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7 Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used For E-Commerce Email Marketing (Use Cases)

Did you know that email marketing campaigns have a 40% higher conversion rate than social media campaigns? Also, did you know that emails are used by almost 50% of the world's population and that 59% of eCommerce customers say that their purchase decision is influenced by email marketing (Captain Words, 2022)? That is merely a sample of many other email marketing statistics that can convince you of the indispensability of email marketing for eCommerce

However, today, our focus isn’t on how crucial email marketing is for eCommerce because this would be like stating the obvious. Instead, in this article, we will talk to you about how easy the implementation of email marketing is becoming with the help of one of this decade’s most fascinating inventions: ChatGPT

The ways ChatGPT can help eCommerce businesses grow are becoming more than we can count. E-Commerce marketers and owners of eCommerce stores are feeling like “kids in a candy store,” with ChatGPT being the candy store. To better illustrate, from optimizing Shopify and Magento eCommerce stores to facilitating Google Ads and Facebook Ads, ChatGPT is becoming a true treasure trove for eCommerce businesses. Now the benefits have even extended to email marketing. 

Keep reading this article to learn how ChatGPT can help you optimize email marketing for your eCommerce store. 

Table of content:

  • 7 Ways ChatGPT Can Help Optimize Email Marketing For E-Commerce
  1. Segmenting Your Email List.
  2. Creating Email Sequence.
  3. Scheduling Email Newsletter.
  4. Suggesting Subject Lines and Preview Texts.
  5. Writing Email Body Text.
  6. Personalizing Emails.
  7. Repurposing Content.

7 Ways ChatGPT Can Help Optimize Email Marketing For E-Commerce

ChatGPT for Email Marketing For E-CommerceImage source:

Email marketing brings about extraordinary outcomes for eCommerce businesses. Now imagine when it is combined with an AI-powered tool that makes everything easier. In the following points, we will tackle the most significant ways ChatGPT can help you optimize email marketing campaigns for your eCommerce store. 

It is worth noting that the help that ChatGPT can offer and which is illustrated in the following points can be applied to all different types of emails. 

For the examples in this article, we will talk about a hypothetical eCommerce store that sells natural hair products. Let’s call it the “HairCare Store”

1- Segmenting Your Email List

ChatGPT can be your assistant when it comes to segmenting your email list based on different aspects like demographics, interests, browsing history, or purchasing behavior. In other words, ChatGPT can help you analyze all your customer data so that you can identify patterns and trends; and hence, divide your email list into segments of customers with similar interests and needs. This way, you can create more targeted and personalized email campaigns, which will eventually improve customers’ engagement and conversion rates.

Use Case #1: 

Prompt used:Act as an eCommerce marketer and create different customer segments for an email marketing campaign for an eCommerce store that sells natural hair products.


ChatGPT email segmentation

ChatGPT email segmentation 2

ChatGPT email segmentation 3


  • ChatGPT provided us with three different customer segments: “Curl Enthusiasts”, “Transitioning Naturals”, and “Men’s Haircare”. Each segment was accompanied by a clear description, characteristics, and some ideas for the email marketing campaign. 
  • These results were generated based on a very simple and broad prompt. We advise you to include more data about your customers in your prompt so that you can get more specific results. 

2- Creating Email Sequence

Another way ChatGPT can facilitate email marketing for your eCommerce store is by helping you create a logical email sequence. One of the most critical things that ensure the success of email marketing campaigns is the logical order and sequence of emails. In other words, without the smooth flow of ideas within your emails, customers can get confused, which might reflect negatively on your email click rate; and hence, your conversion rate. 

Use Case #2: 

Prompt (1) used: Act as an email marketer for our eCommerce store (that sells natural hair products) and suggest a logical structure for an email sequence composed of 5 emails. The name of our store is the "Haircare Store". The purpose of this email sequence is to welcome customers and familiarize them with our store and products until we persuade them to take action.


Email Sequence ChatGPT

Email Sequence ChatGPT 2

Email Sequence ChatGPT 3

Email Sequence ChatGPT 4

Email Sequence ChatGPT 5


  • ChatGPT provided an example of a logical email sequence:
  1. The sequence starts with an email that welcomes customers to the eCommerce store and introduces the brand, its mission, and its products. 
  2. The second email focuses more on the products, their features, their benefits, and their unique selling points. 
  3. The third email provides helpful tips and tutorials to show customers that the brand does not just care about selling products but also cares about helping its customers properly take care of their hair. 
  4. The fourth email highlights the offers and promotions and uses some marketing techniques, such as FOMO marketing and scarcity marketing to urge customers to take action. 
  5. The fifth email aimed at increasing the transparency of the brand by providing customers with the social proof they need to feel safe while taking action. 
  • However, in Email (4), ChatGPT did not provide any specific CTAs that can be used. Therefore, we decided to use an additional prompt.

Prompt (2) used: Suggest some CTAs that can be used in Email (4)



Notice That:

  • We did not have to remind ChatGPT of what Email (4) was about. The AI-powered chatbot remembered on its own that Email (4) was aiming at urging customers to take action; and hence, generated the results accordingly. 
  • ChatGPT did not just provide us with 10 different CTAs, it also explained the significance of each one. 

3- Scheduling Email Newsletter

Scheduling your email newsletter can be overwhelming sometimes. This is another thing that ChatGPT can get done for you. It can very easily provide you with a suggested schedule that guides you while sending emails to customers on your email list. 

Use Case #3:

Prompt (1) used: We are creating an email newsletter for the customers of our eCommerce store. Help us create a monthly content schedule for this email newsletter. Take into consideration the three customer segments that you provided before.






  • We did not have to remind ChatGPT of what our eCommerce store is about nor did we have to remind it of the customer segments that we are referring to in the prompt. It remembered on its own from previous parts of the conversation. How smart!
  • ChatGPT was well aware that we are in June; therefore, it prepared a schedule that we can start using from the beginning of the following month: July. Additionally, notice how in Week (2) ChatGPT is providing summer-related content, which shows that it recognizes that July is summertime. 
  • However, there is an obvious mistake in the results generated. We asked ChatGPT to help us create a “monthly” content schedule, which means that it should have prepared a schedule for 4 weeks only since a month only has 4 weeks. Thus, we decided to draw the chatbot’s attention to this issue with another prompt.

Prompt (2) used: Why did you create 5 weeks? Doesn’t a month only have 4 weeks?


Email by ChatGPT

After that, ChatGPT generated the same previous results but after removing Week (5).

Notice That:

  • Just like a normal human being, ChatGPT can make mistakes. It even apologizes for it and tries to adjust its response accordingly. 

4- Suggesting Subject Lines and Preview Texts

Subject lines and preview texts are extremely important for the success of your email marketing campaigns. They have a direct impact on the first impression that your emails make on your customers; therefore, they should immediately grab the recipient’s attention. Subject lines and preview texts also provide a glimpse into what your email is about, which should align with your customer's expectations. Well-crafted subject lines and preview texts have a direct positive impact on your email open rate.

YES, subject lines and preview texts are crucial, but there is no need to worry because ChatGPT can help you with that too. All you have to do is provide ChatGPT with some information about your email marketing campaign and it will generate compelling subject lines and preview texts for you. 

Use Case #4:

Prompt (1) used: Generate ideas for the "Subject line" and "Preview text" in emails targeting the first customer segment.


Subject Lines ChatGPT

Prompt (2) used: Now generate ideas for the subject line and preview text in emails targeting the second customer segment.


Subject Lines ChatGPT 2

Prompt (3) used: Finally, generate ideas for the subject line and preview text in emails targeting the third customer segment.” 


Subject Lines ChatGPT 3


  • The most fascinating thing about these results is the fact that we did not have to mention the customer segments that we are referring to. ChatGPT remembered on its own which customer segment was the first one it generated, which was the second, and which was the third. 

5- Writing Email Body Text

In addition to generating ideas for subject lines and preview texts, ChatGPT can write drafts for the email body text itself, no matter what the type of email is. 

Use Case #5: Email Types:

Prompt (1) used: Write a draft for a welcome email for our eCommerce store while targeting the first customer segment.


Writing Email By ChatGPT

Writing Email By ChatGPT 2

Prompt (2) used: Now write a draft for an abandoned cart email while targeting the second customer segment.


Writing Email By ChatGPT 3

Writing Email By ChatGPT 4

You can add the names and descriptions of the products in the abandoned cart to your prompt so that ChatGPT can incorporate them within the email draft.   

Prompt (3) used: Write a draft for an order confirmation email. The order consists of one product: Coconut hair shampoo.


Email Body ChatGPT

Email Body ChatGPT 2

Prompt (4) used: Now write a post-purchase email to be delivered to the customer after they receive that product.


Email Body ChatGPT 3

Email Body ChatGPT 4

Notice That: We did not have to mention the product we are referring to. ChatGPT understood on its own that we are referring to the “Coconut hair shampoo” that was mentioned in the previous prompt. It recognized that there is a relation between the prompt of the “order confirmation email” and the prompt of the “post-purchase email”.

6- Personalizing Emails

Email personalization is highly significant in launching successful and effective email marketing campaigns. It refers to tailoring your emails to suit the specific needs, wants, interests, and characteristics of individual customers, which is another thing that ChatGPT can help you with. 

Use Case #6:

Prompt used: Incorporate personalization in the welcome email that you generated earlier. The customer's name is Sophie. She has curly hair. She has a farm where she grows fruits and vegetables, and she loves products with natural ingredients.


Personalizing Emails By ChatGPT

Personalizing Emails By ChatGPT 2


  • ChatGPT immediately and automatically understood which welcome email we are referring to in the prompt.
  • ChatGPT used every piece of information that we provided in the prompt to generate the best personalization that it can offer. For example, it mentioned the customer’s name “Sophie” in the subject line, in addition to mentioning it three other times in the email body. 

7- Repurposing Content

One of the smartest tricks that eCommerce marketers often use is repurposing content, which involves taking existing content and turning it into a different format or adapting it for different channels. Today, all you have to do is provide ChatGPT with a prompt that includes information about the content you want to repurpose, in addition to the new format you want the content to be transformed to. You can even provide a prompt that includes a link to content you wish to repurpose just like we did in the following use case.

Use Case #7:

This use case is not related to the hypothetical example that we have been working on since the beginning of this article; however, it perfectly illustrates how ChatGPT can help you repurpose content and transform it into the format of an email. 

Prompt used: Repurpose the content of this article: ( link ) so that it can be used for an email. Transform it into the format of a promotional email that promotes the "Customer Prediction Engine" offered by


Repurposing Content ChatGPT

Repurposing Content ChatGPT 2

Repurposing Content ChatGPT 3


  • Kindly check the article to which we provided a link in the previous prompt to see with your own eyes how ChatGPT managed to repurpose the content of such an article into a draft for a promotional email. 

Final Thoughts:

To sum up, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can highly optimize email marketing for eCommerce stores. ChatGPT uses natural language processing capabilities and a vast knowledge base to assist in various aspects of email marketing, including email list segmentation, content creation, personalization, and automation. Therefore, you should do your best to harness the power of such an advanced AI tool for the benefit of your eCommerce store.

By the way, the example we provided in this last use case is not at all hypothetical. It is 100% real, and you can see for yourself. 

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