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TikTok Live Shopping: Everything You Need To Know

TikTok has been one of the best-performing social media platforms in the past couple of years. It is argued that TikTok has been growing at a pace even higher than that of Facebook. 

Well, once I said that BET I MADE YOU LOOK, I MADE YOU LOOK (sorry, but this song can’t get out of my head since I heard it on TikTok).

We have to say that most of the content on TikTok goes viral and influences a large number of Gen Z and millennials.

But TikTok is not only about viral songs; the platform started to include a new feature which is TikTok live shopping. 

Live shopping is already booming in China, with 400 billion dollars in sales in 2022 (Influencer Marketing Hub,2023). Since TikTok origin state is China, the platform’s live shopping is witnessing astonishing results in its home country. 

Accordingly, TikTok aims to extend its live shopping feature to several Western countries. Thus, you have to keep up with all the new e-commerce experiences to skyrocket your performance 

In this article, we will take you through a complete guide on TikTok live shopping, how it works, its benefits, usage, and its best practices.

Table Of Content:

  1. What is TikTok Live Shopping?
  2. How Does TikTok Live Shopping works?
  3. Why Use TikTok Live shopping?
  4. How To Use TikTok Live shopping?
  5. Best Practices For TikTok Live Shopping

What is Tiktok Live Shopping?

TikTok live shopping-1Source:

Generally, live shopping is just like the aged QVC in which businesses try to sell their products on the spot. Customers used to watch such TV channels and get the chance to order the displayed products instantly. 

Believe us; this was a thing several years ago. And surprisingly, such a trend is getting stronger than ever as live shopping has extended to e-commerce.

Therefore, live shopping is simply selling your products through live-streamed videos on websites or applications. 

Live shopping for e-commerce is already trending. However, things are even getting more intense by combining live shopping with the booming and one of the best-performing platforms, Tiktok. 

TikTok live shopping started in China and witnessed astonishing results. Live shopping includes constantly appearing links that direct viewers to the product page to complete their purchase. Accordingly, the buyers won’t have to leave the application as everything is accessible through the live. 

Even though TikTok live shopping started in China, it is expected to expand in the US very soon. Accordingly, TikTok collaborated with the widely known American live stream commerce company, TalkShopLive. Such collaboration aims to facilitate the initiation of TikTok Live shopping in the US as well. 

How Does Tiktok Live Shopping Works?

As things start to get serious with TikTok live shopping, you must be familiarized with how such live shopping works. 

The live shopping on Tiktok is quite simple. Your e-commerce must have at least 1000 followers on Tiktok, and you will be eligible to host your live shopping. 

During the live, images of your products will appear to your viewers, who can just click and will be directed to your product page to finalize the purchase in real-time.

Impressed right?

Well, Tiktok live shopping is all about convenience. You simplify each step of your customer’s journey to encourage them to purchase. So, in this case, your e-commerce will offer your buyers everything they need without having to leave the app. 

Why Use TikTok Live Shopping?

tiktok-live-shopping why to useSource: searchenginejournal

Before using TikTok live shopping, you must be aware of its benefits. This is precisely what will be explained in the upcoming paragraphs.

1- Increases Awareness Through Higher Reach

Recent studies showed that TikTok has 1 Billion active monthly users (Data Reportal,2023). Just imagine the potential number of customers you can reach using TikTok for your e-commerce.

Therefore, by using TikTok live shopping, you are ensuring higher reach and visibility for your brand. 

TikTok users spend an average of 858 minutes per month using the app (Statista,2022). So, it is beneficial for your e-commerce to be part of the time such users spend using TikTok. 

It is worth saying that with the expansion of TikTok live shopping, your e-commerce usage of such a feature will definitely increase your brand awareness. 

2- Accelerate Your Sales

Well, let’s get back to the numbers to see the impact of TikTok live shopping on sales.

Studies showed that 50% of Tiktok users bought products after watching the live stream shopping (The Drum,2022). We got to be honest; this is a huge number of potential buyers for your e-commerce.

In addition, TikTok users are 50% more interested in live shopping than users of other platforms.

Also, 67% of Tiktok users say that spending time on the platform encourages them to shop even if they did not intend to (Planoly, 2022).

We won’t do the talk as numbers already say it all. 

TikTok live shopping is one of the reasons for accelerated sales for your e-commerce. With a large number of users and the right type of content, you will achieve desirable results.  

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3- Builds Trust

Although online shopping is on the rise, it has some drawbacks that businesses still do not tackle. One of these issues is the lack of trust. Customers see amazing pictures of products, but it turns out to be a complete scam upon arrival. 

TikTok live shopping solves such issues as customers already see the product on air without any surprises upon delivery.

Accordingly, one of the significant benefits of TikTok live shopping is building trust. So, you are not only selling products but also building trust. Trust can never be taken for granted when dealing with your customers.

Thus, during the live stream, you show your customers all your product details and specifications to build such trust. 

In addition, Tiktok live shopping increases connectivity, interactiveness, and engagement with your customers. So, it is definitely a winning marketing tactic for your e-commerce.

How to Use TikTok Live Shopping?


We are sure you are ready to start using TikTok live shopping for your e-commerce. So, let’s see how to use such a feature for your business.

We relied on the information provided by TikTok to answer this question.

According to TikTok, you must set up Tiktok shopping to start your live stream. There are two options for your TikTok live shopping. 

First, you can go live immediately by choosing the plus sign on your screen just like you add any video content. 

Second, you can schedule your live stream by clicking on the calendar sign in the app. All you have to do is to name the event, mention its timing and description and wait for TikTok’s approval.

There are several occasions that you can use TikTok live shopping to promote it. For example, you can use the live stream to promote your new products or giveaways. Also, your live stream can include how-to videos or tutorials for your products.

It became evident that initiating your TikTok live shopping is pretty simple. However, it needs some preparation to fully benefit from the live and to reach likable results.

Best Practices For TikTok Live Shopping

Even though you now have all that it takes to start working on your TikTok live shopping, we still have things to say to ensure the success of your live stream. There are some tips and practices that can accelerate the performance of your live. Hence, we will explain the best practices in the upcoming paragraphs.

  • Collaborate With Influencers To Host Your Live Shopping

Collaborate With Influencers To Host Your Live ShoppingSource:

Want a booming TikTok live shopping experience, then collaborate with influencers as your co-hosts. 

Influencers and celebrities co-hosting your live will grab more attention and exposure to your brand. In addition, it will build credibility and trust; you definitely don’t want to miss that out.

As we always say, the key to successful collaborations is choosing the right influencers to impact your e-commerce brand and its performance positively.  

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  • Add Interesting Content

During your Tiktok Live shopping, you are not just aiming to sell products. You are aiming to deliver valuable and interesting content as well.

The type of audience present on TikTok aims to find enjoyable content. This is the basis of such a platform. Therefore, content that only shows products and their features with only one aim, which is selling, will be lost in the TikTok algorithm.

You need to add some entertaining content during the live shopping. For example, include a tutorial for your products. Also, some gamification won’t harm as well. Interactive content is necessary for your TikTok live shopping. 

For example, suppose you are a makeup brand. In that case, your TikTok live shopping can include a tutorial for everyday makeup looks using your products (Girls never get enough with everyday makeup looks). Hence, you are spicing up your live stream while selling your products as well. 

  • Incentivize The Live Stream And Never Forget Your CTA

We all know that your live shopping on TikTok aims to accelerate sales. So, you have to incentivize such live streams to push more sales. 

This can be done by adding sales and discounts only valid during the live stream. Also, you can add the free shipping option or the promo codes that are only available during the live. Accordingly, viewers will make sure to complete their purchases during the live stream to benefit from the offers.

Also, a clear Call To Action (CTA) should be viewed throughout the live shopping to encourage viewers to take action. Just follow such practices and see the magic. 

  • Enable Q&A 

TikTok live shopping is all about interaction. Therefore, a useful practice would be enabling Q&A during your live stream.

Your customers might have some inquiries that hinder their purchase decisions and require immediate answers.

As a result, enabling Q&A creates more interaction with your customers. Insufficient interaction is one of the drawbacks of online shopping. Therefore, addressing such issues during your live stream will encourage your customers to purchase. 

Now is the time to go live!

There is no better time to start your journey through TikTok live shopping. It is an accelerating marketing tactic that your e-commerce should make good use of. 

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