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Marketing Operating System for E-commerce: Here's What You Need to Know

People working and managing online stores know how tedious it is to not only run the store but also conduct its digital marketing activities.

Whether it's SMS marketing, email marketing, creating and segmenting audiences, reviewing and managing conversions, running and optimizing ads, or all of these combined. It's hard work. It's literally a vicious never-ending cycle!

But what if, as an e-commerce store owner or marketer, you didn't have to review your audiences and their behavior across multiple platforms? What if you didn’t have to worry your marketing efforts are hit-or-miss?

But what if all of your e-commerce marketing efforts could be found in one place? What if you could have a single dashboard with all the data, analytics, and ads for various platforms?

If you just sighed or started imagining a lot of time and energy saved, then you'll be excited about what's coming next.

Meet the Marketing Operating System for E-commerce businesses.


What is a marketing operating system?

Generally speaking, an operating system (OS) is a type of software that allows you to see, view, and manage various software services and resources.

A marketing operating system, on the other hand, is software that allows you to conduct all of your marketing activities from a single location: your computer.

Meanwhile, a marketing operating system for e-commerce is software created specifically to help online store owners and marketing managers find and use all marketing applications from a single location.

Instead of having to use a dozen platforms to:

-          run and manage your e-commerce store's ads

-          conduct your email marketing

-          conduct your SMS marketing

-          find ways to create custom and lookalike audiences for your ads

-          automate your ads

-          unify customer data (instead of having it scattered everywhere)

-          track customer journeys

-          track actions like add to cart or add to wishlist

-          track conversions

-          Among others….

Instead of having all these platforms to jump between and see how your store has performed… Instead of all that, you can have one system or platform featuring all of the above and more.

That's what a marketing operating system for e-commerce is all about. And Convertedin has just upgraded its services to provide you with your one-stop-shop marketing operating system.


Benefits of using a marketing operating system for e-commerce

So why should you consider using a marketing operating system for your e-commerce store?

Let's see:

-          No more struggling to connect your marketing activities

You no longer have to worry about how you'll connect your different marketing stack and struggle to compare data and results.

With Convertedin's marketing OS for e-commerce, you'll be able to create and launch campaigns across previously separate marketing platforms and compare data as you wish.

With a marketing operating system for your e-commerce business, you can run and combine your email marketing and SMS marketing campaigns easily.

-          Customer data platform

One of the top problems e-commerce businesses struggle with is scattered customer data.

Do you know if Sarah B. who accessed your online store from Facebook is the same Sarah M. who accessed it from Instagram? Or was she Sarah I. who clicked your Google ad?

What you need is a customer data platform to examine all those Sarah's, see which of them is the same customer, and combine the information.

With a customer data platform, you'll be able to see and target Sarah B. – and those like her – who prefer to buy eco-friendly home accessories.

Your data will be unified and you can track which customers are coming to your store daily, weekly, monthly, or one a year.

-          One analytics dashboard

How often do you look at charts and graphs to see rising and falling numbers? How many tabs with those graphs do you have open?

With Convertedin's marketing operating system for e-commerce, you'll have one dashboard for all your marketing efforts, their performance, and results.

You'll be able to see if your email marketing campaign from June performed well or if the one coupled with an SMS marketing campaign performed better.

-          Reach customers by how they prefer to be reached

Customers today are present on multiple platforms. But they don't make purchases from all of them.

So getting your ads to them on platforms where they just scroll or don't conduct their shopping is just a waste of advertising spend. Instead, we'll help you reach your customers where they are and on the platforms where they are more receptive to e-commerce ads.

-          Segmentation is key

One of the original benefits of using Convertedin was – and remains to be – its AI-powered segmentation.

With the marketing operating system for e-commerce, segmentation just got a whole lot better and more interesting.

You can now segment customers based on the different types of segmentation, namely: demographics, behavior, psychographics, and geography.

-          AI-powered suggestions

In a physical store, you'll often find a few odds and ends near the cashier that often end up in your cart.

With Convertedin, your store will be able make recommendations based on buying habits and behavior to customers when they view an item or when they add it to their cart.

Those odds and ends near the cashier will find their way into your customer's shopping cart so they can add them before they leave your store.


How is Convertedin doing this?

To create the Convertedin marketing operating system for e-commerce businesses, we created the Convertedin Pixel.

Yes, it is similar to the Facebook Pixel. But unlike the Facebook Pixel which is limited to a few platforms, the Convertedin Pixel isn't.

The Convertedin Pixel ensures that you have all your marketing activities, plans, and data are in one place. And that you can easily track and compare them against each other.

With the Convertedin Pixel, you'll be able to get clearer insights on how to:

-          improve your return on ad spend (ROAS)

-          acquire new e-commerce customers

-          increase customer retention and customer lifetime value (CLV)

-          Increase average order value (AOV)

-          Offer personalized experiences

-          Launch cross-platform ad campaigns

-          Automate your retargeting campaigns

-          Review and reduce your average customer acquisition cost

-          Create as many customer segments as you like based on auto-generated criteria and based on criteria you set up.

-           Manage SMS and email marketing campaigns

-           and more!

Ready to try the marketing OS yourself?

As you can see, having a marketing operating system to manage all marketing activities for your online store means you can save time, effort, and money when running your campaigns.

Put simply, a marketing operating system is like having 'One platform to rule them all.'

If you'd like to see Convertedin's marketing OS for e-commerce in action, then sign up to Convertedin and start your free trial.