ranking, you will have to optimize your product landing page

Link your listing with a well-formulated landing page that highlights your product details, features, and prices and has a clear call to action. A user-friendly and relevant landing page is something online shoppers highly value.

This is often a neglected tactic by online stores, yet, it is very influential in increasing conversion rates.

In addition, an optimized product landing page enhances your Google’s Quality score. 

The Google quality score analyzes your landing pages, quality of ads, and relevancy. The higher your score, the more visibility you acquire in Google and the higher the ranking.

4- Optimize Your Website For Mobile Usage

According to Statista, in 2021, the number of mobile users worldwide accounted for 7.1 billion users. Therefore, Google realizes the importance of optimizing your website for mobile usage. In fact, your Google shopping ranking is highly linked to having a mobile-friendly website. 

To clarify the process, whenever a user clicks on your product listing, they are directed to your website. Hence, with a large number of users using their mobiles for shopping, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, they are likely to abandon your store. 

As a result, google shopping downgrades your ranking as it seems irrelevant to users. 

Therefore, you have to keep those who interact with Google from their mobile phones in your mind. Hence, ensuring that your website is suitable for mobile usage is crucial to an enhanced Google shopping ranking for your e-commerce. 

5- Segment Your Google Shopping Campaigns

A successful tactic to improve your Google shopping ranking is segmenting your campaigns.

This means understanding the intentions of users and knowing what customers are looking for while searching for products ensures the relevancy of the delivered Google shopping ads.

In addition, you have to segment your campaigns by organizing products into smaller segments based on prices, product category, or brand. As a result, you can adjust your bidding strategy to be compatible with the best-performing product segment. 

By adjusting your bids, you will ensure that the best-performing products mostly appear to customers in their searches.

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6- Improve Your Google Quality Score

Google calculates Google's quality score based on the performance of your ads compared to competitors. 

The score is calculated based on the relevancy of your products to users’ searches, click-through rates, the quality of your landing page, and plenty of other factors.

The exact factors Google considers to identify your quality score are not widely known. However, by improving the previously mentioned factors, it is highly likely that your score will improve.

Accordingly, the higher your Google quality score, the better your ranking will be on Google Shopping. 

So, if you are skeptical about how to improve Google shopping ranking, this is a tactic that can’t be missed.   

7- Monitor The Performance Of Your Campaigns

By creating an online store, you must continuously improve. Hence, you will have to monitor the performance of your campaigns on Google Shopping to identify any weaknesses. To do so, you need to focus on important metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROAS. 

As a result, you will be able to enhance the performance of your listings and your ranking on Google Shopping, granting your e-commerce more visibility.

Final Thoughts:

As e-commerce, you have to do whatever it takes to be exposed to a higher number of customers by using all of the available channels. 

And if you think that Google is only a search engine, we have to tell you, you missed this. Google is now involved in all aspects of life, and e-commerce is no exception. 

Therefore, you have to be present on Google Shopping and accelerate your visibility by using our top 7 tactics to improve your Google Shopping ranking.