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6 Ways ChatGPT Can Help You Optimize Facebook Ads For E-Commerce Store

The ways through which ChatGPT can help eCommerce businesses grow are increasing each day. As long as this is the case, we will not stop writing about ChatGPT and you should not stop reading about it. We have got your back through this journey. 

We started this journey by broadly discussing the advantages and disadvantages of ChatGPT and how it can be leveraged by eCommerce stores whether they are created and managed through Shopify, Magento, or other platforms. Then, our discussions started getting narrower and we began to tackle in thorough detail specific areas in which ChatGPT can provide help and assistance.

One of these areas is advertising. In a recent article, we discussed how ChatGPT can help optimize Google Ads for eCommerce. However, we are not done talking about ChatGPT and advertising. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about another type of paid ad, which is Facebook Ads. Stay with us to learn everything about how ChatGPT can help optimize Facebook Ads for eCommerce with our detailed examples and use cases. 

Table of Content:

Ways ChatGPT Can Optimize Facebook Ads For E-Commerce Stores:

  1. Facebook Ads Campaigns Objectives
  2. Facebook Ads Campaigns Types
  3. Facebook Ads Targeting
  4. Ad Creatives
  5. Budget-related decisions
  6. Analyze And Optimize Facebook Ads Performance

ChatGPT for Facebook Ads: 6 Ways + 13 Use Cases To Optimize Facebook Ads For E-Commerce

Facebook Ads is an advertising platform and a powerful tool developed by Facebook that allows businesses and individuals to create and manage advertisements across Facebook and its affiliated platforms, such as Instagram, and Messenger. Today, ChatGPT offers to facilitate the process of using Facebook Ads for eCommerce stores. This will be discussed in further detail in the following points. 

1- Facebook Ads Campaigns Objectives

Facebook Ads offer several campaign objectives to match the different marketing goals of different businesses. These objectives help eCommerce advertisers optimize their campaigns to achieve specific outcomes. One of the very first things you should decide when launching a Facebook Ads campaign for your eCommerce store is your objective and the approach you are going to take along with it. 

Today, ChatGPT can help you set your campaign’s approach and structure based on your chosen objective. Here are the general Facebook Ads campaign objectives and the ways ChatGPT can help you set them:

  • Awareness: This objective is suitable if your goal is to increase brand awareness and reach your target audience. In other words, you should adopt this objective if you wish to introduce your eCommerce store to new audiences, promote a new product or service, or increase general awareness about your eCommerce brand. 
  • Consideration: This objective is suitable if you want to generate interest and consideration for your products or services among your target audience. It is perfect for encouraging potential customers to explore your eCommerce brand, engage with it, and take actions that show their interest in learning more about your store or making a purchase from it. 
  • Conversion: This is a reasonable objective if you are aiming at encouraging people to take specific actions on your eCommerce website. The main goal here is to maximize conversions and optimize your conversion rate. 

Use Case 1: Campaign Objectives

We provided ChatGPT with the following prompt: 

Suggest strategies in a table for four different Facebook Ads Campaigns for an eCommerce store that sells organic skincare products. The objective of the first campaign is Awareness. The objective of the second campaign is Consideration. The objective of the third campaign is Conversion. The objective of the fourth campaign is Retention. Customize the suggested strategies based on the distinct objective of each campaign.

We know it seems like a very long prompt; however, we were trying to provide ChatGPT with as much information as possible about the campaign to get accurate results. 

Here are the results: 

Campaign Objectives ChatGPT

Campaign Objectives ChatGPT use case

After we got these guiding strategies, we wanted to have some ideas on how to create a campaign structure for every objective, so we entered the following prompt: 

Based on the previous table, suggest a simple campaign structure for each one of these objectives.” 

Here are the results:

Campaign Objectives ChatGPT use case1

Facebook Campaign Objectives ChatGPT use case1

Facebook Campaign Objective ChatGPT use case1


  • Notice how ChatGPT created a distinct Ad Set with three Ad ideas for each objective. The Ad Sets were perfectly tailored to the objectives. 
  • At the end of the results, ChatGPT gave us a piece of advice to set an appropriate budget, optimize for relevant metrics, and regularly monitor campaigns based on performance. Ironically, all these tips are things that ChatGPT can also facilitate for us. 

2- Facebook Ads Campaigns Types

Facebook Ads exist in many types and formats. The wide range of available ad types allows eCommerce businesses to create engaging and visually appealing advertisements to reach their target audience. However, it might become a bit difficult to regularly come up with creative ideas for Facebook ads, especially if you have a big eCommerce store that launches several Facebook Ads campaigns of different types at once. 

Luckily, today, ChatGPT can help facilitate this process. It can very easily suggest ideas for any type of Facebook Ad that you need to promote the products or services of your eCommerce store. Here are examples of how ChatGPT can assist you while creating some of the most commonly used Facebook ad types 

Use Case 2: Image Ad Campaign By ChatGPT

This is the simplest type of Facebook ad and it consists of a static image that appears in Facebook News Feed. It is suitable for campaigns with “awareness” objectives. Based on this, we provided ChatGPT with this prompt: 

Create a Facebook Ad for our eCommerce store. The objective of the Ad is "Awareness". The type of the Ad is "Image Type".

Here are the results:

Facebook Image Ad Campaign By ChatGPT

However, we felt like we needed additional assistance, so we entered this prompt: 

Suggest images for this Ad.

We got these results:

Image Ad Campaign By ChatGPT


  • Notice that we did not have to remind ChatGPT of what kind of eCommerce store we are referring it. It remembered on its own from previous parts of the conversation that it is an eCommerce store that sells organic skincare products.
  • The campaign idea suggested by ChatGPT included a headline, an idea for the image, an ad copy, a CTA, and a place for the URL.
  • Using the second prompt in this case, we discovered that ChatGPT cannot provide you with actual images that you can use in your Facebook Ads campaign. However, it can always give you ideas that can benefit you while searching for images by yourself.

Use Case 3: Video Ad Campaign

This type of Facebook Ad uses video to engage your target audience with your eCommerce brand. Just like the Image type of Facebook ad, the video type is also suitable for campaigns with “awareness” objectives”.

We provided ChatGPT with this prompt:Create a Facebook Ad for our eCommerce store. The objective of the Ad is "Awareness". The type of the Ad is "Video Type".

Here are the results:

Video Ad Campaign Chatgpt

Then we added another prompt saying:Suggest a script for the video used in the Ad.

We got these results:

Video Ad Campaign Chatgpt

Fcaebook Video Ad Campaign Chatgpt


  • Even though ChatGPT cannot provide you with an actual video to use in your Facebook Ads campaign, it can give you a number of fruitful ideas. In our case use, ChatGPT provided us with a script for the video. 
  • As you can see, the script was detailed enough. It included an idea for the opening scene, which is usually the most important part of video ads because it’s in these first few seconds that you can either grab the audience’s attention or lose it. The idea provided was very relevant to the eCommerce store we told ChatGPT about. 
  • ChatGPT also provided us with ideas for what the narrator can say in the video, how we can include a transformation, and finally, an idea for the closing scene.

Use Case 4: Carousel Ad Campaign

This type of Facebook Ad showcases multiple images or videos within a single ad unit. This type goes well with the “Consideration” objective. 

We used this prompt:Create a Facebook Ad for our eCommerce store. The objective of the Ad is "Consideration". The type of Ad is Carousel Ad.”


Carousel Ad Campaign Chatgpt

Facebook Carousel Ad Campaign Chatgpt

Carousel Ad Campaign Chatgpt


  • Notice how ChatGPT gave us ideas for a Carousel Ad composed of three images. It included a headline, a copy, and a CTA for each image. 
  • However, even though we specifically mentioned the objective of the Ad in the prompt, we did not notice much difference between the ad copy generated in this use case based on the “Consideration” objective and the ad copy generated in use case #1, which was based on the “awareness” objective. This is where the human intervention should kick in.

Use Case 5: Instant Experience Ad Campaign

This type of Facebook Ad aims to generate consideration among Facebook users. It utilizes a full-screen immersive format to showcase the benefits and beauty of your products.

The prompt used in this use case was simply:Create a Facebook Ad for our eCommerce store. The objective of the Ad is "Consideration". The type of Ad is Instant Experience Ad.”

The results we got are as follows:

Instant Experience Ad Campaign Chatgpt

FACEBOOK Instant Experience Ad Campaign Chatgpt


  • ChatGPT started by giving an idea of the cover photo, which is the most important thing in an “Instant Experience Ad”. The cover photo grabs attention with a visually striking image that represents your brand and products. 
  • ChatGPT also provided an idea for a catchy headline that says: “Experience the power of nature”, which set the tone for the entire ad experience.
  • As for the text, it provided a brief introduction to the brand and highlighted the eco-friendly aspect of the products, appealing to environmentally conscious customers. 
  • ChatGPT also provided two call-to-action buttons to prompt users to take action. The "Shop Now" button directs users to explore and make a purchase from the eCommerce store. The "Learn More" button leads users to additional information about the brand, values, or specific product details.

Use Case 6: Messenger Ad Campaign

This type of Facebook ad is used to reach customers directly through Facebook Messenger.

The first prompt used:Create a Facebook Ad for our eCommerce store. The objective of the Ad is "Conversion". The type of Ad is Messenger Ad.


Messenger Ad Campaign chatgpt

Facebook Messenger Ad Campaign Chatgpt

The second prompt used: “Personalize the previous results to be sent to a customer named "Julie". Julie is a dermatologist who has experience with skincare.


Messenger Ad Campaign

Messenger Ad Campaign prompt


  • In the results of the first prompt, ChatGPT provided a logical message sequence to greet users when they initiate a conversation. The messages provided a warm welcome, introduced the brand and products, and offered assistance or information if needed. 
  • ChatGPT also included emojis in the suggested messages, which is a gesture that is very relevant to the ad type.
  • To be honest, the results of the second prompt are what really amazed us. The perfect implementation of personalization that ChatGPT managed to do was highly promising. 

Personalization perfectly appeared in sentences such as “Hi Julie!”, “... as a dermatologist…”, “.... that align with your expertise”, and “... for your clients.

Use Case #7: Lead Ad Campaign

This type of Facebook Ad allows you to collect leads directly through Facebook. The lead generation objective is mainly under the “Consideration” category in the Facebook Ads objectives. 

Prompt used:Create a Facebook Ad for our eCommerce store. The objective of the Ad is "Conversion". The type of Ad is a Lead ad.


Facebook Lead Ad Campaign by chtgpt

Facebook Lead Ad Campaign by chtgpt


  • Notice how after generating ideas for the headline, ad copy, image, and CTA, ChatGPT presented ideas for the form fields needed to collect leads. This is something that ChatGPT did not do with the other types of Facebook Ads, which is another proof that the AI-powered chatbot is smart enough to recognize the difference between Facebook Ad types.
  • The form fields provided are relevant to the eCommerce store we told ChatGPT about. There is a field that asks about the “skin type” of customers, which makes sense since the hypothetical eCommerce store we are talking about here sells organic skincare products. 

Use Case 8: Poll Ad Campaign

With Poll ads, you can ask your customers questions about your eCommerce brand, products, or services. This ad type is ideal if you are using the “Consideration” objective because it usually aims at boosting engagement. 

Prompt used:Create a Facebook Ad for our eCommerce store. The objective of the Ad is "Consideration". The type of Ad is Poll Ad.



  • ChatGPT offered an enticing question that captures users' attention and encourages them to think about their next skincare product. Also, the answer options present a variety of popular skincare product categories, which gave users the space to select the one they are most interested in.

Use Case 9: Story Ad Campaign

People love stories, whether on Facebook or on Instagram. Therefore, as an eCommerce store, you have to leverage such an ad type. ChatGPT can help you with that too.

Prompt used:Create a Facebook Ad for our eCommerce store. The type of Ad is Facebook Story Ad.


Story Ad Campaign by Chatgpt


  • Notice the “Swipe Up Link” part that ChatGPT added. This is something that differs from the results of all other ad types. Here is more and more proof that ChatGPT can properly differentiate between Facebook ad types. 

3- Facebook Ads Targeting

Facebook Ad targeting offers several unique features that make it a powerful tool for reaching and engaging with specific audiences. Some of the key aspects that make Facebook Ad targeting special include advanced targeting options, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, detailed interest targeting, behavioral targeting, and others. 

So, it is obvious that the targeting features of Facebook Ads are already fascinating. Now imagine combining them with the targeting assistance you can get from ChatGPT. 

Use Case 10: Facebook Ad Targeting

The first prompt used: Suggest a Facebook Ad campaign targeting people interested in skincare.


Facebook Ad Targeting Chatgpt

Facebook Ad Targeting Chatgpt

The second prompt used: Can you elaborate more on the target audience of this Facebook Ad?


Facebook Ad Targeting Chatgpt prompt


  • Even though we did not include a specific objective in the first prompt, ChatGPT generated targeting options for all three objectives. 
  • However, we felt that the targeting was not detailed enough; therefore, we provided ChatGPT with the second prompt. Hence, we learned that you may not get the results you need from the first prompt. 

4- Generate Ad Creatives By ChatGPT

Ad Creatives include ad copy, images or videos, headlines, and CTAs. Of course, there is no Ad without Ad Creatives; thus, it is extremely important to choose them carefully. ChatGPT can assist through the process of deciding on your Facebook Ad Creatives. 

Use Case 11: Facebook Ad Creatives

First, we used this prompt:Generate Ad Creatives for our Facebook Ad campaign.

However, the results we got were not what we were waiting for:

Facebook Ad Creatives chatgpt

Then, we provided ChatGPT with this prompt:Use the same eCommerce store, target audience, and objectives we have been talking about since the beginning of this conversation.

Here are the results we got after the second prompt: 

create Facebook Ad Creatives chatgpt

Facebook Ad Creatives chatgpt prompt


  • Here, we noticed the same thing that was obvious in use case #9, which is the fact that despite how smart ChatGPT is, it can sometimes need you to “give and take” in the conversation until you get the desired results. 
  • But, in the end, ChatGPT provided us with four useful Ad Creative Sets for four different Facebook Ad types.

5- Budget-related decisions

Making budget-related decisions regarding advertising can be a bit challenging for eCommerce businesses. ChatGPT can make that easier for you. We are not saying that ChatGPT will make the decisions for you. We are only saying that it will provide you with all the data, help, and assistance you need to make informed decisions about your Facebook Ads budget. Among the things ChatGPT can do here:

  • ChatGPT can recommend targeting strategies to optimize your ad spend.
  • ChatGPT can assist in determining how to allocate your Facebook Ads budget across different campaigns, ad sets, or ad types. 
  • ChatGPT can advise on bid strategies that align with your campaign objectives and budget.

Use Case 12: Facebook Ads Budget Allocation

Prompt used: Help us allocate our Facebook Ads budget ($5000) across these campaigns [we copied and pasted the campaigns that were generated in the results of use case #10].


Facebook Ads Budget Allocation chatgpt


  • When it comes to money, you cannot solely rely on what ChatGPT tells you. You have to use these results merely as a guide while leaving the final decision to your human brain.

6- Analyze And Optimize Facebook Ads Performance

ChatGPT can assist you with measuring and optimizing the performance of the Facebook ads launched for your eCommerce store. This happens by providing guidance and insights on various aspects of the process.

You can simply provide ChatGPT with relevant information about your Facebook Ads such as ad spend, clicks, impressions, and conversions, and ask it to analyze this data and generate a report for you. After that, you can even ask ChatGPT to suggest strategies for the optimization of the results.

Use Case 13: Analyze Facebook Ad Campaign

Prompt used: “Suppose the ad spend of our Facebook Ad campaign is $5000. The ad was "Image Ad" type. It had "Awareness" as an objective. The ad generated 500 clicks, 1000 impressions, and 400 conversions. Analyze this data and generate a report.


Analyze Facebook Ad Campaign Chatgpt

Analyze Facebook Ad Campaign Chatgpt prompt

Analyze Facebook Ad Campaign Chatgpt

After that, we decided to change the given data to see how ChatGPT’s response would differ. So we entered this prompt:Now regenerate the same results but assuming that the ad got only 50 conversions this time.


Analyze Facebook Ad Campaign Chatgpt use case

Analyze Facebook Ad Campaign Chatgpt use case


  • As you can see, ChatGPT immediately adjusted its response to the change that we made in the number of conversions. 
  • However, this report is not comprehensive because you would have to provide ChatGPT with more data about your Facebook Ad. We just used this basic example here to give an overview of how this works.

Final Thoughts:

Throughout this article, we have tackled how ChatGPT can assist eCommerce advertisers in various aspects of their Facebook Ads campaigns. From audience targeting to ad creatives and budget optimization, ChatGPT offers valuable insights, strategies, and support to maximize the effectiveness of Facebook Ads.

An additional way to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads, even more, is automation. is offering you a marketing automation tool that will help you to grow your eCommerce store with Facebook Ads.