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Your Ultimate Guide To Improve Product Page Conversions: 10 Tactics To Apply

When customers decide to make an online purchase, they do their research until they reach a product page. A product page, also known as a product detail page (PDP), is what includes "everything" about your product. 

Accordingly, customers visiting your product page expect to know more about the features of your product, benefits, pricing, what previous buyers think about it, return and exchange policy, FAQs, and even additional product details.

Many e-commerce stores believe their objectives are attained as soon as customers reach their product page. Yet, there might be some measures that prevent your customer from taking action.  

Therefore, your e-commerce product detail page PDP is the key to whether your customer will take the action you desire or not. In other words, will the customer convert?  

That's why you need to pay close attention to your product page and work on enhancing it.  

Throughout the upcoming paragraphs, we will take you through a complete guide for your e-commerce product page, its benefits, and statistics. Also, we will provide you with 10 tactics for highly converting product pages to help you get started. 

Table Of Content:

  1. Why is a product page important for any online store?
  2. Statistics and insights
  3. 10 ways to improve your product page conversions

Why is a Product Page Important For Any Online Store?

An e-commerce product page includes everything your customer needs to know about your product. Therefore, its importance arises from such aspects. The following paragraphs will explain the benefits of optimizing your product page. 

  • Increases Purchases

Increases Purchases  Product Page Conversions

First, a significant product page leads to more purchases. Customers who got to your PDP are those who reached the decision stage of the buyer's journey. So, it's your role as an e-commerce store to make sure to win this customer. A well-formulated product page will get you more purchases and buyers. 

  • Fewer Customer Complaints and Returns

Second, a product page that is put well together leads to fewer customer complaints and returns. That's because you already provided the buyers with everything they need to know about your product before their purchase. Accordingly, there won't be a place for surprises after customers receive their orders. 

  • Higher Conversion Rates

Third, a nice product page leads to higher conversion rates. This means that from the total number of website visitors, an increasing number completes an action desired by your business.

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  • Reduces Website Bounce Rate

Fourth, a successful product page reduces your website bounce rate. A website bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit a website and leave without performing a certain action. 

A successful product page makes customers more willing to scroll through your website to view other products offered. Therefore, it is an amazing chance to cross-sell and up-sell.

  • Low Cart Abandonment Rate

Fifth, a well-executed PDP contributes to a lower cart abandonment rate. Cart abandonment rate means the percentage of customers who add items from your e-commerce store to their shopping cart yet abandon the cart before completing the purchase. 

There are plenty of reasons behind cart abandonment like the presence of unexpected fees, a non-satisfactory return policy, a non-mobile-optimized website, or a lack of customer support. 

Therefore, by tackling all of these issues on your product page, the high cart abandonment rate won't be an issue anymore.    

Statistics and Insights about Product Page Conversions

Let's provide you with some statistics and insights to better understand the product page and its benefits.

  • According to a consumer research report conducted by Salsify (2022), 46% of American consumers declare not to purchase from an online store if its product page doesn't provide enough information. 
  • 70% of the customers in the US say that they are more likely to make an online purchase if the product page has relevant images, videos, text, and reviews (Salsify, 2022). 
  • Product pages with customers reviews experience 4.5 times more revenue per visitor (Oberlo,2022)
  • Brands that update their product pages weekly witness a 26% increase in their revenue (Insider intelligence,2018)

10 Ways to Improve Your Product Page Conversions

The importance of a well-formulated product page makes it an essential aspect of your e-commerce website. So, we won't leave you at this point. Check out the upcoming paragraphs as we will provide you with 10 ways to create a highly converting product page.

1- Provide a Detailed Product Description

Well, the first thing that you need to talk about on your product page is certainly a detailed product description. Think about it as the information provided at any brick-and-mortar store. 

As an e-commerce store, your product page has to include price, product size, product colors, product material, and shipping costs. Always keep it simple; don't overload your product page with excessive information. 

Also, if you want more product page conversions, avoid being too boring, robotic, and merely descriptive. Write your product description in an engaging, compelling manner. A successful product description makes your customers imagine themselves using your product just by reading the information provided. 

Detailed Product Description

Casper is an e-commerce store specializing in mattresses and bed sheets. It provides a successful product description that makes its customers imagine using their items by simply reading its product description. 

A winning tip while writing your product description is to provide it in bullet points. You don't want your customers to be lost in bulky paragraphs describing your products.    

2- Highlight Your Value Proposition

For higher product page conversions, you need to highlight your product value proposition, also known as a unique selling proposition. 

Just listing your product description is not enough for customers to make a purchase. You need to tell your clients what they will get by purchasing your product. 

Simply put, your product page has to include how you will serve your customer's needs, provide them with a solution to their problem and benefit them.

Highlight Your Value Proposition

An example of an e-commerce business highlighting its value proposition is Glossier, an online cosmetics store. By purchasing its product, customers will get "an instant dewy glow that lasts". An instant dewy glow is no doubt every woman's dream.  

The value proposition by Glossier is impressive as it is clear and reaches the customers in no time. Always remember that your value proposition is a one-time shot, so make sure not to miss such an opportunity as it will make or break your e-commerce store.  

3- Use Eye-catching Product Images and Videos

Customers landing on your product page will be first exposed to pictures of your product. Therefore, you want to have eye-catching and appealing visuals for higher product page conversions. 

During an online shopping experience, customers only have the chance to see a product. So, an e-commerce business needs to benefit from this matter by providing high-quality pictures and videos for its product. 

In addition, images have to preview the product from different angles while enabling the option of zoom to gain an in-depth view of the product. 

A study showed that 60% of digital shoppers need to see three to four images of a product before any purchase (Insider intelligence, 2018). Accordingly, images are an essential aspect of product pages that should not be neglected. 

For even better results, you can use videos on your product page. Videos are more expressive and engaging. In addition, videos enable customers to fully grasp product features. E-commerce product pages with videos convert 80% better than those without (Social media today, 2018).

High-quality photos and videos help in creating a good first impression, increase social sharing and differentiate your brand from competitors.

ASOS, an online fashion and cosmetics retailer, includes high-quality images and videos on its product page. It adds the "see the catwalk video" for customers to see its products worn by models in videos.  

 Eye-catching Product Images and Videos                                

4- Product Reviews

Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they see what previous buyers say about this product. 

Accordingly, you need to go the extra mile on your product page by not only describing your product but also adding product reviews. Studies showed that 95% of online shoppers read product reviews before purchasing (Shopify, 2022). 

In addition, product pages with customer reviews experience 3.5 times more conversions than those without (Oberlo, 2022). 

Therefore, it is important to add product reviews to ensure higher product page conversions. 

Generally, product reviews make buyers more confident in purchasing your products. They create a psychological phenomenon known as social proof in which customers gain societal confirmation towards a certain product before purchase. 

Providing product reviews on your product page can be done in several formats. It varies from the simple five stars rating to written testimonials, pictures, and even videos of customers trying your items. 

The globally known e-commerce business Shein pays close attention to its product reviews. Shein encourages customers to write reviews of their purchases in return for points that can be redeemed as discounts on future purchases. 

5- Use a Clear Call To Action (CTA)

Just imagine going this far by describing your product, using high-quality images, adding product reviews, and having customers convinced with your products, yet they don’t know what action they should take.

Well, this is a bad scenario we don't want to imagine.

To have higher product page conversions, you need to add a clear call to action (CTA). Buyers need to know what they should do at this point, either buy now, add to the cart or subscribe. 

Your CTA button should be clear enough that no customer can miss it. 

It is preferred to be colored in a popping color with large font and added in a visible place for all customers to see. 

Image source: popupsmart

For example, Versace utilizes its CTA button (add to cart) on its product page. It’s a clear CTA, in an outstanding color and in a visible place that no one can miss. 

6- Add A Section For The FAQs And Live Chat Option

For higher product page conversions, you need to be with the customers at each step to answer their inquiries. One of the most successful tactics for an optimized product page is to add a section for your customers' frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Another winning tactic is to add the live chat option through which customers can present their questions and find instant replies from your business. Accordingly, customers' concerns are addressed immediately. This builds more trust in your brand and leads to more conversions. 

A study showed that website visitors using live chat are 2.8x more likely to convert compared to those who don't (Forrester, 2018). 

In addition, the live chat option reduces cart abandonment by 30% (Business Blogs, 2022). Also, 62% of online customers mentioned that they would purchase more products if the live chat option were available.  

FAQs And Live Chat Option

Amala is an e-commerce store specializing in beauty products. Amala optimizes its product page by adding the live chat option to answer all of its customer's concerns. Also, it makes sure to reply the soonest time possible to guarantee higher conversions. 

7- Use Trust Badges

An underrated tactic for an enhanced product page is the usage of trust badges and statements. 

Currently, there are continuous cases of online fraud and cyber identity theft. A study by Baymard institute in 2022 showed that 18% of lost sales for online stores were due to security concerns. 

Therefore, as an e-commerce store, you need to convince your customers that you take all measures to protect their information. This can be done by using trust badges which show that buyers' information is protected and secured. 

However, you know that their information should be really protected and not just use badges haphazardly. 

Other types of badges can be used as well, like the quality badge, safe checkout badge, money-back guarantee badge, return badge, and satisfaction guaranteed badge. 

Use Trust Badges

Beard brand uses a 100% money-back guarantee badge on its product page. The usage of the badge leads to increased trust with its customers, which leads to higher conversions. 

8- Make Your Product Page Mobile-friendly

A guarantee for a high product page conversion rate is to optimize your product page for mobile. 

You can't ignore such a tactic.

The vitality of this tactic arises from the huge number of worldwide users using their mobiles for online shopping. So, you will be left behind if you can’t keep up with this global development. 

A study by Google (2022) showed that 59% of shoppers said that a mobile-optimized product page is important when they decide which brand to buy from. 

Similarly, in 2021, global mobile e-commerce sales reached 3.56 trillion dollars (The circular board, 2021). 

Therefore, a mobile-friendly product page is key to a successful e-commerce business. 


TOMS and Beardbrand are major examples of e-commerce stores that create mobile-friendly product pages.   

 9- Cross-sell And Up-sell 

The aim of any product page is primarily to sell your product. However, if you want to accelerate your product page conversion rate, you need to cross-sell and up-sell. 

Cross-selling can be done by suggesting related products to your customers on the product page. Up-selling is done by suggesting slightly expensive products to the one your customer is viewing. 

Suggesting similar products ensures that customers have the chance to go through several alternatives on your websites. This leads to an increase in the average order value (AOV). 

AOV is a metric that measures the average amount of money spent on each order on your website.  

Cross-selling and up-selling might be a little bit tricky. In order not to fall out, they need to be done smartly. This means that you should not cram your product page with plenty of similar products so that your customers don’t get lost and distracted. 

Therefore, a moderate amount of suggested products will be enough to successfully cross-sell or up-sell.

Cross-sell And Up-sell 

Pandora, a global jewelry maker, makes good use of such a tactic on its product page. It offers several suggestions to its customers like similar products and products recently viewed by others.  

 10- Utilize Psychological Techniques

Psychological techniques for e-commerce have been booming in the past years due to their astonishing results. They are used as part of FOMO marketing. FOMO marketing presses on some psychological factors to make online customers feel like they are missing out on incredible experiences that others are enjoying. Hence, customers have the urge to take immediate action to not lose something great. 

There is no better place to use FOMO marketing and its e-commerce psychological techniques than your product page. 

Hence, we will tell you how to use such techniques on your product page for more conversions. 

  • Scarcity Principle

Scarcity Principle

The scarcity factor implies that these products might not be available in the future. So, customers feel the need to purchase before this product is gone. 

Therefore, to activate the scarcity factor on your product page, you need to display the number of products remaining in stock. Accordingly, customers are more likely to make a purchase decision before the product is gone. 

Amazon utilizes the scarcity principle in its product page by showing the number of products remaining in stock. 

  • Social Proof:

Displaying social proof is a successful tactic to be used on your product page. As mentioned previously, product reviews are one of the ways that create social proof. Yet, for more booming results, you can use other techniques to display social proof. 

For example, you can add social media share bars to your product page. In addition, you can highlight the best-selling products as this gives confidence to your customers and their purchase. Also, you can show how many people have purchased this product before. Trust badges and statements are procedures that create social proof as well. 

  • Urgency Principle

Urgency PrincipleImage source

To drive more product page conversions, creating a sense of urgency will get the job done. 

Urgency on your product page can be done by multiple tactics. For instance, you can offer exclusive discounts or free shipping for a limited time. For better results, you can show a timer on your product page for the time your offers will end. 

Showing the number of products remaining in stock also activates the urgency principle. In addition, you can show how many people are interested in this product at the time being. 

Etsy astonishingly activates the urgency principle on its product page by showing how many customers are adding a certain product to their carts now. Accordingly, they eliminate customers' hesitation and encourage them to make a purchase. 

Final Thoughts:

Well, at this point, you are all set to create an astonishing product page with elevated conversions. 

Understanding the importance of a well-executed product page shows that it certainly needs your attention. 

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