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Top 10 Post Purchase Email Examples + Key Takeaways To Increase Sales

Getting a customer to place an order is a moment of pride and joy. Your hard work paid off, and now you have an order to prepare. 

Before proceeding, we just wanna say congrats; you nailed it. 

However, your marketing efforts don’t stop at this point. You must leverage post-purchase emails to build a positive lasting impression of your brand. In addition, it gives you a chance to highlight the value of your products, to upsell, and to increase customer retention and loyalty. 

Want all of these benefits but don’t know how to start?

No worries, we have got your back. 

In this article, we will show you ten post-purchase email examples to start your journey. 

Best Post Purchase Email Examples To Inspire You In 2024

  1. Benefit
  2. Harry’s
  3. Athletic Greens
  4. Everlane
  5. Adidas
  6. Print Fresh
  7. Lily & Roo
  8. FullScript
  9. Blume
  10. The Body Shop

You will be surprised to know that there are several ways you can use post-purchase emails. We believe that the best way to learn is to see real examples. Hence, get ready to see mind-blowing post-purchase email examples that inspire you. 

1- Benefit

One of the simplest yet most important ways to leverage post-purchase emails is to send order confirmation. 

Such type of email is pivotal as it comforts customers about their order completion and status. They just need to ensure that their money has been positioned in their place and their order is getting ready. 

We can say that Benefit understood the assignment. The brand delivered one of the best post-purchase email examples. 

It relied on appealing visuals and casual language to resonate with its customers. Most importantly, it included all the product details, shipping address, cost, and tracking methods. Hence, customers are assured of all their order details. 

Key Takeaways: Always ensure to send order confirmation emails post-purchasing. The email should include all the order details so customers are on track with their order and its status. 

2- Harry’s

Purchase Email Examples
Do you know that you can use post-purchase emails to upsell?

Impressed? So are we!

Upselling in e-commerce is encouraging customers to purchase an upgraded version of the product or add-ons. This increases the average order value and revenues. 

To successfully upsell, you have to highlight to customers the benefits of upgrading. They will pay extra cash for such an upgrade, so it has to be worth it.  

Harry’s incorporates upselling in its post-purchase email example. In addition to highlighting the order details and its cost, it encourages customers to upgrade from the starter set by including its razor stand. 

It will ensure that the razors will stay away from water and hence, last longer. This is how Harry’s showcased their product benefits and advantages gained from upgrading. 

Key Takeaways: Whenever possible, include upselling tactics in your post-purchase emails. However, avoid being too promotional and pushy for selling. You need to highlight the value behind upgrading, and this will get the job done. 

3- Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens Post-Purchase Email example

The open rates for order confirmation emails are usually high. Thus, why not benefit from such a high open rate to connect with your customers and increase customer retention?

That’s exactly what Athletic Greens have done,  giving us one of the best post-purchase email examples. 

It started with confirming the order and providing recipients with ways to track it. Then, they promoted their products and how they should become part of consumers’ habits. This way, they are increasing customer retention by building long relations and preventing customers from switching to competitors. 

What grabbed our attention, even more, was how Athletic Greens highlighted their Facebook community and encouraged their customers to join it. As a result, they become more connected with the brand. 

Athletic Greens nailed it in their post-purchase emails and truly inspired us. 

Key Takeaways: Benefit from customers' attention once you grab it; and post-purchase emails are one of the best ways to maximize your benefits. 

4- Everlane

Everlane post-purchase-email

A staple in post-purchase emails is gathering customers’ reviews. This builds more brand trust, creates a connection with customers, and makes them feel heard. 

Therefore, Everlane considered such a thing and incorporated feedback in its post-purchase email example. They did it in a very simple yet effective way. Everlane mentioned that they love to hear their customer’s feedback regarding their latest purchase. 

Accordingly, they included images for the items ordered so recipients could easily rate each product and give their feedback. 

Key Takeaways: Ensure consistent post-purchase engagement with customers. One way is through gathering customer feedback. Yet, it’s important to facilitate such a process in your post-purchase email campaign by including links that seamlessly direct customers to a feedback page. Otherwise, consider using AMP emails for e-commerce, which allows feedback to be collected directly from customers' inboxes without requiring them to navigate elsewhere.

5- Adidas

post-purchase-email example
We have to say we are impressed with how Adidas leveraged post-purchase emails in its marketing campaigns. 

Adidas understood the assignment and acted accordingly by using its post-purchase emails to cross-sell. They grabbed their customer’s attention and didn't want to miss the chance to promote their upcoming purchase. 

The “Complete Your Look” is a good start that perfectly delivers the cause behind the email. Then, including images of relevant products with their prices undoubtedly encourage the recipients to consider placing an order. 

If this is not one of the perfect post-purchase email examples, we don’t know what is. 

Key Takeaways: Post-purchase emails are your perfect chance to cross-sell and promote future purchases. Hence, embark on such an opportunity. However, you need to play it smart without being too pushy or promotional to avoid contradictory results. 

6- Print Fresh

post-purchase-email example-1
You know when customers start ghosting you. They made a purchase but are no longer interactive with your content, are not placing orders, and are not giving feedback. In this case, you might need to incentivize them to take action. 

Post-purchase email is your go-to. Consider adding a discount for recipients to encourage them to return for more purchases. 

One of the top post-purchase email examples is that of Print Fresh. 

In its email, Print Fresh started by mentioning what’s new in its online store including the new collection with its various sizes to grab user’s attention. Next, it highlighted its discount to motivate placing orders. 

Simple yet highly effective because who doesn't appreciate saving some cash?

Key Takeaways: If it has been a while since customers got back to you after an order, a discount never fails to move things around. Most importantly, create a bond with customers by sending emails that sound like you are noticing and missing their presence. 

7- Lily & Roo


Post-purchase emails are pivotal for creating a long-lasting relationship with customers. However, they are not only about promoting items through cross-selling or upselling but also about providing users with high-quality content in your emails. 

This can be done by providing content that explains how your products are used, tips on maintaining them, and best practices. Accordingly, you ensure that you are on top of your customers’ minds whenever they want to purchase.  

Lily & Roo perfectly incorporated relevant content in its post-purchase email example. It highlighted best practices to maintain its products, ways to store the items, and tips to avoid. 

As a result, they are not being excessively promotional while also being constantly in touch with customers.

Lily & Roo, you nailed it.

Key Takeaways: Work on having high-quality content in your emails. This will provide more value to your post-purchase emails and improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns. 

8- Fullscript


One way to utilize post-purchase email is for restocking and replenishment. When a customer places an order that will last for a week, for example, you can send them a reminder email to restock. 

As a result, you ensure that you build a strong connection with your customers while maintaining continuous purchases. 

Fullscript can inspire you to use post-purchase emails for replenishment reminders. They kept it simple by reminding recipients of the products that need to be restocked based on their purchase history. Moreover, they did not miss a chance to cross-sell, which was evident at the end of their email. 

Key Takeaways: If your products need to be restocked regularly or you rely on subscription commerce, replenishment emails are one of the vital post-purchase email examples. You still can spice things up with some personalization and cross-selling practices. 

9- Blume

blume-email post purchase example

We just love it when businesses work on enhancing customer engagement and building a community with their customers. 

Usually, businesses focus on their continuous buyers and nurturing them. This can be done through giving them discounts, gifts, or personalized messages. 

Blume has taken customer engagement to a higher level in two key ways. Firstly, by nurturing its loyal customer base through personalized notes. Secondly, by leveraging post-purchase emails to significantly boost customer engagement.

One of the best post-purchase email examples provided by Blume is asking their customers to share a love note that will be sent randomly to another customer. Hence, it’s not a typical post-purchase email yet, it builds a strong bond with customers. 

Key Takeaways: Go creative in your post-purchase emails just like Blume did. They created an emotional bond with a feeling of belonging between customers. 

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10- The Body Shop


Referral programs are crucial for any online business. They are part of word-of-mouth marketing, which rewards customers for promoting your brand and being its advocates. 

So, do you know that you can use post-purchase emails to promote your referral programs?

Yes, you read that right. 

To inspire you, the Body Shop leveraged post-purchase emails to promote its referral programs. 

They made it straightforward by highlighting that for every referral, customers and their referrals will receive some cash. In addition, they showcased how this can be done in 3 simple steps. 

Key Takeaways: You don’t have to magnify the situation in your post-purchase emails. Keeping things simple can go a long way for your e-commerce. Thus, keep it simple, direct, and straightforward with your customers. In addition, showcase your referral programs for more visibility, engagement, and sales. 

Let’s Hit Send On These Emails!

The power of post-purchase emails is crucial for your e-commerce. The thank you emails to the exclusive offers and the tracking emails are all post-purchase email examples you can utilize to strengthen customer relations, increase brand loyalty, and boost sales. 

With the post-purchase email examples we just provided you, you are all set to shoot these emails and witness the success of your e-commerce. 

However, there is one missing element you need to consider before shooting your post-purchase emails which is an email marketing tool. 

A well-chosen email marketing tool will ensure that your efforts will pay off. Hence, you need to choose wisely or you will jeopardize the success of your email marketing campaigns. 

One email marketing tool you can consider is Convertedin. 

Convertedin is a marketing automation tool that creates a campaign for each activity including post-purchase emails. Also, it builds personalized email marketing campaigns to effortlessly increase your ROI. 

Hence, if you don’t know where to start, book your demo now with Convertedin to start your journey with post-purchase emails!